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Warm notes in the tombstone of Abu Al-Said

May God have mercy on him
He was a man the size of an Arab unit, despite all its shortcomings and shortcomings. The Jordanian-Palestinian unit produced the most wonderful experience in the Arab world. The late Adnan Abu Odeh raised issues more than he dust let light !!

I received, with all appreciation, the invitation of dear Saeed, the heir of Adnan’s lineage, to attend the ceremony, and I asked him to send the names of the speakers, and he thanked me with the spacious names of the speakers, and I sent him one sentence: one color !, and I decided not to attend it

In an intimate message to Brother Saeed, when he honored me by sending a recording of the ceremony, I mentioned the reasons for my apology.I have no personal motive in this article.
Although the edge of the personality is always a hot motif in writing, and whoever denies it either claims what is not in it or that he did not stand on the elements of creativity in writing …

And when I write about the event of Abu al-Saeed’s elegy, I carry God that I see it (the person and the event) through the line of guidance to which I have the honor to belong.
The guidance that inspires me and inspires my heirs through descent and consciousness, clings to the Hashemite state as an ideal formula that fits the lives of Palestinians and Jordanians, and perhaps later fits other societies that believe in the Hashemite (as a ruling dynasty that Adnan Abu Odeh has always described as above tribalism, above religious fanaticism and above geography).

And the door of guidance for me was Adnan, may God have mercy on him, the last (Qutb) who has his meaning and significance in the weaving of the Nabulsi needle to cut the scattering in the cities of Palestine that went into occupation and what is left is the defense of the Jordanians (the army) and its people who are looking for a way out of the loss of the historical gems of Palestine …

Nablus, in the historical sense, was a leadership and a position that created shadows and brilliance in the cause of unity with the East (and the first stock of martyrs from it was Ibrahim Hashem, who brought blood to the wisdom of the elders and did not bow, and Suleiman Touqan, the leader, the martyr, and Ahmed Touqan, the maker of the victory in the events of the great battle in 1970, Abd al-Latif al-Anabtawi, Faeq al-Anabtawi, al -Haj Mazuz al-Masry, Adel al-Shaka’a, Abd al-Raouf al-Faris, Hamdi Kanaan, Abd al-Qadir al-Salih, Khalid al-Fayyad and Adel al-Zawati) were all men of unity in Nablus and true leaders of a homeland …

And when the world came after seventy to a generation of young people flowing, knowledgeable and advanced with the desire and decision of Al-Hussein, may God have mercy on him, Adnan was the torch, the beacon and the mana, and he in the sky of the palace, the hall and the decision.
And I learned from him (Dear Uncle, he was very much with me, and the nice thing about Abu Al-Said is that he never knew hate and argued with you, and you criticized him with bitter criticism, as there no difference was in his sight).

With the exception of the master of the party, the speech of Saeed Abu Odeh, and the young man who recited the Qur’an. I did not understand what the speakers had to do with Abi Al-Saeed, may God have mercy on him, and his legacy!? .. I mourned the men’s sadness over the scene of one of those present talking about Abi Al-Saeed as if he had lived with him all his life and he did not know him Except when he retired, and the patient listener was Nasouh al-Majali (Abu Zakir) Nasouh, a companion on the path of Adnan al-Tariji and Ahmad al-Atoum Abu Muhannad. They do not speak in the elegy of Abu al-Said.
Some people honor them and their roles in the new Jordanian life. They did not live with him in the press, and there are people who lived with him all his life and did not live with him in the high headquarters , during the period of flames in the eighties and nineties, and they did not know the reasons for his anger, reproach, sadness and joy.
The group that organized the tombstone of Abu Al-Said is completely in control of the decision of public life in Jordan, and I do not call them the group of faith
They (the kidnapping group) in the state’s honors make a lobbyist, and in the ministerial (paralyzing positions) of a party, and in the study centers they overwhelm all membership with their presence ….

Quick, I say, I do not condemn the cleverness and eloquence of the new formula and its ability to make stars and protect the boundaries from anyone who wants it and scares it off. I know the abilities of (Mohammed, Fahd and Jaafar) in cars and planes, the dialogue of sects, the development of religious jurisprudence, and I know more than the naivety of the scene suggests.
But I did not imagine that kidnapping observes the dead, and I did not imagine that the law of counseling imposed on the elites as a law of displacement and deportation, could observe the graves as it observes the infiltration of palaces not!?

I did not imagine that anyone would dare to kidnap the legacy of a historical man like Abu Al-Saeed and work to make Nasuh Al-Majali a listener, excluding Tariq Pasha Aladdin, Rajai Pasha Dajani who is in the ranks sit back, Ahmed Al -Atoum absent, Khaled Al-Karaki not present, and Ali Al-Fazzaa was not thought of …

I would like the unparalleled nobility and Hashemite at the party (Al-Hassan bin Talal, who advised His Excellency Abu Al-Said Emami in 1994 at the St. Regis Hotel in New York) not to get too far in his idea to go. and misconception of him, that’s his idea ..

All these and others lived and lived with Abu Al-Saeed. They sat in the hall as listeners to the history they made in Jordan with the deceased, and a group of people threw at us, and they are all respectful, young or optional, they have their color and experience, but even those who prepared the book of memoirs did not (drink Adnan’s spirit) it was a thought, even if some thoughts were sinful …

We are a Jordanian nation, the best of Arabs, the noblest of Arabs, and the purest of Arab hearts, but we are a nation that has not succeeded in mastering the art of farewell, may God Abu Al-Said be merciful .. He was abducted in his life and abducted in his death .. Despite this, he does not really lack in the hearts of his loved ones nor the true memory of the fatherland ..

I would like to ask the geniuses of the kidnapping group (You strangle all the joints of the state, why did you keep yourself busy with the memorial ceremony, and deprive Abu Al-Saeed of a cemetery he deserves and what he and the decision is yours?!)

Kidnapping is not a chivalrous trait, it is rather a political idea that can succeed and overthrow all opponents, but in the end it is an idea without innocence, and therefore the country will remain wary of it.

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