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Ayeeeee! What am I talking about?! .. a story .. a problem..for forever and ever! .. “Eva and what do you know what Eva is !!!” .. looking for the woman..what they claim to be basis and source of each problem !!! “Yes .. yes, a thousand yes .. this is the basis.” But is this the source of every problem throughout history? !!! Let’s search .. search and get to know our dear Eva, the daughter of the time .. who did time to her!

CHERCHEZ LA FEMME “Seek the woman,” Napoleon said, as they claim, when he received fabricated false news .. A plot hatched by him .. his malicious brother over his lover Josephine .. The jealous, hateful, liar , slanderous brother .. sent a message to Napoleon .. while he was in Egypt while he was far from it is mentioned..that Josephine cheated on him with a lover .. a young man who gave money to him spent..and when Napoleon returned to France..he left her and married someone else..without verifying the matter! .. and from that moment..the curse and resentment came.on him. he fell and his empire fell .. a thunderous fall .. and he did not rise .. after that .. he was in exile .. that his brother wrote a story of slander and it was not true no .. he licked his fingers out of remorse and maybe even ate it .. it was too late.Poor people, you are one of the immediate family. Hahahahaha! After all was lost .. It turns out that Josephine was a Zohar .. She took the blessing that was the reason for his success and crushing victories .. when he was with her .. and left him .. accident .. disappointment. … when he left her to the eternal prisons of exile, not to mention the prison of the soul. The biggest killer !! .. Josephine’s innocent Karma .. She was on the lookout .. The universe does not make a joke! He never knows tolerance .. he strikes with an iron hand .. as you condemn .. the laws of divine cosmic justice .. the universe is equal .. in this life directly .. and does not wait until the afterlife .. the hereafter another account .. the universe responds with painful blows .. Abdul Latif sang Hawil .. responds to the pain, “Indeed, the painful mola will be rewarded .. in his famous banner he answered the Shisha.” God willing, not after the Syria is gone !!! Hahahahaha !!! Everyone is responsible for their shirt !! He bears responsibility for his actions..without projecting on the other..what is so-and-so, what is the reason !! I’m poor..I’m wrong! will not work as the victim! Where are you, Mom .. Where are you, Evea !! .. Give me the lollipop, Mom !! And the miserable, arrogant idiot does not know that he is laughing to himself !! Can the wretched wretched bring the matter to God Almighty .. He blames .. What is You, my God, that Satan has deceived me! Only and I did not force him .. but You, my God .. You have created him with a free will .. so you bear the consequences of your actions and do not fall on me! .. is that I miss you, malicious ?? !! !! “Satan denies his deeds! Before the divine court ..” Wow, what a solution? !! There is no mother, have mercy on me .. the divine court does not know Mama Eva, the daughter of the two .. who did not know how to raise you .. nor Pope Adam, the son of those .. who did not raise and fix you! .. {Read Your book is enough for yourself today against you as an accountant } Surah Al-Isra verse 14 .. Cross it out! .. keep quiet! You have no right to object .. “The pens are lifted and the newspapers are dry.” End. Delete !! that’s it! And his father, his wife, and his sons} Surah Abs verses 34, 35, 36 .. Uh .. and every bone is watered with what he watered and more !! Injustice is darkness .. O God’s creation! .. and a lesson for those considering it .. I do not know mind !! Otherwise we would be in another world .. different from ours in which we with the full force and criminality of the will of the arrogant narcissistic zombie, arrogant, arrogant, dominant plotter !!! By d ie history .. Unfortunately, history repeats itself, albeit in different ways !! And he grew up .. Napoleon .. he became emperor .. he crowned himself! .. “I am Napoleon .. Napoleon I am . ” Hope .. and a bird flew and rose just as it flew and fell .. with the same power of height .. its speed and its sharpness .. the ascent to glory .. The dazzling echoing sweeper .. through history .. a ruthless streak and Grace in it! .. the fall of the clever one, the arrogant .. the arrogant .. a thousand attacks .. the shah Shahanshah .. the arrogant Napoleon .. it was a lesson .. he had learned from him the blown bags blown with air .. the rotten .. on the empty! .. and to him … The abyss of the flood Ooooo !!! U, u, uh .. he fell into the same abyss. .flight for the cat Hitler .. Hitler .. his time and all times .. Hitler keeps to memory in sound and image .. not to mention his actions also recorded in live audio and video other than Napoleon.I am the tyrannics fleeing .. I Hitler, the leader, the leader! .. You humiliate slaves under my feet .. You lick my shoes .. I manipulate you as I want .. with my fiery and manic speeches .. And after me the flood. How do you know what Hitler is? The puffs of the dwarves .. his eyes are closed and he strikes on his chest on top of chauvinism .. narcissism .. pride and vanity .. when majesty takes him! .. No one can compete with him or stand in front of him in the art of false rhetoric … manipulating the minds of the hidden masses with racist chauvinist patriotism !! But God does not give and neglect. As if they were years of temptation, a mirage, the greed of excessive imagination, with arrogant power and tyranny. “They wrote their names in letters from the red abyss of Hell … and miserable fate.”

Let’s go back to our beloved .. Eva .. By the way .. What is Hitler .. He had an Eva..also .. Her name is Eva .. Eva Anna Paula Braun .. His lover and companion .. She became his wife just 40 hours before their suicide .. But he did not leave her She did not leave him and stayed with him until they committed suicide together, dying in the arms of Hell !! What a miserable fate .. oops !!

It is said … that the phrase “Futch about women” was first mentioned by the Roman poet Julius Virgil Marrow in his epic “The Eneide”, and then translated by the French. Search the Eve machine .. I have occupied the world and made the world dizzy .. Eve .. My two daughters !!! .. So what’s your story .. Tell me?! .. I have curiosity .. Hasharanf. from the last .. Let’s reveal your secrets through history and say What’s yours and what’s against you as it appears .. despite what appears to be most of it is questionable .. uh .. a question for which it is taken .. so excuse me, my darling .. what are you, my darling .. your story is a story .. is not it ?? !! Your story through history, mostly forged with premeditated counsel and manipulation .. But the records of the universe .. As the Almighty said {This is our book talking to you. We have copied what you used to do} Surat Al-Jathiya verse 37 .. There is no escape or forgery..for counterfeiters tampering with the facts of things !!!

Let’s look for … why not! This is us .. and there is a need for us! .. who is Eve the woman .. or the woman?! .. the strange, strange creature .. the one who stunned the world .. for the sake of the heaven. . !!! What a mean cruelty … Haha.

The daughter of the time! .. She is called “Eve”, because she is the mother of all living beings .. and also .. her name comes from inclusion !!! Adam and his descendants contain life .. and the world .. and Sheila Bala on your brain !!! What is your brain created in a completely different way than the brain of your beloved Adam! Is it to be complementary between you? .. He occupies his brain for only one thing .. Only at the same time, while you are “your brain’s turn” at all times and directions .. It spins and rotates 24 hours a day. … at the same time and maybe more .. You and your cleverness Like a chameleon rolling his eyes in all directions .. in the moment and now .. do not tolerate it, Eva !! .. it is you who who or who contains?! A world that has no mercy !!! I know! .. then you are the sister of the people, as it is said, are you really the sister of the people?! .. uh .. uh. .uh, a question about that, I mean, you are a comme ci comme ça !!

What does Rihanna say ?! Rehana is not confused about the matter, but from where. The story of the case begins .. the girls of time and time occupied the minds of the daughters of time! .. uh uh .. yes, his two sons! Uh .. Then Uh! .. They occupied me and put me to sleep. Not for nights in the opinion of Kabeljou Halim Hafez, but for years and years! .. Start it at the beginning of the story of the creation of the strange strange creature .. Decipher the mystery of the dear, mother Eva .. In which the gossip differed .. Unravel the mystery of the beginning of Eve’s creation, and everyone gives their clues from the Old Testament … Israelis … was created from Adam’s crooked rib !!! To crooked, wrong, or what ?! if it was meant..they responded with your mind !! To be held responsible for her curse, and that she is the reason for the departure of the poor person “who sinned .. I have a case .. O blasphemous Adam! The daughter of the one who drove him out of his paradise .. the cunning seduced him !! It was as if he had no brain to think of him around the weak Eve, the ward of the poor and meek woman, who was powerless and is powerless, to seduce, did she really seduce him?! .. Was she created to seduce Adam? !! Or to be his companion and his friend .. to his depression in his loneliness in his paradise .. “The paradise without people is not trampled on. ” .. What a view .. a great sin. Is it reasonable to seduce seven ribs ?!

We will look for the dangerous, shrewd Eve !!! So what is the truth of her creation and why did she create the cute girl … the mean, cruel, people … the opposite is a reflection !!!! God God ..! Or was it created for Adam to play with, to be his eternal puppet? To play with and have fun! He smashes it .. bequeath it .. it burns alive with him when he dies! A female female artist is buried alive (and if the female victim is asked what sin she was killed for) Surat Al-Takwir verse 8 .. it is sold and bought in slavery markets going on! .. what is something !!. in the minds of arrogant, arrogant, extremist men.

Sheikh Al-Shaarawy said: If Eve were a rib of Adam, the Almighty would have said: He made her husband, that is, creation is part of taking from the same material and industry that he wants, and these are the rights that the whole universe possesses. He also created for Eve. {And under His signs is that He created for you mates of yourselves that you might find rest in them, and He made between you grace and mercy. Indeed, because there are people who reflect} Surah Al-Rum verse 21.

Do they really think about this question first ?! Is she equal to him ?! Where is the affection and mercy .. that was often in the news of it! It disappeared .. and it was once upon a time.

Rihana fell silent! .. about once upon a time !! On the irony of time! .. time mocks man’s attachment to the whims of a mirage .. the infinite is irreversible .. and Eve is the daughter of time .. the sugar and salt of life and time .. and a little bittersweet bittersweet .. God is victorious! We agree with you … Ha-ha-ha-ha, the rest of the time and what a rest !!! …

Lalla Fatima Baqi

Stockholm on 26-05-2020

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