“Trend” in a week, Hana Al-Zahid is injured .. Moufid Fawzy was transferred to hospital .. the fact that Abla Kamel has retired

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A number of art stars have caught the public’s attention this week, and are becoming “Trends” on the search engine “Google” and on various social networking sites. Through the following report, we monitor the most prominent “trends” of art in a week.

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Artist Hana Al-Zahid was at the top of the “Trend” on the Google search engine, after announcing that she regularly suffered a knee injury during the filming of her latest movie “Bahebak”, in which she starred in the female lead. the artist Tamer Hosni. “Hana” posted a photo of the injury through her account on the “Instagram” application and wrote: “Continuous photography injuries to the knee.” The movie “I Love You”, written and directed by Tamer Hosni in his first film directing experience, with Tamer Hosni, Hana Zahid, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Hoda Al-Mufti, Medhat Tikha, Amr Sahsah and Shahd Al-Shater in the starring.

Mofeed Fawzy

The great journalist, Moufid Fawzy, went through a health problem in one week and mourned the deaths of his friend, the great artist Samir Sabry, and the great journalist writer Salah Montaser, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital.

Abla Kamel

The artist, Abla Kamel, was at the top of the “Trend” on Google, after the round of news of her retirement, after press releases by producer Jamal Al-Adl, during which he said: Two years ago I wanted to work with Abla Kamel, and I went to her house and tried to convince her more than once, but she did not agree, and this time the spread of the Corona virus and it was afraid for her health. And Abla Kamel continued, “You will not be represented again,” noting that he always communicates with her daughters and her ex-wife and assures her of her health because she did not answer the phone. “But the artist Ahmed Kamal, the former husband of Abla Kamel, denies in press statements, saying that she has not decided to retire permanently, and that she is currently gone. Due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, she will return. be at the time she deems fit for her.

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Sherine’s ongoing dispute with her divorced artist, Hossam Habib, has drawn the public’s attention to becoming a “Trend” on various social networking sites. In turn, the artist Hossam Habib denied his accusation that he tried to attack the artist Sherine and her two daughters in her villa in Sheikh Zayed, saying that he went to her to agree on some artwork. According to investigations, according to Hossam Habib, he answered “Sherine” two weeks after their divorce last November and he lives with her in her house in Sheikh Zayed.

And the Public Prosecution Office of Sheikh Zayed ordered that the artist, Sherine, be summoned. To hear her statements in the statement issued against the artist, Hossam Habib, who accused him of insulting and slandering her. The prosecution also ordered to summon his manager, Sarah Al-Tabbakh, and three others, who witnessed the artist Hossam Habib’s verbal response, and to hear their statements in reality.

Ahmed Saad

Artist Ahmed Al-Saad led the “Trend” to his final appearance while performing the rituals of Umrah, where he was criticized by some for the tattoo that appeared in it. “Ahmed” commented in press releases on the subject, saying: “What the public thinks of” hazaha “is wrong, but it is rather a” rosary “in my hand, and about tattooing he indicated that he recently had a underwent surgery, which resulted in his hand being attached, and he was psychologically hurt as a result of the He sees how he asks himself about their shape, so he tattooed his hand to correct this defect, and a message to sent his audience, “God does not look at your images, but rather looks at your hearts.”

Hisham Rabie

The audience was interested in the hairdresser of the stars Hisham Rabie after his marriage to the artist Bossi in one of the great hotels in Cairo, in the presence of a great artist including Mohamed Fouad, Hamada Helal, Mohamed Nour, Khaled Selim, Mustafa Hajjaj, Karika, Hanadi Muhanna and her husband Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Mohamed Rahim, Wafaa Amer and Reem Al-Baroudi, Ahmed Adel, Sherif Baher, Ahmed Fahim, and others.

Samir Sabri
The great artist Samir Sabry led the “Trend” to his departure inside a Cairo hotel, at the age of 86, after a battle with heart disease. The artist, Ghada Ibrahim, appeared in a video on the day of the funeral prayer, while she was excited and expressed her anger at being prevented from taking the bus, which carried the body to the family’s graves in Alexandria governor will arrive, which led to the Representative Career Syndicate led by Dr. Ashraf Zaki to issue a statement that included the decision to arrest Ghada Ibrahim at work. And the statement said: “The Board of the Professional Career Syndicate has decided to suspend Ghada Ibrahim and transfer her to the investigative committee to look into the offenses committed by her.”

Shab Khalid

Cheb Khaled issued the “Trend” following his dispute with party organizer Walid Mansour over his membership fees, as the law firm, Yasser Kantoush, issued a statement detailing all the details of the crisis of his client, the Algerian singer, Cheb Khaled, cleared against manufacturer. and party organizer Walid Mansour, who explains that his client has membership fees of 36 thousand US dollars.

Walid Mansour, in turn, said during a television interview that he has long worked in the field of organizing concerts, older than 18. A similar problem has never occurred, especially since singers receive their membership fees before any concert. Mansour has confirmed that he has submitted documents proving his payment of all of Cheb Khaled’s fees for the ceremony, and he is waiting for the latter’s lawyer to provide proof of the truth of his allegations that he did not obtain the agreed funds. : “You say that, how after ten months?”

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