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Persuasion to the point of provocation

Art theorists affirm that the actor is the most important element in complementing and supporting the art scene and the rest of the elements, and here Al-Hadawi or “Wanas” appears convincingly to the extent that it has attracted his viewers, but at despite the criticism that most of the pages on social sites as the most followed platform, viewers continued to tune in to the series’ television stations until the end, and the strangest thing was that they waited has for a second part of it.

The artist has for many years put his experience and his sophistication into practice to choose instead of him, to circumvent those who say that such a character is too daring, to take a big and steady step to overcome societal phenomena that exist in the secretly practiced, to reveal a role. that intellectuals have always played for awareness and reform.

Al-Hadawi has played various and complex roles, leading critics to say he is a masterful reincarnation. Some, however, have limited his presence in the Tunisian TV drama scene as the hunter of Reem. He was unique in the role of the marriage Inside Raif “, due to what al-Hadawi himself described as” points of similarities and intersections between the two characters, given that they share a love for women. “

Al-Hadawi has sparked widespread controversy during the past Ramadan season, with his brave handling of a character who is usually disguised

Similar to his latest work “Innocence”, “Al Rayes Noureddine” in the series “For Catherine’s Eyes” chose to marry the girl of one of his daughters in the hope of having a male child after having six daughters of had his first wife, the seventh of whom was of his young wife, thus embodying one of the reasons Family disintegration, he also participated in “Awlad al-Ghoul” work, which is counted among the efforts of Tunisian drama to to break into new topics not previously known to Tunisian series, where the love adventures of a father produced an illegitimate child to intertwine the events and to create complex relationships between the legal sons and the illegitimate brother public.

Al-Hadawi also did not hesitate in “The Harvest” to accept the role of the opportunistic, traitorous man, and apart from the role of “Casanova”, his appearance in the Ramadan seasons was remarkable, as he appeared in of the crazy lover in the series “Ghada”, the leader of a gang in “Naurah Al-Air”, and the doctor The fighter against French colonialism in “Qumrat Sidi Mahrous” who did not lose his love for women when he did not marry a stranger. wife who made him suffer under the fire of deprivation of the son and the loss of his identification papers after his separation from her to marry the daughter of his employer and eventually love the wife of his martyr friend.

But what happened in the year 2020, a day after his appointment as Minister of Cultural Affairs in the Tunisian government announced by the then Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli, some say it reveals a close connection between Al-Hadawi and the personalities that perfectly embodied him, so I chased him on social media as Tunisians remember the roles he played in local dramas, reminding him that he was a harasser, a drug dealer, a violent boxer and a bum is.

creative revolution

◙ Some see Al-Hadawi's problematic work as a devaluation of the value of women, but others acknowledge that it has revealed a shocking truth.
Some see Al-Hadawi’s problematic work as a devaluation of the value of women, but others acknowledge that it has revealed a shocking truth.

Hedaoui, who was born in a popular suburb of Tunis in 1961, is reportedly leading a “creative revolution”. However, a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts confirms that it is a modest effort on his part to contribute to the enrichment of the creative scene.

An integrated personality who combined acting, writing, production and directing and played major roles in various plays, including “Arabs” by theater director Al-Fadil Al-Ja’aibi, and “Al-Awda” by Al-Fadil Al -Jaziri and Al-Fadel Al-Jaaibi. And whoever forgets his prominent and prominent role in the series “Omar” when he embodied the character of Abu Sufyan bin Harb, he is a television face who has traveled the poles of the earth in length and breadth thanks to his participation in ‘ A number of series He has been present in Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Italy and France, and has also appeared in various European films under the direction of directors such as Franco Rossi, Serge Moati, Jean Franco Bannon, Peter Kassovitz and others.

Al-Hedaoui made his acting debut from the theater of the Secondary Institute Ibn Sharaf by performing a few classical pieces under the supervision of his teacher Hammadi Al-Mizzi, before joining the amateur theater and the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Tunis has joined.

Early on, he won the award for best performance for his role in “The Victory of the Sun” at the National School Theater Festival, Ibn Sharaf High School, after which he received awards in weight festivals, including the award for best supporting actor for his role in the movie “Kol Al-Turab” at the Carthago Film Festival and the award for best performance at the Oran International Arab Film Festival.

Al-Hadawi’s presence in the Ramadan drama was enhanced by several local awards. On several occasions, he received the Best Actor Award and the Ramadan Star Award at the Ramadan Awards Ceremony, organized by a private Tunisian radio station. . And he won the award for best popular Tunisian actor from the magazine “My Lady” for his role in the series “The Maestro”.

In addition to his busy artistic career, Al-Hadaoui has also held administrative positions in the cultural sector, where he was director of the International Cultural Center in Hammamet, director of the International Hammamet Festival, responsible for public relations at the Carthage Film Festival, and artistic director of the Carthage Theater Days.

Al-Hadawi has unveiled a collaborative relationship that will bring him together with Tunisian rapper Balti in a musical project he described as “great” and in which he will accompany the artist on various tours inside and outside Tunisia, supported by entrepreneurs.

◙ character
The character “Raif” resonates until now in the Tunisian street

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