Important astrological news: the transition of Venus to the terrestrial sign of Taurus and its impact on the signs


Important astrological news (the transition from Venus to the terrestrial sign of Taurus), which is the place of a house:

From 28 May to 23 June:
* By the afternoon of May 28, Venus, the minor planet of love, beauty, harmony, money and abundance, moves to the earthly sign of Taurus, which means greater material opportunities and people seek more profits and possessions, and because of the presence of Uranus in Taurus with Venus, it means positive conditions to achieve important discoveries .. It also revives Fast and efficient financial position.
Venus also enters the position of the Pleiades and is associated with the degree of honor of the Moon G3 between 30 May and 2 June. with Jupiter with half a sixth which is also good for all in terms of expanding sources of livelihood and material growth. Challenges, distress and opposition are alleviated, and positive developments all dominate.

Money, current liquidity, material gains and the search for emotional stability are the main headlines of the coming period. As your astrological home is concerned about your money and your gains at its best..You may just be lazy, so try to do some sports..There will be good news like achieving an expected you will find help from others, especially an important party..and tend to the emotional relationship that makes you feel stable..Venus with Taurus gives you a materialistic view of everything.

Venus has moved towards you, and you are the main house of the smallest happy planet, so you will have open opportunities and opportunities that may occur suddenly, such as a promotion at work and an increase in money, and you are on ‘ a date with the best periods since the beginning of the year, if that’s true to say .. Or with money or passion and health .. Venus will give you attractiveness as if you are like a star and everyone is getting closer to you. and do not forget that it basically governs you.You will find happiness in marriage, association and financial opportunities.

Basically, the planet Venus rules your most important astrological home, so you have a significant stage: good angles will form between Venus and the planets in Capricorn and Pisces. This means that you will have a period when you will be brave with all your initiatives and reassuring at every step as if you are a guarantee of results. You progress because of your confidence in your ideas and are not afraid of anything. Your ideas will be strengthened. Positivity and be an inspiring personality for those around you .. your enemies and people who envy you try to get close to you..emotionally you are in the most active period and your feelings are high .. you are able to direct as you wish .. you also receive various material gains ..

Venus is an important planet and it will be in the best position for you ever to become the happiest person during this period .. your life will be full of joy, goodness and beautiful surprises .. you seek and care more about friendship and friends who give you support, especially the people of influence and the greatest people and friendships with the opposite sex .. you have many benefits that will reach you You have like material increases..Many relationships during this period of social openness but become emotional you are attracted to friendship more than love..There are worries that go away and you return to a stable psychological state ..

Venus is basically a planet that rules your third and tenth astrological houses, which means that there are surprises and precious possessions due to its presence with Uranus, and whatever its connection to the planets, it’s happy … and if you want to start a personal project, this is the right tend to be serious with love and emotions go calm and find what you want..with liaison you can increase your stubbornness and insistence on your position. .

The presence of Venus in Taurus, your main ally, will support your astrological home, which is concerned with travel, higher education, renewal, multiple opportunities, and important relationships, especially with those belonging to others than your environment. And the most beautiful .. you strengthen your personality and your critique seems stimulating .. emotionally you achieve what you want and hunt for what suits you .. really one of the most important periods for you and you are very relieved of past contradictions and the material side is very refreshing ..

With the transition from Venus to Taurus there will be a positive transformation in your personality, you appear more mysterious, attractive, do not flatter, your criticism is objective and your mind is like a burning lamp .. clear. You will get money during this period, especially money without effort, such as an increase in your husband’s money. With love you want to possess a lot and show jealousy Great, but the situation makes you more attractive and eccentric … Venus is very happy because of its important contacts with the planets, so it gives you a comfortable period and something fatal that you have been waiting for for a while may come true.

You will have many opportunities and there is seriousness about marriage and engagement if you are single. The time is also suitable for new business and developments related to signing a permanent contract such as a job or a partnership with several parties, which means it does not prevent the presence of some competitors in the field of work, but you are superior and attractive for happiness .. you win in business and litigation if they exist Emotionally, ‘ a very wonderful period, and it is considered the most important at all for you ..

Health and psychological condition improved, a period called openness with ideas. You are the one ruled by Jupiter, which will form a half-sixth angle with Venus, where opportunities are most important with Venus in Taurus. You tend to simplify everything and live without restrictions and austerity .. Also, admiring looks increase around you .. The period may keep you New business or new emotional stories .. Venus has a good connection with Mars and Jupiter , so you will be successful in everything. Financially, there are many promises that come true. The matters of passion at this stage seem clear and genuine.

You, Capricorn, are the most favored of the location and angles of Venus, which basically controls your most important astrological houses, so you will live the next period with happiness and achieve the joy that awaits you. Love will be at its best and you will find an entertaining and beautiful relationship if you are single. You will also achieve many financial and material benefits that depend on happiness. Wait for many profits, opportunities and the best stage of the year.

A period in which family and emotional worries are eliminated and solutions are found for a situation related to real estate, housing and anything related to property and material matters. The chances are very good for a work that yields more substantial than you expect. The time is suitable for official transactions and to sign documents .. With passion is a very important period, especially Venus basically rules your most important astrological house .. your date with love that comes suddenly so the stage seems emotionally appropriate because Venus and your planet Uranus is together.

Chances are increased due to Venus in Taurus of your Neptune, so you have a very good time for all aspects, correspondence, communication, travel, mobility, liquidity, moving pending and waiting issues, finding solutions to disputes, work , housing, etc. It seems like you can absorb every issue, so there is a return to relationships that have been cut off, especially friendships. A wonderful period during which a wish or a dream is fulfilled .. Financially you have pleasant surprises and many different opportunities ..Emotionally you tend to be the center of attention, but you do not give much, but rather try to to fall in love with others ..

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