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Chernobyl nuclear reactor

One of the most important and dangerous stations during the days of my journalistic work is a visit to the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The danger lies in the first enemy of mankind (atomic radiation or nuclear material), hiding under sand atoms or between clouds or with raindrops and sticks to all living and inanimate bodies and scattered in forests, rivers and lakes.
Since entering Ukraine, I have set several journalistic goals. The Chernobyl reactor was one of those goals. I had difficulty obtaining security and health approvals. I was the first Arab journalist to enter the Chernobyl reactor with me, my colleague, journalist and photographer. Moaz Hamed of Palestine, after the Russian army left it, occupied it for almost 36 days. He entered it through the border without Russia, which is about 30 kilometers from the reactor, from where the Russian army made its way to the Ukrainian made capital. Kiev, which is about 130 kilometers from the reactor, but because of the sensitivity of the city and the secrets it contains and the dangers beneath it, and because the Russians believed (or maybe) they wanted to convince the world that Ukraine its core activities and biological experiments, within the media war and to persuade public opinion to stand with Russia in its struggle, and during the movement of mechanisms, troop carriers, cannons, tanks and all kinds of logistical support in the city of Chernobyl and its surroundings, and some units digging trenches, bunkers, placements and fortifications The alarm bell, as all these factors caused the movement of dust and static dust 36 years ago, after the famous Chernobyl explosion in 1986, and it was indicated by observatories and private laboratories A rapid increase and alarming growth in the rate of nuclear radiation and the movement of nuclear material and spray, so that it became clear that the radiation ing increased to twenty times the normal and static state, and because seventeen European and former Soviet countries do not have the horrors of the nuclear clouds that covered their countries at the time, and more than two and a half million are the victims of that explosion. of the war not to provoke radioactive or nuclear atoms, because the issue is bigger than a war here or a conflict there, reactor no. 4, which was buried and buried with thousands of tons of cement and closed underground for a hundred years. an angry nuclear volcano.It’s enough for someone who wants to explode half the world.All he has to do is tamper with his silver dome, which is 100 meters high, until the nuclear dragon comes out of his lair, and the disaster that is estimated at 500 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb, and its temperature reached 4000 degrees.The important thing is that the Russians did not stay long, but they When they came from Chernobyl, they had very important equipment, computers and tools that – according to Ukrainian experts – accurately monitor radiation. For me: (The laboratory technology is no longer able to work after the theft of computers, and the losses are estimated at six million euros. We need all the programs that have been stolen and we are waiting for help to get the work of this laboratory to recover).
As for (Alexander Myrmia), an engineer and director of the Chernobyl Radiation Monitoring Laboratory, who accompanied us to the excavations carried out by the Russian army, he told me: (I have been working here since ’94, and everyone knows what happened in Chernobyl.The same word means radiation, as they did not allow us to be here, but (The invaders) came to fight and we did not warn them not to stay so that they would be exposed to radiation not.

The Russians may have other words they did not disclose, but the Russian media machine says that Moscow obtains very important documents about biological laboratories conducting research and bacteriological tests for the benefit of the United States, a Russian version that has hitherto remained unproven, and may be proved later.
The access procedures require a stop at a distance of forty kilometers outside Chernobyl. We were accompanied by a licensed Ukrainian guide who told us that workers may not stay here for more than fifteen days so that their bodies are not saturated with radiation. and that the area has become a military barracks that no one is allowed to enter, and she warned us that we take pictures of some military places without opening the car windows in some places, or climbing down in other places. It is also forbidden to use anything or an object found in such a way that it does not carry radioactive objects, especially in the city that has remained a ghost town for almost three and a half decades. We left the city After I wrote down my notes and took pictures, and after we passed two stations, each about ten miles apart, they do a careful examination that monitors the radiation in our bodies, clothes, tools, car and everything.Over the years the city’s landmarks remained the same, such as newspapers, instructions, children toys, bedrooms, cars and everything remained as it was when more than one hundred thousand civilians were evacuated from an area of ​​thirty kilometers from the area. The detonator of the explosive during a few days in an evacuation operation described as the largest in history, in which nearly 600,000 Soviet soldiers participated at the time, and the process of controlling the effects of the disaster, the evacuations evacuated and housed, cost about 30. billion dollars, a large number at the time on a semi-bankrupt land and low oil prices So much so that Mikhail Gorbachev, then head of the Soviet Union, considered the reduction in oil prices a Saudi-American conspiracy. weakening of the Soviet Union.It is said that the Chernobyl reactor accident was the straw that broke the back of the Soviet Union and that led to its disintegration and collapse in 1991 after the fall of the famous Berlin Wall.
Kiev – May / 2022
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