The “deal” of Berri’s election is ripening and a dispute over his deputy … the government is besieging the opposition with dollars!

Nabih Berri, speaker of parliament,’s call to hold a sitting to re-elect him and elect a deputy speaker for him, indicates that the “agreement” for Berri’s election has expired, while the identity of his deputy has hitherto remained unknown. On the other hand, the sudden and hysterical rise in the exchange rate of the dollar remained a “mystery”, and it is, according to “Southern” follow-up sources, linked to political blackmail and “finger-biting” between the government and its opponents, especially independents and exchangers.

The accelerating deterioration of the situation will distract the opposition, Hirak and independent representatives, and they will be pressured to help the environment they have chosen and to keep the government “comfortable” from any popular pressure, even from competitors. .

Berri and his deputy election session

Speaker Berri has wisely set the date for a sitting to elect a speaker, his deputy, members of the office, heads and members of parliamentary committees, at eleven o’clock next Tuesday morning in the parliament building in Najma Square. In view of the continuing disagreement and differences in the approach to these benefits between the political parties that make up the new council.

If Berri’s election is guaranteed by at least sixty or 65 votes, no decision has yet been made on the possibility of agreeing on the right of the deputy speaker. Therefore, the consultations continued during the Resistance and Liberation Day holiday and yesterday, so that the parliamentary blocs came out with their views during the next two days.

Behind-the-scenes communications and consultations are taking place to determine the final directions for the vote for the House of Representatives and Vice-Presidency presidencies, amid information on the possibility of surprises within more than one bloc, including the Free Patriotic Movement- block, some information of which reported that opinions within it differed between Gibran Bassil’s opinion not to vote for Berri if there was no agreement on all directions and other benefits, and there was an opinion that Berri wants to vote for the smooth running of the block’s legislative work.

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The information says that the Free Patriotic Movement bloc met last Tuesday and is on its way to nominate MP Elias Bou Saab for the vice president and to participate in the membership of the council’s bureau, such as MP Alan Aoun, but no decision was made on other issues. , pending the invitation of the head of the movement, Gibran Bassil, to another meeting of the bloc to decide on all issues raised. According to the information, the delegates of the party affiliated to the party will not vote for Berri, except for their ally, the Tashnaq Party (3 delegates), and perhaps the independent representatives in the bloc, Farid al-Bustani and Muhammad Yahya. There are also independent MPs from Akkar and Tripoli, and other independents with Berri’s election.

Doctors on the street

In the movements and in front of the Banque du Liban, the doctors conducted a sit-in conducted by the two syndicates of doctors in Beirut and the North, in agreement with the Syndicate of Owners of Private Hospitals, in protest against the policy of the Banque du Liban on withholding funds, and demanding the release of the accounts of hospitals and doctors to seize them, warns that things will get worse

The strike continues today in the health sector after enough is enough. “Today we are facing a financial oligarchy that clings to monetary and economic policies” represented by the owners of banks and the governorship of the Banque du Liban, the head of the North Doctors Syndicate, dr. Salim Abi, said. Saleh.

Dancers dance

And after the taxi drivers cut off the Ring Bridge and blocked access and exit to the neighboring offices, as well as crossing it between East and West Beirut, “mohua” them about their crises with a “dance” that expresses the extent of the suffering . .

He understood that the protest was caused by the Interior Ministry’s failure to stop the electronic applications that drive cars and motorcycles in the transport service, and to evict legitimate public car drivers. The drivers were of the opinion that the blocking of the road was not directed against the Lebanese who got stuck in traffic, but rather against the Ministry of Interior. They asked citizens to raise their voices to pressure the ministry to implement the law, especially as these electronic applications are illegal, and motorcycles and private cars operate outside the law, as well as being driven by non-Lebanese drivers, and it forms’ an additional offense. Managers warned that the ministry’s continued disregard for the case would drive them to escalate.

The rapid deterioration of the situation will draw the attention of the opposition, Hirak and independent representatives, and they will be pressured to help the environment they have chosen and to keep the government “comfortable” from any popular pressure.

During the sit-in, the drivers demanded to stop the “private white plates” and motorcycles inside the “Paul” application, pointing out that “there is a project in this regard while it is sleeping in the drawers and the officials do not move a finger in this area, “and they said:” The Minister of Transport has sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs to move this issue and obtain our right to a decent existence for to insure our families, in the face of the growing crises in the country and we have no capacity to bear it with the continuing rise in fuel prices and the crazy exchange rate of the dollar. ”

In the face of this stagnation, sectors are falling, the dollar is flying and prices are burning. Today, a new fuel price schedule was released, which recorded a £ 9,000 increase for 95 and 98 octane petrol. The prices were as follows: Petrol 95 octane: 597000 LBP. Petrol 98 octane: 608000 LBP Diesel: 732 000 pounds, an increase of 51 thousand pounds. Gas: 447 000 pounds, an increase of 31 thousand pounds.

At the same time, the owners of the bakeries held a seat before the Ministry of Economy to demand that wheat be secured for the mill and a price for the batch of bread set in proportion to the exchange rate.

The Secretary of the Bakeries and Oven Syndicate in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Nasser Sorour, said: “Our problem is big because it is related to bread, and the political class has closed most of the country’s institutions, and they have no problem with us closing either. “

He asked: “Why did he not sign the letter of payment of wheat credits for a period of two months?”, And wished “the Minister of Finance should sign the credits so as not to humiliate people.”

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