“Photography” .. The art of the shot and the creativity of details

Mohammed Abdul Samee (Sharjah)

Is it possible to stop time at a specific moment and recall it whenever we want to live in its details or restore its aesthetics in the midst of this life ?! .. This can be done through the lens of the camera, which photographers saw as causing them sadness and the feeling that drove them before professionalism in photography to dedication to photography and the pursuit of beauty details.
These photographers told their humble and beautiful beginnings full of passion as a reason for them to continue their project, which is divided into documenting beautiful details according to a diversity that follows their interests.For all the suffering of mankind .

  • From the creations of Mohamed Murad

Among the photographers were those who were a journalist, or were interested in adventures and wilderness excursions, or were passionate about nature and were looking for its exciting ambushes that the Creator created and left room for reflection and consideration In people’s lives and capture their endless details and diaries. .
It is enough to step into this profession for the amateur to feel that he has a passion for photography, no matter how primitive or simple the camera is. Talent is the basis of success, and it is the first guarantee of more creativity, and clarity of vision and idea is one of the conditions for successful work in photography, while the encouragement of parents, schools and those around Childhood is an original reason to refine and build on talents in this profession.

  • Mohammed Murad
    Mohammed Murad

visual passion
Kuwaiti photographer Muhammad Murad believes that the first shot has an impact on the photographer to continue or leave his profession, then he goes to the aesthetics and techniques of photography, with joy and a breakthrough to more inspiration from nature and beautiful details, emphasizing that in nature there is a divine beauty that indicates his greatness, the Almighty, and his creativity in The Creation of the Universe, and therefore looking at a certain angle will inevitably open a feeling for the artist which enriches the image and transmits the effect to those who receive it later.
The artist Murad determined that photography must be accompanied by a degree of patience and challenge and face the problems that may hinder the photographer’s work and discourage him from capturing the details that are the secret of his success, as the idea is the basis of photography. no longer gives distance from the camera that eventually became part of him.

  • Sami Al-Olabi
    Sami Al-Olabi

Freeze the moment
The Egyptian photographer, Sami Al-Olabi, got his start back with the world of photography, where interest started early in his boyhood as he took a lot of time to follow up the photos and works of senior photographers from different schools, trends or interests, especially since they were mostly photojournalists, and therefore he was attached to photography which greatly contributed to his personality and his willingness to get involved in this profession.
As for the philosophy of photography, Al Olabi photographer believes that photography allows you to freeze and capture a wonderful moment of time, through a wonderful scene or sweet details that include wonderful meanings and feelings in the expression of ideas and concepts, and silently convey them to the audience. who is also in harmony with them, and mentions His start with photography goes back to his travels on land in the Emirates, which revealed his skills and his sense of the desert, nature and sky around him, so he decided to take the photography to enter the profession. of love.

  • Mohammed Abdullah Al Hashemi
    Mohammed Abdullah Al Hashemi

rich heritage
Emirati photographer Mohammed Abdullah Al Hashimi returned to his simple beginnings in photography at the beginning of the second millennium, talking about his old “Kodak” camera, which paved the way for him to continue searching for shots with which he documented and felt beautiful, and although he did not know well how to prepare them technically, except It is enough to love and follow so that other details come later, especially when he surprises his colleagues and friends with ‘ a beautiful and striking shot. With encouragement and passion, he was able to convey and document much of the rich Emirati heritage.

  • Giles Dooley
    Giles Dooley

Stories and Stories
But the British photographer, Giles Dooley, was based on the sad impact that wars and human tragedies have on mankind, and he worked on photography to document this, revealing that he was not a press photographer, but rather deeply affected. through painful issues, therefore he traveled the world to document the effects of wars.
With this he saw that he was moving from the photography of people and fashion in studios and luxury locations to the field and risky documentary work in a difficult and gripping reality.

  • Ashok Verma
    Ashok Verma

Indian photographer Ashok Verma went on to allow the field of photography to develop a creative sense and convey the details of people’s lives, especially when the camera is a way of conveying stories, narratives and diaries. He stressed that the encouragement of his family and those around him is one of the strong reasons that motivates him to take photos and move on, as he has received positive nourishment from the morale his family has spread within him to later to become a successful photographer, as for the first shot on which his lens fell, it is still engraved alive in his memory and does not go away, that is What opened a way for him to continue with creativity, beauty and more sense.

  • Chris de Bod
    Chris de Bod

From drawing to photography
Dutch photographer Chris de Bode, has moved to the world of photography through a close career and attracts a beautiful creativity. As for the field of photography, it was just about anything he saw and called him to search for what he thought was wonderful and worthy of photography.

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