How to make your resume ten times stronger?

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Congratulations, you got a job interview for your dream job! And here’s the employer asking you to introduce yourself, it’s easy, isn ‘t it? But remember that you only have seven seconds to make a positive impression on your personality! Here you are under the spotlight, and questions run through your head, what do I say? where do i start? What am I focusing on? Will I talk about my practical experience …. when the seven seconds end!

As for the hiring process, first impressions matter a lot and you will probably be given a few seconds to make a good impression on yourself, so make the most of it. You need to write an excellent resume that will make you stand out above the other candidates. It may seem difficult, but it’s worth it, as many resumes are considered somewhat boring and ordinary. Here are some ways in which to write a great resume:

1. Start with yourself

You should always strive to improve your personal skills and abilities, as you can always learn something new, and be sure that it will increase the attractiveness of your resume. If you already have enough experience and skills, then you are more likely to include them on your resume. And remember that you can always adjust and improve the things you have included in your resume, but if you feel you can work on improving your skills, it’s time to do it and start developing yourself. You will need to focus on acquiring and improving the skills and experience associated with the job you are looking for, for example, assuming you are looking for a job in the field of accounting, in this case you will need to participate as much as possible in any important event in the field, as you can volunteer to do the accounts of your family and friends Join a club or community of accountants, or take part in accounting events in which you can learn many skills that you can benefit from during your job search.

2. Make sure your resume is clear and concise

You will reach a point where you can be proud of yourself and your abilities without feeling guilty. It can be tempting to talk about yourself on your resume, and mentioning all the technical terms you know may seem like a way to be experienced in the field, but it can be counterproductive in the field. Most of the time it can make your resume more complex and more difficult to read. So make sure you read it organized and easy, so as not to bore employers, and also to help them read it correctly, and remember that you only have 7 seconds to impress anyone who reads your resume. And be careful not to repeat any information in your resume, it is not necessary to repeat, but make use of the space you have to talk about yourself and your goals and show your personality. Also remember that mentioning many things that are not related to the field of work or the job will make you seem like you do not know what responsibilities the job entails, so avoid mentioning too much of it.

Get a suitable job and make your CV suitable for it

Customizing your resume and matching it to the job you are applying for is one of the most important rules for writing a resume. Employers have identified the qualifications and skills they are looking for in candidates for this position, so make use of this information and use it in your CV. Start your resume with a short introduction in which you talk about yourself, commonly known as the career goal, through which you can market yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

Your resume should reflect your suitability for the position you are applying for, you should focus on information about the position that will attract the attention of the hiring manager or employer, it makes no sense to talk about your skills in handling animals when the job you are applying for is a job in a company! It is not necessary to mention this information because they do not need it and most likely are not interested in it.

4. Keep your resume up to date

When was the last time you updated your resume? A month ago? two months? Can not remember? It is very important that you update your CV once every few months, as employers usually prefer updated CVs and even make it to the top of the list of candidates, no one knows when they will get a suitable job, and usually it is preferable to apply to apply for any post within 48 hours from the time that Advertisement is for the post, and if your resume is not up to date, you will need to postpone the application for the post until you update it.

5. Focus on your achievements

It is possible that you accepted millions of responsibilities and tasks during your previous job, but the most important question is, were you able to perform your job successfully? Were you able to deliver results on the ground? Do not make a long list of the tasks you have done, usually anyone else can do the tasks you have done, but the most important thing is the value you add to the task and the company. List the numbers that made a difference, as most employers care more about numbers than anything else. For example, you could say, “I developed a project management strategy that helped reduce costs by 30%, plus the whole process became easier and shorter.”

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