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GazaAn atmosphere similar to the one that preceded the “Sword of Jerusalem” war in May last year hangs over the Gaza Strip, amid intense anticipation by some two million Gazans in the small coastal strip for what the next few hours will bring .

Meanwhile, Gas dwellers live “critical hours”, and the “ghost” of war dominates their conversations in mosques, houses and cafes, and they follow the developments of what will happen tomorrow Sunday against the background of the so-called “Israeli flags march” in occupied Jerusalem.

The resistance factions in Gaza threatened to confront the path of the march, which would penetrate Arab and Islamic neighborhoods, all the way to the Al-Buraq wall in the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque, and blamed Israel for the “explosion of the situation “. . “

While preachers and preachers in Gaza mosques prepared the residents for any emergency and strengthened their enthusiasm and steadfastness by invoking heroic stories from history, important official sectors raised the level of readiness.

war atmosphere

In light of this atmosphere and developments, the people of Gaza followed with great interest the content of the “What is Hidden is Greater” program, which was broadcast last night by the Al-Jazeera channel. The last war preceded, and for the same reason: Israeli transgressions against the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Abu Osama – an activist in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) added: “The program’s resilience – which is certainly not all it possesses – places great responsibilities on it not to remain silent about these violations and crimes.”

In line with Israel raising the alert on the eve of the “Flags march”, the active movement of reconnaissance aircraft – which the people of Gaza call “the dungeon” because of the annoying buzz they make 24 hours a day – has state of anticipation and waiting for the outcome of the next few hours.

For several days, these planes, used by Israel to monitor and control operations, deprive Gazans of sleep.

“This hateful sound is the first thing we wake up to and the last thing we sleep with, a war without missiles and endless aggression,” Ghalia Hamad said in a Facebook post she shared in a video clip of one of these aircraft attached.

At sea, fishermen told Al Jazeera Net that the Israeli gunboats showed a high degree of vigilance and restrictions on the fishing boats.

In addition to the role these boats played 15 years ago in imposing the naval blockade on Gaza, during previous wars, Gazans had earlier participated in these boats in bombings.

The health sector in Gaza is preparing an emergency plan in anticipation of developments in the coming hours (Al-Jazeera)

health emergency

The Ministry of Health – which is run by “Hamas” in Gaza – has prepared an emergency preparedness plan in anticipation of any developments, and the Director-General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Dr. Muhammad Abu Salmiya told Al Jazeera Net: “We have increased the level of readiness with the human teams and material capabilities we possess.”

According to Abu Salmiya, the health sector in Gaza is “on standby”, and in case of war the “emergency plan” will be activated, which is divided into 3 phases. “Each of these phases has its requirements and needs according to Abu Salmiya. field developments, ”he said.

In this context, the Ministry of Health circulated to medical staff in all hospitals and health facilities to be present at their workplaces 24 hours a day and not to leave.

Abu Salmiya – who runs the largest medical complex in Gaza – said the health sector was dealing with its maximum capabilities with developments and developments, despite the serious shortcomings it was suffering from, due to the Israeli blockade and the ban on providing many medicines, devices and medical equipment.

The wars are increasing pressure on the health sector, which is suffering from a 40% shortage of medicines, including surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, in addition to a shortage of operating room equipment, according to Abu Salamiyah.

Dr. Abu Salmiya: The war is increasing pressure on the health sector, which is suffering from serious shortcomings due to the Israeli blockade (Al-Jazeera)

Economic Insurance

A few days ago, some in Gaza resorted to the supply of additional quantities of basic commodities and canned food for fear of a protracted war, while the deteriorating economic conditions of the majority of the population did not help them to make these “emergency purchases”. do not feed.

Amal Al-Shawa told Al-Jazeera Net that the growing talk of the possibility of a new war forced her to stockpile quantities of rice, oil, flour and some canned goods, such as beans and chickpeas, which her family for about a month.

Anxiety and hope are possessed by this war in the event that it occurs, and she says: “Many of the people of Gaza have not yet got rid of the consequences of the previous war. Hundreds have lost their loved ones, homes and property. and millions have lost their lives. The world is currently waging the Russian war against Ukraine, and Israel may be able to use it to commit more heinous crimes. ” .

In turn, Director-General of Policies and Planning in the Ministry of Economy (managed by Hamas) Osama Nofal assured the residents that all basic materials are available in the markets as well as all kinds of vegetables are secured and produced locally.

Nofal told Al-Jazeera Net that “the Food Security Committee periodically meets with the relevant authorities to review the stock of basic commodities and materials.”

The Ministry of Economy in the Gaza Strip assured the residents that basic commodities are available in the markets (Al-Jazeera)

According to this economic expert, wars affect the stock a lot, but the “awareness” of the people of Gaza during the experience of the last war was enough to prevent a crisis, in addition to the fact that the deteriorating economic situation of a large percentage of the population does not contribute to the creation of a state of panic and alarming rush to markets.

Nofal said the head of the follow-up committee for government work, Issam Daalis (the Hamas government in Gaza), began a visit to Cairo yesterday, with the aim of smoothing the flow of goods and merchandise to Gaza through the “Salah” to ensure. al-Din Gate “on the Palestinian-Egyptian border.

This gate – in Nofal’s opinion – prevented an “economic crisis” during the “Sword of Jerusalem” war, when the occupation closed the only Kerem Shalom commercial crossing and prevented the supply of goods and merchandise to Gaza. had, and he said, “Before that war, dependence on goods received from Salah al-Din gate was only 12%, but now it has increased to 22%, and the government in Gaza is working to reduce this percentage increase to diversify import sources and improve food security. ”

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