Management is spirit, experience and adventure

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This article is inspired by an original idea from a deep chapter written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, entitled “Leadership” in his sober book “My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence, “which made it the sixth chapter. From this valuable book he went on to say and speak of the deep meaning of the concept of leadership, and that it is something which can not be obtained by mere affiliation with the great leadership colleges in the world.His Highness concluded that leadership is not essentially linked to external factors, despite the importance of these factors, but leadership is the soul And it is, in the words of His Highness, “something which can not be planted or removed.In the leadership spirit there is deep originality and deep roots in heredity and instinct, and branches that are polished by various influences such as time, wysh eid, science, experience, experience, skill and contact with others. ” To call after him a living example of one of the leaders inspired by His Highness. Their visions and experience, and he has a good memory, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may God have mercy on him, most wonderful ideas learned from a leading personality: love, and the impossible to overcome.

In this context of continuing interest in creating leaders and consolidating the idea of ​​leadership among future pioneers as well as current generations, His Highness published Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, within his well-known brand “Leadership Flashes” on his account on Instagram, a flash of depth, transparency and inspiration in which he went to the solid link between theory and application, as well as stimulating the patriotic spirit and deepening the sense of the value of work and creative achievement for the sake of the nation’s progress and its path of development.

“As we have done in many areas before, to overcome fears, and inspired by the spirit of the Emirates and its accumulated experience.” With this phrase based on the comparison between the past and the present and planning for the future, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid burdens the national memory with the value of past achievement, which will remain a source of radiation and stimulation for energies that can leak something From hesitation and obsessions of fear and anxiety His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid reminds her that the last stage of the state’s life in its development path was not a stage equipped with roses and paved the way, but rather , like all countries seeking an advanced position among the nations, laden with problems, challenges and obstacles that may have broken in It supported the leadership and filled its heart with fear and hesitation, but the leadership’s determination to overcome all difficulties overcome is the deepest reason behind all the state’s achievements, and it means that generations continue to be inspired by that historic stage with all its pres tasks, obstacles and challenges to stay feel the ability to best provide in the march of the fatherland that it accumulates His experiences in a unique way, and these experiences are invested for the common good of the country and man.

“People are creative when they have the right work environment that embraces their dreams and hopes in an atmosphere of transparency and equal opportunities.” Their creative energy when they have the appropriate conditions that respect their essence and mental abilities and are not dependent on other external These energies are released and wasted like tireless creative machines, and we do not know a superior civilized model based on other criteria, and the nation and societies are not affected by paralysis, deadly routine and negative stereotypes, unless the creative energy of man is marginalized and many false standards such as nepotism and nepotism that stand A real obstacle between society and the realization of its wonderful civilized self.

“Let each of us master his work, and take the initiative to fulfill his duty as much as he can, honestly and faithfully, set the interests of his country and nation as a standard of thought, and let us arm ourselves with hope and optimism, for the challenges we face require more organization and teamwork. ” Of every citizen, wherever his place of work, and whatever the nature of his work, is all one team which has expressed His Highness by saying “of us” and asking him to do his work with perfection, which ‘ is an ethical point of view arising from the conscience of man and the doctrines of his religion, and it is something in which people of different religions do not differ. and their nationalities, it is a moral instinct that religions have developed and come on the right track when the Holy Prophet, may the prayers and peace of my Lord be with him, addressed us by saying: “God loves if one of you does a job that he masters it. ” This wonderful link between God Almighty’s love of perfection and the spirit of work is one of the greatest motives for performing works. In the best way, as well as possessing the spirit of initiative and the morality of boldness along with honesty , which is the internal control over the soul and conscience of man, with the feelings of sincere devotion to the fatherland and the people that such honesty entails. The circle of a deep sense of responsibility is completed by a sincere sense of optimism and hope that gives the work a taste and essence, and distances itself from the circle of routine and obligation. if everyone works in the spirit of one team facing challenges and challenges with greater organization and determination to create a prosperous future that suits the fatherland and the noble free man.


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