Russia and Ukraine: Why did more than a hundred thousand Russians flee to Armenia?

  • Rayhan Dimitri
  • BBC South Caucasus Correspondent

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The ceremony was held in the yard of an abandoned textile mill

When I got there, preparations were underway for a Russian wedding in the courtyard of an abandoned textile factory in the remote Armenian town of Tumanyan. Most of the guests were artists and musicians who fled Russia.

Groom Yura Bogoslavsky and bride Asya Kiselyova, both animators, moved here from Moscow to escape the Russian authorities’ repression of anti-war protesters in Ukraine.

“We were all arrested, Asia and our friends and even her parents,” the groom said. “Everyone has family and friends in Ukraine. It’s madness and it’s not us who should have arrested them.”

Opposing Russia’s war in Ukraine has become a criminal offense for anyone suspected of spreading “false news”.

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