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Lakbira Al-Tunisi (Abu Dhabi)

In 2005, British author Ian McEwan conducted a simple experiment to find out what women read? He and his son went to where people gather in London’s public park and started distributing books for free, only to find within minutes that he had distributed more than 30 novels, and that most of those who shared these free books with gained enthusiasm and gratitude. women were, and because of his experience, these “McEwan” books in the Guardian newspaper “When women stop reading, the novel will die.” It helps her develop her skills and the success it brings, in addition to the novels and stories through which she explores new worlds, and which embodies them in the exploration of human and personal feelings.
One study confirmed that only 20% of the sales market for fictional literature is formed by men, while we find that women make up the majority of book group members and make up the bulk of literary blogs, and cognitive psychologists believe that women are more empathetic. as men and has a set of emotional qualities that make fiction literature more attractive to them.

Reader Farah Imad Al-Alami, who has an account on the social networking site “Instagram” that encourages reading, said: I read novels that have a psychological focus, or that are in courts, in wars, or mysterious stories, crimes occur, and complex social relationships, in addition to novels focusing on women.In various fields and to improve the status and empowerment of women, in both Arabic and English. When it comes to self-study and development books that appeal to a large number of readers, I usually prefer to read some small articles through the internet, and through various websites, to motivate myself and enrich it with information in this area. I also read from time to time books on the practical field such as public relations and healthcare, in addition to short articles, which explain that reading opens up the field of imagination and increases thinking and enables you to learn about different countries, cultures and others. It also enhances our knowledge of history and the past.

Raise awareness
On the beginning of her relationship with reading, Farah Al-Alami added: “Reading is food for the soul and the mind, and this hobby has grown in me since I was young and I encourage others to read and the number of readers around out of my sense of responsibility, and I have found that I use my experience in social communication to spread awareness about the importance of reading and motivate others, which I have seen through the interaction of my followers on my Instagram account, and also through the launch of the Scientific Forum for Reading with my cousin in 2020.

  • Farah Alami
    Farah Alami

instagram audience
She added: “As for Instagram, I write my lectures on my page and post photos related to books, and tips to spread the reading culture and encourage others to encourage what is known as a book stagram. It’s a somewhat new term in the Arab world that is widespread in the world of Instagram and among book lovers. I currently have over 17 thousand followers, and the vast majority of them are lovers of reading and they constantly contact me around me. asking about books and reading in general, and in 2020 and during the “Corona” pandemic and the house stone, communication increased more and the number of followers increased.

Reading forum
Farah Al-Alami continued: As for the Reading Forum, my cousin Dima Al-Alami (a blogger on Instagram as well as a writer and specialist in children’s books and we share a love of reading together) created the Scientific Reading Forum , and what distinguishes it is that it is virtual, ie remote – we launched the forum in a month September of the year 2020 so far we have more than 700 members from around the world, the majority of them from the UAE , Jordan, Lebanon and others. And about her experience, she explained: The idea of ​​the forum is to choose one book every two months, equivalent to 6 books a year, which is an acceptable and achievable number, as it requires a person to have only 10 pages per year to read. day, and after reading the book, i.e. after 6-8 weeks, we meet By “Zoom” to discuss it, and we usually organize more than one session and have between 20-30 members in each session, and we discuss the contents of the book from all dimensions, and we prepare the questions in a thoughtful way, and we did not initially expect this success for the forum, which makes us proud as Comments from members and followers who like to read, be overwhelmed with us.

Consolidation and hobby
To keep reading and adopt it as a habit and a lifestyle, Al-Alami said: Dedicate time to reading and make it a priority because of its benefits. Encourage your children to read so that together with them growing as a hobby. As a reader, you should choose books that you enjoy, and from them that nourish your soul and mind and that are useful, make sure you read at least 10 pages a day before you go to bed, for example, leave your phone and electronic devices and bring a book to read, and take your book with you when you leave home, for example you can read While waiting at a clinic, in the car while waiting for your children at school or at the hairdresser. Reading on the treadmill, on a trip or in the car For those who do not suffer from motion sickness, visit a bookstore or book fair and make it a happy experience Take your children with you when you go shopping for books. Visit libraries, especially when traveling, join reading forums, which will motivate you to finish books and get you excited about discussing them with others.

Gardens of thought
Nasra Al-Maamari, founder of the Gardens of Thought Center for Culture and Services, is a fan of reading and books, and has a large library at home. Therefore, she thought of establishing the center in collaboration with her colleague Moza Al-Badi. , as she wanted to provide a space that encourages reading within the village in which she lives.

  • Nasra Al-Maamari
    Nasra Al-Maamari

She said: The idea of ​​establishing a library came because I felt the return of reading and its impact on the self, and I wanted the love and feeling of happiness that reading brought me to others, especially children, spread, especially since I’m an educational person. Thought Gardens, we have come a long way in establishing a reading culture in our region, and we have focused on women and children, where we arrange reading sessions every week, and we have achieved more than 400 reading sessions. for children, and we lured parents and children into an attractive atmosphere. The center has touched our village, and this is our first participation outside the region at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, where the non-profit center is taking its first steps outside the Sultanate, and our goal is to contribute to the development of the society and the establishment of an educated, conscious, productive generation and a participant in the development of its society, while women love to read To develop herself and raise her children and also for her beauty, she enjoys reading novels because women are poetic and gentle, and the novel, from the point of view that it is the most feminine literary genre, also responds to women’s biological skills to appreciate things.

Raising a child
In turn, Samah Nafeh said she prefers to read books that help her raise children, and not be content with academic courses, as well as books that help her get rid of stress and anxiety and develop herself. , while Sawsan Al-Badr said she tends to read interesting and interesting novels while exploring the author’s world and his feelings. And his feelings, in addition to her propensity, especially for books on raising children, where she visits the exhibition annually to look for what helps her raise children, develops herself and provides her with additional experiences.

Imagination and happiness
Some women who visit the exhibition are looking for educational books, while another group is purchasing interesting and enjoyable novels and stories, and this was confirmed by Lian Roushidat, who confirmed that reading romantic novels takes her into another world of making happiness, enjoyment and romance, explains that she prefers strong stories that challenge difficulties, namely books, that attract her more and give her positive energy.

Dr. Al-Yazia Khalifa, owner of Al Falak Translation and Publishing House, Secretary of the Emirates Publishers Association, said: As a reader before I became a publisher, I prefer to read historical novels and books that of the cultures and civilizations of other countries.I also enriched my mind with biographies, and I do not read about human development and development The self, because I am simply developing myself and I have to learn about it and how to developed, and I think that self-development books direct the reader to certain parts and neglect other parts.

school mom
Moza Al-Badi, of Amman and one of the founders of the “Thinking Center for Culture and Services”, confirmed that women generally love reading and thinking, and reading in various genres, whether in literature or poetry, and supporting books and the turnout is generally good. A woman reads about motherhood, in economics and raising children, in poetry and in all fields, and this is due to her role in life and by virtue of her profession and work system. There is a great demand for all kinds of books, and women have become writers, and when they write, they feel the feelings of the woman, the mother, or the employee, and convey the image, explaining that the Gardens of Thought- center includes books for children, books aimed at women, and books for children aged 7 to 14. Translated books, historical books and books that elevate the individual’s taste, whether he is a woman, a man or a child is. She pointed out that the woman who reads in general and the mother in particular reflect what she reads in her home, her family, her children and her environment, and she can make them love reading because it distinguishes the child in an organized way. , participatory and productive in his homeland, and reading is the pillar of constructive change in any society.

  • Ola El Deeb
    Ola El Deeb

poetry and feelings
Ola El-Deeb, of the Development House for Publishing in the Arab Republic of Egypt, who is participating in the current session of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, confirmed that women in general and through her observations prefer novels because it is the heart and feelings, and are more interested in children’s literature to develop their knowledge, emphasizing that the house has several publications It is important to the community, of novels and stories as well as self-development books. The house’s publications target adults and children. It also has a set of leading books by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, which is very popular in the Gulf, and the reason is the community’s interest in educating children in the field of poetry as it is an aspect of local culture and is a legacy. It is rooted in the local and Gulf community more than anywhere else.

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