Author Al-Zayoud writes a study of the human soul with the novel “I loved to meet you”

Yara al-Atrash

Amman- “Writing is life, and it is my duty as a human being to be given the ability to write to make a history, even in a very simple way, of the events we are going through.” With these words, author Dr. Razan Al-Zayoud expressed her passion for writing novels.
Al-Zayoud says: Success has a pleasant and beautiful taste. You will not be able to know its value until you feel it. Whenever you feel it, you will not give up.
And if writing falls under the name of a hobby or a talent ?, Al-Zayoud explains, “I think it’s a talent and a divine ability. Especially”.
And she continues, “At the age of twelve, my career began to publish my writing in several local newspapers, including the daily newspaper, Al-Ghad, which had previously published schoolchildren’s articles in a small corner, and under the article was the name of the student and the school, until I retained my place at that time. “
As for stories and novels, I remember having the attention of the Arabic language teacher in the first grades, who regularly commented on the expression notebooks I still hold with the phrase “You will become a famous writer.” This phrase evoked. in me a great longing for the future that awaited me.
Al-Zayoud has been greatly influenced by the poet Samih al-Qasim since her childhood, and she explains: “I always carried his poetry with me wherever I went. To my heart:” They tried to silence me from an early age. . I’ll show them. I will speak whenever I want, anytime and with the loudest voice. Nobody will be able to silence me. “
Regarding the foreign novel, Al-Zayoud confirmed that her interests may be widely spread between Arabic and English, and between teaching and study on the one hand, and writing combining literature, philosophy, and language on the other. very.
Al-Zayoud Academy says dealing with students at the University of Petra gives it many social and societal horizons, but actually I am in love with my mother tongue. Arabic is an inexhaustible source and source of words and meanings that I still dive into to discover for myself. The language of Al-Daad is characterized by aesthetics in expression that captivates hearts and confuses minds … In short, my love for Arabic is unmatched.
Expressing her dissatisfaction with the challenges facing young people in writing Jordanian novels, she added: “Aristotle was told: How do you judge a person? He replied: “I ask him how many books he reads, and what he reads.” Statistics of reading figures in the Arab world indicate the extent of the cultural decline facing Arab countries.
Unfortunately, we read a lot about celebrity news, politicians’ scandals, or the “trivialities” of some tweeters, and we rarely read books or articles written by writers after staying up all night and diving into writing about history, geography, and simplify geography. general culture. according to that saw
You follow, our problem today is with social media, and this vast amount of information “online” is that we are falling into the trap of knowledge. Today, instead of reading a book that consists of 300 pages, we go to the summary of it, which does not exceed half a page, and instead of reading lectures by scholars, we look at a paragraph for someone Social media celebrities talk about the same topic in 5 minutes.
And she continues: Here your subconscious will convince you that you have acquired knowledge, but in fact you have fallen into the snare of knowledge and the illusion of knowledge; Because actually you only knew omens, here we are lazy and lazy in acquiring knowledge. Also, the full-time writing period is short, and the full-time writer does not exist in our Arab world.
It is noteworthy that the author published her first novel, “Yasmine Al-Sham Kisses Your Cheeks” in 2016, and her second novel was published in 2017, entitled “Where My Soul Belongs”, and the third was published a year ago under the title “Acacia”, and her last novel was titled “I love to meet you” to receive it the new year.
“I Loved Meeting You” is a simple introduction to the world of philosophy, in which a study of the human soul, which talks about romantic social relationships and the fear of young people and their influence in some emotional experiences, as because of the conditions they lived in and the experiences they went through, tell the afflictions of the human soul that have suffered from dispersal and deprivation for consecutive years.
These events revolve around the protagonists of the novel during their studies at the university and their relationships with each other, as well as the aspirations of each of them.
The events of the novel are arranged in a way that draws a continuous line in the life of a man through which he met friends with whom he had strong relationships, and he played his role as a university professor.
The novel continues as a beautiful literary style in the presentation of its considered words among other types of literary and intellectual writings, and the novel ends with a strange ending that allows the reader to explore it for himself.

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