“May God hold you accountable for the words spoken against the officials.” 15 messages from President Sisi to the Egyptians

Many messages were sent by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during his speech at the opening of Egypt’s future agricultural production project, beginning with the need to study the establishment of major markets within Cairo and Giza, with the aim of raising prices. to control. until the end of the year.

The president said: “I have instructed Dr. Mostafa, the governors and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Local Development to study the possibility that the empty lands in Heliopolis, for example, or Nasr City, or anywhere else, this market can accommodate. ” He is scared here, I work in 20 markets in Cairo and Giza in these areas, the plan has been exposed to me, but on the condition that I have done it all so that the profit margin remains small. ”

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The president added: “I want to relinquish control of the markets and not take advantage of the conditions. The supply must be provided by these markets in an unconventional way. Retail has a solution of the two that controls its price, either it fits its price by permission We are responsible as a state, Doctor Mustafa, that you prefer products to control their prices until the end This year.

And the President continued: “Our efforts with each other, all of us, as institutions, civil society and rooms with markets, do not end until the crisis ends with its repercussions, and these lands may be owned by people we do not take , we will use it temporarily, and we will pay for that “rent” until the crisis ends, instead of the dust.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi confirmed that there are 3 sources of water for the new agricultural projects, saying: “The water project, whether it is for the future of Egypt from the canals and drains we collect, we will use the water catch. from 3 wells of water resources and advanced triple water treatment such as Al-Mahsama and Bahr Al-Baqar and during the current year the opening of a new plant This is the use of agricultural wastewater which is treated according to the standards of the World Health Organization and transported by fed canals or pipes, and the third source is through the rationalization of water use through the use of modern methods and greenhouses.

President El-Sisi added: “We were afraid of the expansion in the greenhouses, which would not give an opportunity for vegetables to another level, and therefore the one who has 3 carats will miss the opportunity. It could be “because of the level of social satisfaction, but it’s also due to another social factor, which is the type of agriculture in which people work. I will not tell you that Egypt does that, because that is our job.” “But we’ve walked in the paths of its very high spending, and some may see that from an economic perspective it’s a huge cost.”

And the President continued: “With God Almighty, it is a great favor of our Lord Almighty to those who do not know, that our Lord helps us to do this and to move in it for two years so that we may Look at you, what was stopped before that It’s not a lack of choice or a lack of planning, but the inability to implement, And I’m here, Muhammad, Zaki, with a record for you and before all Egyptians that the army in Egypt did not fight terrorism in Egypt.The army in Egypt fought backwardness, decline and the inability of the state with investors and businessmen side by side.With billions or trillions, to achieve this with ‘ a country that employs at least 2 million people a year, which means they have increased by 20 million in ten years.

The president instructed to present the map of the 800,000-hectare reclamation in the new delta through newspapers and the media, saying: “I wish this map had come down in all the media and newspapers so you can see that it 2 million hectares cultivated at a cost of 160 billion pounds. If these stations did not come from abroad, they would now be in the conditions of supply chains “.

And the president continued: “Oh people, there are opportunities, because all these stations will need parts, maintenance and replacement in the course of their service, and therefore there will be a stable effort and a permanent market. The rain go down and you will sow. ”

President Sisi said, “I am afraid we will remain ungrateful to our Lord for what we have done. Afraid. I am afraid he will put us under control, and we will destroy it.”

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi was eager to thank those in charge of the “Future of Egypt” project and said: “Thank you to everyone in charge of this subject .. and what you will see now..and you can” t wait for the year 2024..we saved their water with treatment and the station will be ready before the end of the year .. The channels, the network, and the station are ready … maybe at the end of the year . ..so we will work next year 2023. “

President Sisi added: “You can not wait for 2024. We will continue to talk about 240,000 feddans..and it is an irrigation network with pipes..and the electricity network, roads and the complete infrastructure for water access.”

President El-Sisi continued: “To conclude my words … the words that have been used for 200 and 300 years … it is a part of electricity, it is a part, and we will complete it. but we open the whole project … 2 million feddans are produced with full energy over a period of time, as God wills. “

President El-Sisi continued: “Thank you to the people who worked, who work and who will work … whether in Sinai or the future of Egypt .. or Toshka .. and Egypt’s Paradise project .. This project is one of advanced triple treatment plants..and the water is no longer used as..we are eager to Utilize the water.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressed that the Egyptian state is trying to preserve Egypt’s share of water despite population growth, saying: “They are preserving Egypt’s share of water … despite population growth over 100 years. “The portion is one of 100 years … the days of Muhammad Ali were 4 million citizens and the same share until now.”

President El-Sisi added, “We are improving and leading the use of water..Thanks to everyone..I hope to speak up all the time..Our problem in Egypt and the problem of any societies in the light of the great development in the media and communication sites..How do you maintain awareness..People’s awareness. ” It’s not to preserve the system as a state … And this talk is repeated many times .. You protect your country .. You speak as a media person .. The aim is to preserve and develop. It’s not real … and the people’s movement is not in the right direction. “

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi spoke on the awareness of citizens and said: “When a kilo of okra costs 100 pounds, I am not worried because the Egyptian citizen is conscious… but you talk about it as if it were a case or a story. Fraud or falsehood … do not tell people and understand them. “

The president concluded: “I hope people do not misunderstand me about it. The Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and give him peace, was imprisoned and confined in the” people of Mecca “for 3 years. the people of Mecca for 3 years .. and our master Gabriel was revealed to him by revelation .. not the companions and followers at that time. They always said we wanted to eat, or we blew water under us. 3 years ago they reached the point where they ate leaves .. We are not like that .. We are much tougher than that .. Thank you. “

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