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Did fashion makers and influencers confuse the image of the film festival?

The Cannes Film Festival in its 75th session provoked much controversy, most of which resulted in complaints that social media celebrities, with the support of fashion makers, almost smeared movie stars, with their eagerness to take photos of them on the red carpet. What the pictures published on the pages of magazines and social media have left is that the festive carpet has turned into a platform to showcase the latest fashions and the most expensive jewelry.

A few years ago, fashion, jewelry and makeup houses started a new tradition of booking salons in the most prestigious hotels so that stars and other people who want to make any profit can choose what suits them from their latest lines, and sometimes of their archives. Of course, by importance, the stars of the first classes have more options, including dresses from the “haute couture” line, while others get designs from independent designers or with the help of a fashion expert who has a good relationship with these houses . . The mouthpiece of these designers says that any publicity is better than nothing.

The media, Raya Abi Rashid, says: “I remember the first time I came to cover the festival. I was overwhelmed at the time with an indescribable sense of joy when I saw big stars up close that I admired and followed their path with passion. Suddenly they were walking in front of me on the red carpet, which made everything stand out at the festival. Their presence made him shine, and still is. That’s why I think the festival should stay away from films and films, and nothing else should distort this image on which it is built and is the basis of its success. ”

Taking a photo with a background in which the festival photographers appear in their black suits is a requirement of many of the participants (EPA)

What has become common knowledge is that a necklace of “Bulgari” or “Chopard” or a necklace of “Mesica” or Piaget at the neck of Julia Roberts or Julianne Moore or an influencer who has a large number of followers, invaluable propaganda is what is not necessarily meant to be sold, as some of these The jewelry may have already been sold, as it at the same time emphasizes the abilities and skills of the Maison. While the presence of some names is considered natural, such as designer Giorgio Armani, because his relationship with films dates back to the seventies of the last century, when he designed Richard Gere’s costumes in the movie “The American Gigolo”, the same is true . for the house of “Dior”, “Elie Saab”, “Chopard” and “Dior”. Boucheron ”and other famous names in the world of fashion and jewelry have entered other names themselves in the hope of some of the glamor of the festival. This sparkle has the effect of magic and can change her future.

But this phenomenon did not go unnoticed. The traditional follower of the festival was upset by the number of guests competing to steal the spotlight from movie stars, voiced by Lara Mansour, editor-in-chief of “Adam and Eve” magazine and running a liaison company in the Middle East in ‘ a tweet she posted on her page commented on this phenomenon that “The French festival scene has changed dramatically. My Instagram page has become overcrowded with eye-popping photos of randomly selected guests advertising brands. I remember the festival years ago when just receiving an invitation was an honor for a carefully selected segment, which gave the event its uniqueness and importance. I hope these brands reconsider their accounts by choosing their ambassadors more consciously. ”

Julianne Moore and Bvlgari necklace

Of course, those who follow the festival and its history know that the culture of self-propaganda is not new, and in an atmosphere of intense competition, this phenomenon has begun to take forms that reflect a culture encouraged by reality television, and it requires content on a regular basis so that the person stays in memory and attracts new followers or rewarding contracts. Some are ready for anything to achieve their goals, either by creating a kind of shock or by creating optical illusions that give the impression that they are stars in their field and in their country, and that is what many “influencers” are masters of. became, to imitate their predecessors.

In 1955, an emerging actress named Brigitte Bardot set the rules for this game, which appeared in a shocking appearance in which she highlighted all the charm of her body without leaving anything to the imagination. Her plan succeeded and stole the spotlight from all the stars, who were exploited by director Roger Vadim a year after this appearance in the movie, which he released to the world, entitled “And God Created Women.” A year earlier, an unknown actress named Sophia Loren went to the French festival. She also had only a few Italian films that could be counted on the fingers of one hand. She came with her eyes on the world. Her weapon was her beauty and elegance, in which she relied on a dress that pulled her slender waist beautifully tight, which made her the talk of the press. From that time until today, the city in the south of France transforms during its annual festival into an open market for fashion houses and jewelery and an incubator of beauties from around the world. They all ask for the same thing, with different details and methods. Those seeking fame know that the city on this date is not only a stage where new faces are discovered, but also a place where important business contracts are concluded. This justifies the presence of many “influencers” from all continents.

A guest on the red carpet during the festival (Reuters)

Some of them hope that even a tiny bit of Brigitte Bardot’s happiness will attract the attention of a director, and some of them will get a contract with a fashion house or a beauty company, while the majority seek content that guarantees their continuity , which necessitates their presence in Cannes, even if they do not receive invitations An official of fashion and jewelry stores, and it was necessary to come into conflict with the security guards to get a photo with a background showing their presence confirm.

Content that will be provided by a private photographer contracted to accompany them on the red carpet, with clear instructions to have it photographed with the official festival photographers in black behind them, is an investment to paint the future. The smart photographer is the one who manages to take a photo at a strategic point, where they are in the middle of the mat, not in the corner, to increase their credibility. It is the self-promotion game that makes the average follower believe and impress, contributes to increasing followers and interaction, and then attracts the attention of fashion and jewelry stores looking for faces to represent in certain areas.

Maya Williams, one of the influencers, who attended the festival this year at the invitation of the “Mesica” jewelers’ house. She had a completely different opinion. She believes the role of influencers is nothing less than the role of the stars in terms of the role of fashion and jewelry in terms of marketing. They, too, have millions of followers and admirers who imitate them, and therefore the prejudiced must listen to the pulse of the market and its changes that are in their favor. She says: “The world has changed, and it must be acknowledged that social media has become stronger than other means of advertising. Therefore, it is time for fashion makers to acknowledge our talents and our power to create content that serves them. As for that inferior view that some have previously looked to us, its era is over and no longer has a place in our time. “She continues:” Here it should be noted that the festival was and still is a stage for famous people and creators from various fields.

And by 2022, a new generation of influencers and influencers has confirmed that they’re really famous because they have followers and fans on (YouTube) or (Tik Tok) and other social media, who have noticed fashion and jewelry stores. “Some of them have categorically refused to work with us in the past on the grounds that we were just a bubble, but they have discovered their mistake and our marketing power, which has led them to change their strategies completely.” It is not only limited to festivals, but also includes fashion shows during fashion weeks, indicating that invitations to influencers are more than female media workers get on traditional platforms because the language of marketing has changed to keep up with the requirements of a new era.

Model Rubik and Boucheron Jewelry (AFP)

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