Riaad Newspaper | Specialist: Security Transformation is our way to secure digital transformation

Specialist: Security Transformation is our way to secure digital transformation

The CEO of Trend Micro in the UK, Rashid Al-Awda, confirmed that over the past two years we have seen years of digital transformation that have taken place in a short period of time as institutions have to move towards digital transformation to meet the challenges posed by it. to overcome. with the pandemic, but this rapid transformation was also accompanied by cyber risks, especially for employees who started their business from home and their household appliances were not ready enough and safe enough from burglary attacks, hence the importance of cyber security, which we can say is the artery of digital transformation.

Al-Awda said Trend Micro had released the “Project 2030” report, a report rich in information that predicts the image of the cyber world and cybercrime incidents in the future. It also features a series of videos that present scenarios that illustrate what the world will look like in the next decade.

Al-Awda indicated that artificial intelligence tools will contribute to the democratization of cybercrime because the data will be available to everyone and not just to information technology specialists, which will allow cyberattacks to wreak havoc on supply chains and physical harm to humans through the implantation of cyber tools, and it will be hard to avoid from social engineering and misinformation attacks when data becomes more widely available via “Heads Up Displays,” and we also expect massive IoT environments to whet the appetite of cybercriminals will increase what launches their attacks to target the manufacturing and services sector. Logistics, transportation, healthcare, education, retail, home environment, and as we see connectivity to 5G and 6G networks everywhere, this will lead to more sophisticated and precise attacks, and in the coming years “techno-nationalism” will be an important geostrategic tool becomes for some of the most powerful countries of the world, given the wider gap between them and technologically backward countries.

Al-Awda continued, in 2021, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Trend Micro solutions banned 107 million cyber threats, of which more than 63 million attacks came by email, while on more than 6.4 million malware attacks, while occurring more than 17.5 One million attacks via malicious links, and home networks in Saudi Arabia were a magnet for cybercriminals who targeted systems, devices and networks.In this regard, Trend Micro’s Smart Home Network “solutions capable of protecting hybrid environments, home appliances, and networks by stopping approximately (360,862) of incoming and outgoing network threats, in addition to preventing more than 6.8 million cyber incidents targeting smart home networks.

The Kingdom is ranked among the top 10 developed countries in the world because of its robust digital infrastructure. It is the seventh in the world in terms of financing technical development, and it is also the second in the world in the field of cyber security. All of these achievements and successes have attracted Trend Micro to invest in the UK, and we are proud to be the first global cyber security company to launch and launch its regional headquarters in the UK. announce a cloud data lake for software. as a service “Saas” solutions locally This step embodies Trend Micro’s series of efforts to Be the Kingdom’s trusted and preferred partner to improve its digital environment and make it a safe place for corporate investment.

Unveiling, Trend Micro has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology aimed at activating the partnership between the two sides in the field of cloud computing related to cybersecurity and the protection of hybrid cloud solutions around the Kingdom Digitally improve its position digitally in the region, invest 200 million Saudi Riyals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over 5 years, launch Internet security initiatives for children and families to spread awareness about cyber threats, and support beginners and entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia through a “Virtual Incubation Program for Cyber ​​Security” and the Launch of the Trend Micro Data Lake for the Protection of Hybrid Clouds, Endpoints, Discovery and Response Solutions to Cyber ​​Security Risks in the Kingdom, the sectors most targeted by cybercriminals are the sectors most affected too focused on digital transformation and advanced technology, as cybercriminals seek opportunities to exploit the security holes associated with this digital transformation, and global spending on security products and services is scheduled to reach $ 174.7 billion by 2024, by ’24. a compound annual growth rate With 8.1% from 2020 to 2024. Knowing that the three sectors that spend the most on cybersecurity are banking, manufacturing and government. The global electronic insurance market is also expected to grow to $ 20.4 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 21.2%. Among the most important vital sectors targeted are the energy sector, the financial sector, the public services sector, the communications and information technology sector, healthcare institutions and higher education facilities.

We recently launched TREND MICRO VISION ONE, a defense platform that surpasses the capabilities of XDR technology, and is a combination of various elements such as telemetry data, security analytics technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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