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The young American man entered the famous lawyer’s office and asked him to immediately begin the proceedings to file a civil divorce case against his wife. The man seems to have insisted on his position. He married out of mutual love, but disagreement arose between him and him. his wife, and hatred and intrigue replaced love and understanding. The veteran lawyer looked at his client with an expert look, and asked him to review himself well; The court is a battlefield, and in war all weapons are allowed, and he is asked to listen to a story he would tell, and then decide what he wanted.

The young man asks him curiously: Whose story ?! The lawyer responded in the manner of the late “Samir Sabry” in the movie (The Search for a Scandal): One of my friends’ story, you do not know!

What is the real Pinocchio?

The intended lawyer is the actor and director “Danny de Vito” and the previous scene is the opening scene in the black comedy movie The War of the Roses (Rose Family War), one of the most prominent films dealing with complex stories of marriages and divorces, and was the film produced in 1989 It is about the story of a successful love and marriage that turned into a war in the literal sense of the word; After the woman’s sudden request for a divorce, the reason for the request was not clear. She bored their lives together and marginalized her role as a woman, and both “Michael Douglas” and “Catelyn Turner” had the escalation of problems depicted between them; They live in the same house despite the decision to divorce, and each of them clings to his right to every part of it; The woman designed and chose all her details, and the man paid the price for everything, and each tried to force the other party to leave, and it came to the point that each tried to embarrass the other to set and violate his reputation, or the house and kill the other.

Danny de Vito, the man’s lawyer, and a friend of the Roses’ family, was a conciliatory lawyer, who made sure the Roses did not go to court; For it means scandals and mutual slander, and the husband’s loss of much of his wealth in favor of the wife. The funny thing is that the title of the movie refers to a real civil war that lasted 30 years in Britain in the Middle Ages between two families, and it was called the Wars of the Roses. Wars of the Roses; For the family emblem of one of them was the white rose, and the other had a red rose.

As for current reality and modern history, “Johnny Depp” claims that he suffered from the recklessness, nervousness and violence of his ex-wife, “Amber Heard”, and violence against him during the marriage; There is evidence that she claims she punched him, threw bottles at him, slammed the door in his face and cut his finger, and she claims he hit her and tried to push her up the stairs push, some of which almost fit scenes from the movie. (The Rose’s Family War).

Johnny Depp decided to confront his ex-wife in Virginia court with several charges, including defamation, in an article she wrote in the Washington Post in 2018, in which she described women’s support groups against violence, and described herself as one of the victims of marital violence. Bear “who has lost his career and his reputation for portraying another image of him that is at odds with what has been entrenched in the minds of public opinion for the past six years, and the verdict that everyone is waiting for in those days not related to material compensation as much as it’s about which of them is lying? What is Pinocchio, that cute wooden child whose nose gets longer every time he lies?

Gram and revenge in court!

Surely a number of screenwriters are following Johnny Depp’s libel case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard; It’s rich material for an upcoming movie or series of rehearsals, and although this trial is not the first among them, it has received much attention and great media coverage, and the world has listened to the testimonies of the former spouses on the air. about their lives during marriage, and the quarrels that are no less violent and strange than the quarrels of the “Rose” family, Contrary to Amber Heard’s allegations over the past six years, Johnny Depp and his legal team have tried to prove otherwise. , and a completely different picture, and through dozens of evidence, photos and audio recordings, Johnny’s team tried to confirm that the famous Hollywood star is a good person and does not commit violence, but rather He has a childhood psychological history with an abusive mother; Therefore, he never prefers to take part in violent confrontations, and on the contrary, his wife “Amber” was a hysterical, nervous and sharp-tongued character who assaulted him more than once during their quarrels.

A powerful element of the drama in the Amber Heard trial is the glorious appearance of young lawyer Camille Vasquez, an associate lawyer in Johnny Depp’s legal team, who conducted Amber Heard’s rigorous cross – examination and last Thursday’s final arguments. participated. The Cuban-Colombian lawyer enjoyed charisma in the courtroom; A serious and confident figure who scares Amber Heard and her legal team, she is also a sweet, friendly and very supportive young woman who supports her client, “Johnny Depp” a lot in court; Which sparked rumors about a romantic relationship with a Hollywood star, and over time and sessions, “Camel” became the star of the trial and snatched the spotlight from “Johnny and Amber”.

Johnny Amal Harbi!

Movie Wedding story (Marriage Story) from the movies near some details of Johnny and Amber’s relationship; The film, which played “Scarlett Johansson” and “Adam Driver” about a director and actress, brought art and marriage together and later decided to divorce, but the woman’s lawyer, who is also a feminist activist, seeing the wife was abused by her husband during their marriage, and that he ignored her and rejected her ideas and stood against her wishes. The wife has to face it all and withdraw the guardianship of her ex-husband over their son, and the husband’s lawyer advised against the dirty war. his wife, and confronted her with everything that tarnished her reputation and weakened her position before the court.

The drama excelled at depicting the repercussions of divorce on screen in all colors; Including the comedian, where the unknown actor “Robin Williams” disguised himself as a babysitter to be close to his children after his divorce from his wife in a movie Mrs. Double fire (Mrs. Doubtfire), and Dustin Hoffman tries to take care of a young boy after he and his wife split up in the movie. Kramer vs. Kramer (Kramer vs. Kramer), movie photos It’s complicated (It’s complicated) The complicated relationship between Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin after their 10-year divorce.

In the Egyptian drama there are many works that dealt with the problems of divorce, the most famous of which is the movie (I want a solution) with “Faten Hamama” and “Rushdi Abaza”, a film that tried to fix happens to women by criticizing some Egyptian personal status laws, and recently the Ramadan series (Faten Amal) Harbi) The suffering of “Nelly Karim” and her two daughters to obtain their rights from a violent man and a cruel father who embodied his character “Sherif Salama”. “, And the time of the series’ presentation coincided with the beginning of the sessions of the” Johnny Depp “lawsuit against” Amber Heard “, and the drama of” Johnny and Amber “marriage was similar in some. The content is consistent with the content of the series, especially in the issue of marital violence, but the victim in the “Johnny v. Amber” case is the man, not the woman, who forced one of the Facebook pioneers to to create an alternative poster for the series “Faten Amal” Harbi “, at the top of the image of” Johnny Depp “. The title of the new bulletin was” Johnny Amal Harbi “!

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