Ali Al-Ahmad: Historical Relations between the UAE and Germany

Hazza Abu Al Rish (Abu Dhabi)

With the launch of the cultural wedding represented by the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2022, the newspaper “Al-Ittihad” Ali Al-Ahmad, the former ambassador of the country in the Federal Republic of Germany, met on the occasion of Germany, the guest of honor of the exhibition, which sheds light on his rich experience during his diplomatic career, and his book “The German Experience”.
At the beginning of his speech, Ali Al-Ahmad said that the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is a real addition to the enrichment of the cultural scene, so that the creative person finds himself, and sees himself, and one should make good use of it. of such cultural places, which are an important part of communication and openness to others and knowledge of the diverse cultures that expand the person’s perceptions and make him unique and distinct in his life, adding that excellence here in itself the individual make progress in achieving and giving with distinction, and make every effort to provide the best that fits his ambitions and reflects the vision of his country and the visions of his wise leadership.
Al-Ahmad continued: This interdependence leaves a beautiful thing between cultural forums, creativity, which is an addition to man and his country, and the interest in attending and being present in such important cultural rights that contribute to the refinement of culture, and makes the cultural scene developed and advanced and receptive to the other and his thinking, indicating that this acceptance is a limitation. The same is creativity, because when you accept the other, the dialogue begins and in the dialogue you find the answer to all the questions, and as long as life begins with a question, we must live out the passion of questions and look for their answers to to promote the concept of life and humanity.

knowledge wealth
Al-Ahmad stressed that the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has kept pace with this new stage and expects the time to provide content that suits all groups, to provide diverse and valuable content that embraces all ideas in the form of cultural and entertainment knowledge. include. enrichment, which contains events, activities and lectures that make the visitor stand in front of the visitors.An impressive plastic art painting, which shows that this diversity leaves us with reverence and appreciation in front of this exhibition because it really came down to the aim- idea, and the view that makes the value of the book and reading a life priority for members of society.
He added that the donation recently made by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, to allocate 6 million dirhams to purchase books from the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and to disseminate to public schools, to enrich the reading culture and to support the publishing sector, the book reaches a segment older than schoolchildren, which helps to cultivate in them a love of reading, and this conviction stems from the rational leadership of the value of reading and the constant encouragement of our children and encourage them to read and be informed.
Ali Al-Ahmad explained that the presence of students in such cultural forums enables them to closely follow the interaction of the world and participants and how to manage and organize events, in addition to digging and digging into the depths of knowledge and culture learn about the ideas of others and their various participations, all of which serve the idea of ​​always being present in the scene The national cultural heritage, and stay in mind most of the movements that contribute to cultural progress in its correct sense to sum up.

Ali Abdullah Al-Ahmad said that the presence of Germany as the guest of honor for 2022 at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair gives an indication of the value of Germany and its presence in cultural history, which opens a wide horizon to attract thoughts with a participating pavilion of 400 square meters, in which 34 German publishers display a collection of their books.He emphasized that this choice is an extension of the historical bilateral relations between the UAE and Germany, and is an embodiment of the prominent position that Germany occupies in the literary sector, as it has a rich and diverse literary heritage.
Al-Ahmad added that Germany has a strong relationship with the Arab world, which deepens cultural interdependence, and in such cultural events and international forums, ties harmonize and ideas emerge to shed light on the cultural exchange between the Arab peoples and the Germans. people through the ages.

“The German experience”
Al-Ahmad talked about his book “The German Experience”, published by “Ruwaiyat”, which conveys a vivid experience of his life and professional experience, which is an inspiring experience, through a journey full of ideas, information and interesting journeys that enrich the experience of the recipient and the reader. Al-Ahmad said: “Since I lived in Germany for years, during which I visited many cities in different parts of the world, which led me to present this book in an attempt to convey this experience to the reader, ‘what’ presents an excellent diplomatic experience. throughout his life, and a pioneering intellectual presence in the service of the country, and efforts focused on Cultural Service and intellectual communication.
Al-Ahmad added: “As for the subjects of the book, they were inspired by my visits to those cities. ? “How did it manage to restore the world’s confidence after its defeat in two world wars? To become the fourth largest economy in the world today,” the book explains a summary of ideas and experiences that present the reader with rich and diverse information .

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