Ignorance about the requirements of marriage catches young girls with divorced women

Al-Ain: Mona Al-Badawi

In a few months it reached a month in some cases.The bride, who was cheerful on her wedding night, bore the title of an absolute, for various reasons which young men attributed to the many demands and responsibilities and the lack of adjustment between the two parties, while the girls attributed her to the dependence of the other party even in the material aspects and the inability to understand And different temperaments and environments and the desire for complete control and the absence of feelings and others.

While there were cases that necessitated separation due to the use of physical and verbal violence, insults, and others, others took it easy, which to some no longer seemed reprehensible, and one of the most prominent cases heard through the corridors of the courts. is observed, the insistence of a young man to divorce after 5 months of marriage without specifying any reason, and another a few days later due to differences between the two families and his submission to his family’s request for divorce, and a girl’s request for divorce after 10 days under the pretext that he is not the knight of her dreams, and another because of his shaky personality and another because of the lack of personal hygiene and other reasons given in the list of wrong choices and lack of explicitness could have been included. And a dialogue between the two parties before concluding the marriage contract.

Take responsibility

Saeed Al Shamsi, a legal adviser, said: It has recently been noticed that the number of divorce requests among newlyweds is increasing, and the action is sometimes by the woman and sometimes by the woman, indicating that most of them The actual or hidden reason is sometimes the inability to take responsibility of both parties, or one of them, which results in them divorcing after a few months of engagement.

He pointed out that after a year of marriage, the phrase “I did not adapt to him or her” is not legally accepted, indicating that the first year of marriage requires patience, concessions and sacrifice of both parties to to avoid early separation, which has created another social problem, which is the reluctance of young people. From marriage for fear of incurring high costs, and after a short period, the girl asks for divorce.

He said some people come to law firms to file for divorce without giving any convincing reasons, and at other times provide illogical reasons due to simple differences that can be overcome Between this category and its lack of awareness that the basic building block of houses is compassion.

The man is responsible

He pointed out that in such cases, whether the man or woman insists on the request for divorce, the man is primarily responsible for this type of problem because he is supposed to be the most responsible element and has a high ability to to be patient. contains the woman and solves the problem before Exacerbation and access to the courts.

Al Shamsi suggested that the sanctity of married life, the responsibilities entrusted to it, the rights and duties of spouses and their role in raising children be included within the school curricula. so that it complements the role of the family in the education and upbringing of children; So that in the future they will be able to take responsibility and form a stable family.

Social responsibility

In turn, the dr. Suhair Al-Ghannam, head of the office of the International League of Arab Women in an office in the Emirates, said: Due to the social responsibility of the League and its zeal to activate its social and humanitarian role, a number communication channels have been established that enable women to request free psychological, social and health consultations before or after the association and at various stages of their engagement and to invite her to attend lectures, with the aim of providing psychological and moral support women and the protection of their family life against the danger of collapse.

Among what was observed during the consultation reception, she mentioned that the main reasons that drive any of the spouses to divorce after a few months of marriage are the difference in environments, education and goals, leading to a kind of conflict , even if love brings the two parties together.

better life

She added that by experiencing a number of cases, some have been found to turn to early separation because either party believes it is possible for him to have a better life. to others when communicating with him, as well as choosing appropriate words and phrases.

She pointed out the importance of finding common interests between spouses to document the psychological and social bond between spouses, and to cultivate awareness of new spouses. Regarding the other roles that the association offers, she said that some women are encouraged to use their free time to divert the mind from problems such as starting a charity or profit project according to their interests and needs, to create a kind of balance in the family and also open up women’s horizons of thinking and push them to develop themselves, either through education or otherwise. This will help to increase their endurance and look at problems from different angles.

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