Where is the American immigrant going?

Sometimes the author turns to reading articles that are not directly related to his field of specialization or areas of interest. Sometimes these articles and books, together with watching football matches or movies, or reading novels and poetry collections, renew the spiritual activity of those who have had their share in life dealing with issues of war and peace, revolution and stability, and politics in general within or between countries. The title of this article was taken from another article written by (Lee Greaves) in the magazine (Travel + Leisure); What is striking about it is that it contradicts the prevailing belief that immigration towards the United States is going in one direction, in which millions of people from the four corners of the world are going to America; As for the Americans leaving their country to go live in other countries, it is remarkable. It is true that many Americans leave their country for work, or sometimes for politics, as happened during the Vietnam War, when young people fled to Sweden to escape conscription, or because a country has historical ties, such as immigration to the United Kingdom or Australia, or cultural wonder, as is the case with France and Italy Or because of the love and affection that happens to the rest of the world. But it is strange that there is a kind of invitation to stay from a publication that has previously written about the most important tourist areas in the world, or the most important countries in terms of weather or delicious food. This time the talk is aimed at the Americans, and its essence is accommodation, life and a kind of immigration to countries where existence brings satisfaction and happiness. The ten countries selected in order are Portugal, Costa Rica, South Korea, Canada, Austria, Ghana, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand and Spain. There are two common factors between these countries: the first is the balance between jobs and a happy life; The second is the cost of living. That one gets opportunities for work and a good income, and with it a reasonable cost of living, is one of the blessings that people seek. Life is the most complex concepts, but what is meant in this context is human pleasure in general, and it relates to various elements in which relationships with nature, weather and environment, and what pleases the spectators in general and tranquility and provides security, safety, and happiness in general, and perhaps the most important human relationships that provide intimacy and create instances of human passion.

As always happens in these types of articles, the question immediately arises: Why is Egypt not in this selected list? In fact, El-Mahrousa often received others in the form of refugees and immigrants during different periods of its history, and citizens of the developed countries of the North, including Americans, sometimes settled there. To answer the question, the list includes advanced Western countries, and rich countries from outside, such as Asian Singapore, and Costa Rica in Central America and near the United States. But that seems to be an exception to the general rule of accommodation agreement in terms of wealth, tranquility, scenic nature, strong economy and jobs. We find Ghana, which belongs to the economically active developing countries Yes, during the last two decades; But at the same time, it is still among the poor countries in the well-known international classifications. Ghana also has more than a dozen indigenous languages, and the proximity of a tenth of ethnic groups, all of which are reasons to fear ethnic unrest; But what makes it first and foremost a candidate for residence is its enjoyment of political stability and its advanced position among the countries of the world in the field of peace and civil peace, which makes cultural and ethnic diversity a blessing, not a curse not. Secondly, it is one of the emerging countries, and therefore jobs are increasing in it and making jobs available to those who want to participate in construction in a rapidly developing country. And thirdly, it is located in the geographical framework of the Atlantic Ocean, which provides it with beautiful wide beaches, and exciting waterfalls for rivers coming from high green mountains, and within the latitudes and environmental diversity that make it warm and stable climate without the fluctuations which Americans know between high heat and severe frosts. It is one of the most unpopular African tourist destinations, but what it recommended at the American residence is that its position came among countries in the category of (friendship) eleventh in the world.

Egypt is, in addition to its previous experience of accommodating foreigners, one of the emerging countries economically, enjoying stability and civil peace, and its interaction with the outside world is much more intense than Ghana. The truth is that Egypt is not looking for Americans to live there, but rather to house them with others to work on its giant projects, and above all for tourism, which is a major source of national income. Historically, the tourism heritage in Egypt testifies that kindness, friendship, kindness and generosity have always been one of the characteristics of Egyptians that attract others, and perhaps more important than other elements such as prices or the splendor of the seashores and Egyptian multi-civilization. heritage. However, there is disturbing evidence that there are things that frighten the guests of Egypt, whether it is related to public neatness, or the behavior of contact with foreigners by those who host, or trade in the archaeological site or the public road. There is a great distorted image of the stranger, where the Arab is always rich, or the Western and Western morally decadent, or the Oriental who comes from Asia, seems lost within another civilization. Approaching these people is multidimensional, in which there is a lot of rudeness and lack of taste, and yes, sometimes harassment, the origin of which is due to the attitude towards women and their instincts, or money and what is permissive in it, or even the obtaining an image to post on social media indicating that activity is being overloaded to its owner. There is much to do in preparation for the new republic.

Quoted from Al-Ahram

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