Sudanese Islamists … To what fate are they led?

Abdul Hamid Ahmed

On the eve of Sheikh al-Turabi’s transfer of authority to salvation, some of his interlocutors, untimely met with one of the influential ones, warned him that salvation had thus lost its “ideological and ideological support”. the second man, on that day, seemed indifferent, indifferent to the security apparatus’ command arrangements, blew out a cloud “We will not be able to design a system of government similar to that of Hosni Mubarak …” The idea was an eloquent expression of the orientations of a wide range of “Islamists” who sided with the palace at the decisive hour (December 1999). They no longer believe, except in authority, and in the organs of control and violence, as a way of tightening control over the state, as the general expressed the utter infidelity of that sect in the project of the Islamic movement and his thinking, and his whole of his perceptions and principles in politics and government. And wisdom, he fell into the abyss of tyranny, tyranny, and disrespect for human dignity, so the plows and descendants were destroyed, and corruption appeared on land and sea with what the hands of his leaders and followers deserved.

Ali Karti, Secretary General of the Islamic Movement, speaks to Taiba TV on May 25, 2022

One of the episodes of conspiracy against Sheikh al-Turabi and the project of the Islamic Movement, and his strategic plan, was formed for the first time from the house of “Ali Ahmed Karti”, which became a habitat for damage and ‘ a look for those who fought the Sheikh, and “Karti” was never among many important leaders, or in the first row of The leadership of the organization, just as he was not counted among the people of thought, opinion and consideration in the movement, and he was not entrusted with any apparent merits, except that he was active in some structures of private military work.This was shaken and cherished, under the influence of the Rescue Authority, which gave him an unbridled ambition. to combine that growing wealth with an influential authority equal to the inflation of his financial position and to assert his full control, and then, in his first appearance outside the framework of private military action, he joined the catechist orie who aroused uproar with what became known as “” Memorandum of Ten. But Sheikh al-Turabi, who came to the meeting of that group to provide answers to their questions about the extent to which the secretariats of the National Congress meet the conditions for representing the Islamic movement, quickly came to the conclusion that their real crisis in their search for greater roles within the leadership arrangements, so the Sheikh mocked them. “Go out into the open, push yourselves from within the apparatus and address the people openly, then plan for me and do not look.” This is the same phrase that one of the most prominent students of the Sheikh took as an apparent excuse to dig into the uproar of the memorandum, until the threads unfolded about the special relationship that arose on that day.Tarifeh, who connected him with “Karti”, who went on to donate gifts and expenses to him, build his ruined house, his leg and beard, and drag him into the pitfalls of betrayal and betrayal among others, some of whom behind him was motivated by deception, and most conscious of it motivated by self-happiness and injustice after taking his steps too short. the seat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the seat that “Karti” reached after the discovery of the rescue.

The first building block was laid in the building of the “community of interest”, seized by the lust for power, and the desire for its allocations of luxury, prestige and arrogance, and immersed in the uprising of guardianship over public money, seized or plundered , so it deviated from the origins of the movement’s project, and stood up and promised to take care of the most prominent criminals of the special services in the state. And the organization governed the wording of the “Memorandum of Ten”. which laid the deepest foundation for the dissension and the movement’s division and distribution, and then the fall of the whole building of the “National Congress” and its decay into a pure power party controlled and controlled by the “interest group” and corruption that has been created and transformed many times and consolidated its feet within the Rescue Authority.What the beloved Professor Abd al-Salam called: “The project is within the project.” Others from the movement’s class added to this and helped him with justifications that Sheikh Al-Turabi’s summary satisfies: Yemeni himself, evasive and courteous that his involvement in some evil is better than getting out of the power fever so he can not follow up with a more evil evil and corrupt the earth to a greater extent, or that he will feel sorry for it. he abandons the management of the project and is shaken and All or what the impossible tricks of sick, lost souls … “

After, and in his desperate attempts to cling to life, and to regain his position in a governing authority, any authority, the “interest group” that arose under all that rubble emerged and was led by the name “Ali Ahmed Karti” as “the Secretary-General in charge of the Islamic Movement” and is not known to. The investigation led to how my “ball” rose to that difficult height, as that terrain was a dream that most of them, awake and asleep, had ever had. since they saw Sheikh al-Turabi, and they were ignorant that he adorned himself only with science, knowledge and just morals.Coordination with the leaders of the military coup (October 25, 2021), and it still strives and works to established as a political incubator for the state-building authority.

Over the course of thirty years, that group has gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and experience in the administration of the state, people’s politics and the organization of public affairs, and it has varied in the affairs of administration and government, including ministers, parliamentarians, directors of institutions, companies and banks.False slogans are raised in the name of liberties, elections, legitimacy and decentralization, and they clothe the truth with falsehood, and hide the truth while they know it, and while they continue to bear the false and hypocritical dress of Islam and are eager to claim affiliation with the Islamic movement, today they do not need it, when the matter is determined for them, after completing the eradication of the resistance of the street, which is worthy of a cause is to raise important questions about the nature of his political project, as it is a difficult matter for powers claiming to be kinetic, Islamic around their lf to connect with forces that are openly hostile to Islamists, and they all join forces to achieve a political project whose ultimate goal seems to be to strike the Islamic movement, as The support and support that the leaders of the military coup receive from the kings and tyrannical rulers in the Gulf and Egypt who hate any role of Islam in public life have not been hidden.

This is a paradox that must be answered by the “interest group” led by “Ali Karti” before it exercises the popularity in its hands provided by the unscrupulous among the Islamists, who do not stop inflating their emotions, and toddler with their longing and aspirations for a new, delusional resurrection, for which they have no conception. But they pull together around it, so that they wield their hostility against any project for transformation and national building on the basis of freedom, justice and equality, until it is capable of land, then stop flattering them and turn their backs on them, and devote themselves to working with their allies at home and abroad on their exclusion, a necessary blow, to devote to the utilitarianists who come to show power. This is true, before insane persecution campaigns launched by force to eradicate the Islamic movement, and to keep pace with the tendencies of the regional shepherds who do not watch over a believer without a trust, as the goal of what this group can achieve, which is now under the umbrella of the Islamic movement, is to close secret deals In the dark rooms with foreign intelligence and the complicity of the plans of the regions that hate the Islamic awakening, its purpose is to establish a regime similar to that of “Abdel. -Fattah el-Sisi” Islamists will undoubtedly be the first victims of his oppression and killed him.

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