You will not believe who is the most hated artist for women! His behavior is strange and his death is painful !! A name that will shock you !!

He is, according to God, the sixteenth in the movie “Street of Love” with the saying “It’s simpler than that.” His colleagues in the artistic community called him “The Earl of Naples”.

He’s the actor Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi, one of the most important comedy stars of his generation. but his roles remained. one of the most important roles in the history of Egyptian film.

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On August 23, 1899, Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi, a Palestinian of origin, was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, where he learned the French language, and his grandfather was also the first judge of Nablus and his father. To Cairo to join Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, who had him memorize the Noble Qur’an and he was proficient in the Arabic language.

Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi loved art, so his father cut his expenses at that time, so he decided to get a job and kept looking for an opportunity until he got the character of the maid in the play “Rasputin” with Youssef Wehbe suggested. .

In 1925, Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi worked in the literary and artistic press in various magazines, such as Heliopolis, Al-Ta’if Al-Musawwarah and Al-Sabah.

In 1929, he was offered his first opportunity in the film by the producer and actress Asya, who nominated him to take part in the film “Ghada Al-Sahara”, and then moved on to the world of acting and directing.

In 1931 Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi presented “Punk of Conscience”, and a year later he presented “Victims”, and in 1934 he presented “Charming Eyes”, and two years later he presented “The Fugitive” presented, and in 1937 he presented “Behind the Curtain,” and a year later he presented “Confused Souls.” And in 1939 he offered “Cairo Nights,” and in the same year he offered the apple seller and a return to the countryside and determination. In 1940 he participated in “The Workshop”, and a year later he participated in the film “The Victory of Youth.” He also presented “Laila, the Countryside Girl” and in 1942 he presented “Layla”, and in 1944 he presented “Berlanti and Laila in the Dark.” In 1945 he presented “Jamal, Dalal, the soft sex and the great artist”, and in 1946 he presented “Maqdarsh ​​and Haram al-Basha”. Many roles until he was in a lot of interpretation. films with artists.

Madness, Fatima, Marika, Rachel, Gram dancer, Girl Baris, the end of a story, where did you get it from, and the wonder of heaven “, and a duet with Farid Al-Atrash in the movies” I love you and Afita Hanim and another lie and come peace and I want to marry and tell no one and the melody of my love and the covenant of passion and I say goodbye to your love and you are my love ”, and with Abdel Halim He presented “Nights of Love, My Dream Boy, A Love Story, A Day of My Life, and Love Street” through which he gained wide fame with his statements in the film.

He not only won the absolute championship a few times, such as the movie “The Barber of the Ladies”, and despite his success as an actor, he did not earn an income that would allow him to win the championship again.

Also among his films are “The lover of my life, the dreams of girls, the groom of my wife, the green threshold, and beware of love, the secret police, Hassan, Marika, three men and a woman, the holy bond , the lover, the family tree, the seven girls, the judge of love, the three knights, and you are my love, and the demons of the sky and the heart have provisions, and the spring of love, your day is happy, and they join me with the permission, the girl from the neighbors and the love letter. ” And a dozen handkerchiefs, the crook, the gnome of Abdo’s uncle, the charming mother-in-law, and your happiness this week, me and my lover, a paradise, a fire, a good skin, a house of victory and a winner. ”

In 1963, Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi returned to Beirut due to the accumulation of taxes on him in Egypt, which amounted to 13,000 pounds, so his apartment in Zamalek was seized and the case remained pending until his death despite the intervention of many artists, including Umm Kulthum.

In Beirut, his status changed and he became director of the United Film Company, contributing at the same time to an increase in the number of films he produced in Lebanon, including “The Girl of the Masses, Paris, Love, Youth Joys , Bedouin in Paris and Welcome to Love. ” Al-Shahroura Sabah shared a group of them because of the friendship between them.

Although Abd al-Salam al-Nablusi was known as the enemy of marriage and was discontinued due to the marriage and birth, Mrs. Georgette Sabbath, who later became the actress Georgette al-Nabulsi when she met him, fell in love with him. , and started calling him until he fell in love with her too.

On one occasion he asked her to marry despite the age difference between them, since she was then 18 years old, and they were indeed getting married in the villa of his friend Philemon Wehbe, who called his wife’s family to tell them of the to tell marriage. , and they tried to separate her from him, but the court recognized the validity of the marriage, so her family boycotted her.She took her for months before Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi reached her, and they was in love at the time.

Regarding this story, Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi said in an interview that he actually kidnapped her and married her, and he did not set her free because he was a Muslim and she was a Christian, so it was not easy for him to go to her family.

After Intra Bank announced its bankruptcy in Beirut, Abdel Salam al-Nabulsi’s health problems increased, and it was said that Sabah, who was with him on a trip to Tunisia to shoot the movie “The Journey of Happiness”, said she could hear him moaning from the pain and he tried to hide his pain with the sound of water taps.After his return his condition worsened, and he had days before his departure, and the last night when he was together was with his friends at his departure, refraining from food. home, including Farid Shawqi, Hoda Sultan and Niazi Mustafa, he felt great pain, and when he arrived at the hospital with his wife’s hand, he exhaled his last breath on the fifth of July 1968, and his wife did not bear the expenses. for the funeral at the time, so his friend Farid al-Atrash took care of her through his brother Fouad al-Atrash, who tried to hide the news from Farid, but he learned through the newspapers, and his wife said that Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi has already left money for them but she has no credit.My banker, and then I tried to return the money to Farid al-Atrash but he refused.

After his death, artist Zomroda said Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi was not sick to his stomach as he said earlier, but he suffered from heart disease for ten years, and insisted on hiding his illness so directors and manufacturers not to evade him and offer him roles, and I learned of this when he sent some reports with her.Medical doctor Gibson, who oversaw the treatment of Farid al-Atrash, who told the case and did not know that Abd al. -Salam al-Nabulsi considered the case a secret, and he cried when he heard that she knew about it, and asked her to keep it a secret, and it later turned out that he had died as a result of ‘ a heart attack cardiomyopathy;

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