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Encourage car companies to establish factories and attract regional headquarters of international companies to the Kingdom

Recommendations for investment development and reduction of high capital costs

Performance reports for the financial year 42 – 1443 for government agencies under the umbrella of Shura. Available soon

A Shura committee studies the file of the outputs of the initiative “Reducing high capital costs in various sectors”, in addition to the mechanisms for estimating the working capital ratios from investments and jobs, the extent of the follow-up of their activation and the hoped-for role of new investments in reducing unemployment.The Trade Committee discussed the role that the Ministry of Investment plays in increasing the impact of the program A Partner on the Domestic Product, and the role of international companies and local companies, in a meeting chaired by dr. Fahd bin Sulaiman Al-Takhifi, held by the Shura Committee with a number of officials from the Ministry of Investment, led by the State Secretary for Policy and Legislative Development, dr. Ayed bin Hadi Al-Otaibi, to discuss the work and achievements of the Ministry of Investment mentioned in the report The annual meeting for the financial year 42-1443, and the meeting dealt with the efforts undertaken by the ministry to hire car manufacturers encourages the establishment of factories and open headquarters in the Kingdom, the obstacles, challenges and proposed solutions, and collaborative mechanisms between the ministry and other government agencies to attract investment.

Empowerment of national companies

With regard to partnerships, the committee discussed the efforts made by the ministry to support the investments of national companies abroad and the strategic steps of the ministry to identify leading national companies and enable them to achieve globalization, in addition to the appropriate solutions to meet the challenges. related to the program to attract regional headquarters of international companies, and the plan that the ministry intends to implement.To maintain these headquarters for the longest period with maximum benefit from their presence, the meeting reviewed the areas of investment according to the national investment strategy, their compatibility with the comparative advantage of the main regions and cities and their alignment with major projects, and the efforts made by the Ministry to set investment incentives for these areas (according to the comparative advantage and the ingredients for each region ), and proposed solutions to address the reluctance of some investors to invest in those regions, given the importance of the national investment strategy to the national economy.

Foreign investors experience

Among the files opened by the meeting are the ministry’s strategic performance indicators and the obstacles that have hindered the achievement of some of the objectives, and the countries that the ministry considers as standard comparative examples as a successful model in investment development and seeks to achieve the development it has achieved in investment, and to review the key initiatives and characteristics of those countries, to ensure the sustainability of the Ministry’s work in the development of local and foreign investment.The meeting also organizational structure of the Ministry and its alignment with the powers entrusted to the Ministry in its organization and partnership with other government agencies, and the current status of the project system

Research to bridge the legislative gap to invest in brave money and study the foreign investment system

The current foreign investment, and the ministry’s vision to bridge the legislative gap to invest in brave money. The committee members discussed with the ministry’s leaders the ministry’s strategy to find sustainable solutions for the investment environment and the investor’s experience. to find, especially for the foreign investor, in the constant change in some legislation and regulations related to the investor’s journey in different legislators in this regard During the meeting, the members of the Board to the members of the Committee a number asked questions and inquiries related to the annual report of the Ministry, in addition to many suggestions.

The Industry Committee discusses the performance of the Energy Efficiency Center in the “Green Saudi” initiative

Reduction of carbon emissions

On the other hand, the Energy and Industry Committee met with the Chairman of the Committee, Engineer Ali bin Ayed Al-Qarni, to discuss the annual report of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center for the financial year 42-1443, and contains the most prominent information in this regard. keep up with the performance of the center during the year of the report, in preparation for the submission of its report containing its recommendations and opinion regarding the report to the Council During the coming period, the committee, in the presence of members of the committee , discusses the availability and strength of the necessary data and information from the relevant authorities, the existing mechanism to achieve the desired objectives, and the factors necessary to enable the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center to perform its tasks in full, and the committee also discussed the importance of the Saudi energy efficiency center playing its role. In the energy system of the Green Saudi Initiative, and the achievement of its objectives in reducing carbon emissions in the Kingdom, the Committee also emphasized the importance of the Center’s review of its strategy to evaluate performance, and increase the level of work carried out by the Center The committee also emphasized the importance of coordination between the Center and the relevant authorities to review existing initiatives, plans and programs and their effectiveness through the report and results of the year.

Filter and attribution report

The Islamic and Judicial Affairs Committee of the Shura Council held a meeting chaired by dr. Sulaiman bin Ali Al-Fifi and in the presence of the members of the committee to discuss a number of annual reports referred to the committee for study, including the annual report of the Center for Attribution and Liquidation for the financial year 1442-1443. The center to achieve this by speeding up the liquidation process and complying with the rights. The committee also has the annual report of the Supreme Court Council relating to administrative and financial work for the financial year 42-1443. The committee proposed appropriate solutions to address the problems facing the council. The Shura Judiciary discussed the annual report of the General Presidency on the affairs of the Great Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque and appreciated the efforts The blessed work of the Presidency in the service of the Holy House of God and the mosque of its Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and the guests of the Most Merciful, and the visitors of the Mustafa Mosque – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and to provide all means to obtain comfort for them. And to address all the problems it faces, and the committee moved to discuss the annual report of the General Presidency of Research Al-Ilmiyya and Iftaa, note the important role of the presidency in the service of Islam and Muslims, particularly with regard to fatwas, dissemination of forensic science, preparation of scientific research, and active participation in awareness-raising programs for all segments of society through various channels.

previous decisions

It is noteworthy that the Judicial Committee approved the Shura’s recommendations on the annual report of the Supreme Court for the financial year 41-1442, and demanded that it clarify the number of inquiries, complaints and claims it received by e-mail, and decided and achieved, and an explanation of the mechanism for measuring the satisfaction of beneficiaries of the Council’s services, and clarification The percentages achieved in this regard, and in its decision, the Council called on done to the High Judicial Council to expedite the completion of digital transformation work still under development, and to take the necessary steps to ensure the continuation of training programs in accordance with the available and permitted mechanisms, and to ensure full commitment with regard to the data quality indicator, which helps to make the necessary and correct decisions according to the exact methodology established by the competent authorities l is, and in the Shura decisions on the previous report, he demanded to enable the Supreme Court to attract human powers in the legal and technical disciplines, and called on it to the distribution and dissemination of a human rights culture and to inform the people about the affairs of the judiciary and litigation to reduce the flow of cases and contribute to the speed of their settlement.

Research to Encourage Car Manufacturers to Establish Factories and to Open Headquarters in the Kingdom

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