The people take part in the national dialogue | North Sinai: Terrorism-reformed

The people of Sinai agreed that the role of political parties is not noticeable on the ground, and that they should play an effective role in the participation of young people in political life, through specific programs that are in line with the prescriptions of the political leadership with regard to the building of the new republic, and that there should be a social movement to issues of concern Public opinion and support the political leadership, to make the appropriate decision in the interest of the country and the citizen.

Abdel Qader Mubarak, a journalist from Sheikh Zuwayed, believes that the political parties represented in the House of Representatives have no real political role on the ground or even in the service.

He pointed out that we are facing a national dialogue called for by the President of the Republic, so the personalities who take part in it must be chosen very carefully to contribute to the correction of the political path in favor of the country and the citizen, and that the call expands for the participation of all groups from the sects of society with the aim of diversifying opinions, and missing the opportunity for all who are stalkers in the country, aimed at to tamper with his abilities.

Dr. Khaled Zayed of Sheikh Zuweid, an expert on human development, said: The parliamentarians are not fully in control of their role, but rather focus their attention on the service role rather than the legislative role, and there is no coordination between the representatives in the departments, due to the presence of repeated requests from the same representatives on the same subject.

He said: The national dialogue demanded by the president is very important, but its recommendations must be translated into plans, the division of roles and responsibilities in a specific way, and the selection and formulation of indicators for success. of the national dialogue. , specific results, themes and major issues according to importance so that cultural frameworks are taken into account, provided the border governorates have a presence Powerful and effective.

He demanded that the national dialogue address various core issues and be representative of all cultures, groups and societies, and that the results of the dialogue be transformed into specific timetables and agendas.

He stressed the importance of having specific and clear communication channels, therefore we need a clear and specific social dialogue for which one party is responsible, not a group of parties .. the citizen is confused, in the absence of elected volksrade.

Hussein Ibrahim, 45, an employee, said: The role of parties on the ground is highly serviceable, and what is needed is to create channels of communication with young people to integrate them into political life and to form frameworks. who is able to take responsibility and understand what is going on on the ground.

Therefore, parties need to play an influential role in the street, and open up a space for the youth to participate in issues that affect them and take care of their lives, in addition to their role in building societies. role of parliamentarians to help citizens meet their demands and meet their needs.

Emphasizes that the next phase requires the actual presence of parties on the land of Sinai to recover those terrorized by terrorism in the areas south of Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah, which coincide with the state’s efforts to implement development plans.

Nabil Matar Riyadi called for the establishment of a political education center within each party to rehabilitate young people for the correct political education, and to hold important positions for young people, in addition to giving them the opportunity to to participate in local or parliamentary elections. .

As for Houd al-Jayyid, 48, a freelance businessman, he said political parties should work with a new idea in Sinai, following the success of our armed forces in overcoming terrorism, over negative thoughts.

It is required to implement youth awareness programs in order to raise awareness for inclusion in political work, and to provide jobs and projects to the youth with a government contribution.
Tawfiq Al-Hijjawi, Secretary of the Arab Justice and Equality Party in North Sinai, said: The plurality of parties are reducing their role, but they have a big role to play in preparing a generation to lead the next phase, and prepare leaders to take responsibility. Correct.
He said: It is necessary to attract young people to political work so that they have awareness and awareness of what is going on around it, prepare leaders in all areas and participate in the preparation of future cadres, while providing the appropriate atmosphere for the role of the parties in their natural course to serve the masses and convey purposeful messages about the role of the state in Building, construction and comprehensive development.

As for Muhammad Abu Haj Al-Uqbi, a customary judge, he said that President Sisi’s interest in holding a national dialogue is a positive step in correcting the course of political life, so parties have an essential role to play with the masses through political and social work programs that bring together the sects of society to prepare cadres capable of leading life Politically, where young people represent this category that needs more support and attention so that young people their importance and feel their participation in political life.

Salama Al-Laithi, 70, said that political parties should take the views of citizens and listen to them through legal channels to bring about a political climate on the ground, and that there should be room for cooperation to activate their role in political life, and to crystallize opinions and suggestions on issues and societal issues for presentation to the political leadership.

The parties must engage in a social dialogue on the issues under discussion to clarify the views and participate to assist the political decision makers, before the decision is made to reach the interests of the country and the citizen.

Fatima Nassar, a member of the National Council of Women in North Sinai, said: The parties are expected to activate their role at the public level by addressing social issues and the participation of citizens in expressing their opinions. and to make effective contributions to the initiatives put forward by the political leadership, in particular the initiative of a decent life, in a way that helps citizens to provide the necessary services, through service projects that help the state to the level of to increase service provided to the citizen, especially infrastructure and infrastructure. projects, and contributions from businessmen who support political parties.

Abeer Mahmoud, a teacher, said: President Sisi has made efforts to build the new republic, and I hope that political parties will have an effective role on the ground through work programs in which young people of all ages, especially women, participate. , to be an essential partner in the building of the state. She hoped that there would be a number of recommendations that would affect the lives of Egyptian women and issues concerning their empowerment in society.

Salem al-Akash, secretary of the Future Watan Party in North Sinai, said: The president’s call for national dialogue is unprecedented, pointing out that it brings together all spectrums of Egyptian society. He stressed that the ultimate goal of the dialogue is to pave the way for political reform that restores society’s ability to meet the demands of citizens.

Therefore, during the next phase, political parties will play a positive role in line with the vision of the political leadership for the construction of the new republic. He indicated that the party had prepared its vision in various economic, political and social areas, according to its partisan vision for integrated reform, which is a comprehensive vision that accompanies the steps of building the new republic. .

Sheikh Darwish Abu Jarad, 63, of the Al-Rumailat tribe, said: I hope it will be a fruitful national dialogue and consensus for all Egyptian political forces so that social peace is achieved, provided the parties’ participation is truly on the ground.

Muhammad Salim Salam said: The citizen knows nothing about political parties, and sometimes he only knows their name.

In North Sinai, there are limited parties that are at the forefront of the political scene and have contact with citizens through a number of initiatives that directly affect his life, and the citizen’s desire is to take real and tangible steps to those wishes in terms of a rational leadership that seeks in every way to turn reality into a better reality for a decent life for all. .

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