Jerusalem: The illusion of the road and the road! improve security

It is no longer easy to market the illusion of successive Israeli governments as useful to anyone, even to the Israelis themselves. As for the criticism of politicians and the so-called occupation police in Jerusalem, from the Palestinian social media, this will not be acceptable.
The “police” talks about the way of the flags’ march, that it is far from al-aqsa mosque, and that it will go through Bab al-Amoud and from there to Al-Wad Road, which enters Islamic quarter . the walls of the Old City and the attainment of the Al-Buraq wall, means nothing more than burying your head in the sand, so the Jerusalemites and our people will spread between the mosque and the rest of the path?
A failed desperate attempt, the failure of which is reinforced by the Israeli occupation that increases vigilance under its forces, strengthens them in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the historic Palestinian cities in the 48 territories and deploys more “Iron Dome” batteries. This despair and fear was also reinforced by the deployment of mobile shelters in Sderot, near the Gaza Strip, in anticipation of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, and three reserve companies belonging to the Border Guard forces were called in to join the police forces in Jerusalem. .
There is no wisdom for the occupier. Let’s read what was reported by the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth on the recommendations of the “army, police and Shin Bet” to their prime minister, Naftali Bennett, to maintain the proposed path of the “flag march”, “with the aim to “preserve sovereignty” in the occupied city of Jerusalem.
Is this wisdom the one that will preserve this false sovereignty over Jerusalem, the city that will turn Israel into a military barracks?
An evil foolish occupier, in spite of the occupation will only lead to his downfall. For 55 years, however, successive Israeli governments have insisted on enforcing the accomplished fact with armed force. Is there a healthy person in the midst of all this arrogance who advises his people to stay away from provoking the Jerusalemites and the Palestinian people?
Tomorrow, Sunday, is the day of public provocation, which truly reveals the true face of the Israeli governments, realizing in their depth that what happened 55 years ago, rather 74, is nothing more than an organized invasion, tied to forces from outside the region, and instead of starting a page. What will Israel benefit from besides creating more hatred for it, which could deepen outside of Palestine, not only for religious reasons, but for many reasons, which could lead to a challenge to the existence of this state, to the extent that The growing number of votes demanding its rejection is increasing, so what are these governments doing then? Did she put herself in a position to beg the world’s governments to stop the provocations, the violations and the occupation?
There is nothing to say, as long as the words are addressed to the government of Israel and to the Israelis who are generally silent about such shameful behavior, as if Israel is throwing kerosene on fire, but we have something to do, not only on the beloved land, but in our intellectual, educational, and political structure, so that we sit what belongs To the confident saying from his saying: “We and them, and the time is long.”
But wait, we will not be occupied for long; What Israel sees of enforcing an accomplished fact and prolonging the life of the occupation is nothing but an illusion, and it is nothing but a shortening of its life; There is no wise or mad man who accepts all this arrogance, and the time has come to exercise the right of self-determination for our people. Perhaps the world here is looking at people, who are living in a long struggle as due to the insistence on occupation. with a new view, based on coexistence with complete dignity for all; If the Israelis are not yet mature, it is better to recognize the state of Palestine now, with Jerusalem as its capital. Other than that, that is, no state for the Palestinians, and no state for all, means nothing more than more dismantling of values.
What is important is not the path of the flags’ march, O governments of Israel, and who allowed the march, but the content itself is totally unacceptable, so how can the state provide a public provocation to the Palestinians and the whole world allows, who does not recognize the annexation of Jerusalem, to a group that is not representative of the Israeli majority, with such a despicable act? Has the Israeli situation become “thin of mud and the rest of dough”!
We have nothing but ourselves. The lofty and noble goal has begun to be achieved, and we must first rehabilitate ourselves, with actions worthy of a free people, a true hero seeking liberation.
I do not think we need to talk about what needs to be done, but rather to do, and not get involved in the worrying issues of dispute, nor settle illusory accounts. The land, the people and the noble cause require what is appropriate, and we always repeat that the possibilities of Palestinian action will remain the deciding factor, and that the Palestinians are the strongest figure. In comparison, not the Middle East, but the world too, from here to Ukraine.
We are strong because we do it, and because we live our lives with passion and love; To stay here means a lot to us, since everyone who stays here is a king and everyone who stays is a queen, and that is our true treasure, and with that they are happy and content and agree and agree.
Tomorrow the face of the governments of Israel (we do not exclude a government) will be exposed, which will appear either full of provocation and arrogance, or a frightened face, and both of them are a victory for us on our way , which we have actually seen the light is big and bigger.

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