Fahad Al-Othman must respect the student professor and as

During an interview with him on the sidelines of the 8th AUM Career Scholarship, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American University of the Middle East, Fahad Al-Othman, expressed his pride to see how the group of AUM graduates represent the most important. leading companies in Kuwait.

Feel proud to see our graduates excel in key companies

Regarding the sponsorship of these leading companies for the exhibition, Al-Othman said: “In fact, the feeling is indescribable to see your children and see the result of the work of all the teams and efforts over the past years. . In the end, it is the harvest. To see how the student graduated today, after all these years, and began to play his role in work and economic life. It is also present in the major companies. Today, during the job fair at AUM, I visited the major companies in the private sector such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Quebec, Kuwait Oil Company, Equate, National Bank of Kuwait, Al Ahli Bank, Burgan Bank, Boubyan Bank, World Bank, Commercial Bank, Citibank, Zain Ooredoo, Kuwait Telecommunications Company STC, Honeywell, Agility, Alghanim Industries, Al-Hassawi Group, Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa, Carrier, Combined Contracting Group, Diyar United, Ernst & Young, Gulf Insurance Group, Halliburton, Huawei, Aramex, Enjaz, Arabic refreshments, and many more. And they had employees who were AUM graduates.

AUM graduates have skills..and confidence

He added: It is noteworthy that a large percentage of these companies praised the AUM graduate with an advantage, which is his possession of presentation skills and his confidence.

AUM’s educational philosophy and the nature of the curriculum and teaching refine the student’s personality

In fact, these two characteristics are not accidental, they are rather the result of the educational philosophy, the nature of the curriculum and the nature of teaching at the AUM, which is based on the principle of projects (Project Basis). which means that the student’s work is not limited to attending university and preparing for exams, although all of the above is present, but he must also participate in projects (real situations), in groups work and (presentations) on specific dates. Because such pressure will inevitably come at work. So, he is preparing, and the most important thing is that he has built up confidence, especially when he is making mistakes and learning, and he is able to do research. All this will contribute to the refinement of his character and skills.

At AUM we are eager to provide an environment that encourages work and production

He added: I would like to emphasize here that the university is equipped with resources, for example: the AUM library is distinguished. In addition to its great capabilities of books and references, it contains a large number of rooms designated for students working in groups, and it is also equipped with modern technology. Which connects it to the many technical library resources, in addition to the Robotic Centers, the Innovation Center, and there are clubs that simulate reality, for example: the Accounting Club, and the (Chamber of Commerce) dedicated to commerce, and there is also the Capstone) which is designated to work on graduation projects, and in which there is a specialized device to assist students in working on projects. Therefore, the atmosphere and the environment in general stimulate work and production, in addition to working with others, and to see the result of everything that day is a feeling that brings tears to the eye of joy, and I am very, very happy, and it removes any fatigue .. In fact, I feel proud.

The love relationship between the student and the university … is the secret of our success

In his speech, Al-Othman stressed the importance of communicating with and caring for graduates, saying: This is the secret of AUM’s success. The university achieved the first place in Kuwait over all universities, according to international rankings, and it also achieved a very advanced Arab position over all Arab universities. So, where did this success come from? and how? I believe that if we know the secret of success, we will be able to find out the secret of our interest in graduates. He added: “There is a love affair with the student, who will later become a graduate.” The relationship is more than just a student enrolled at the university.

The professor’s respect for the student is essential in the university’s culture

Here, Al-Othman added: There are a few things that are essential in the university’s culture, the first of which is that the professor must respect the student, and the opposite is undoubtedly true, except that there is no place for the professor who is older. or because he is a professor, or because he has degrees, and therefore he can transcend students arrogantly or in any improper way and deal with students. of course not.

To create future leaders .. we must treat the student as a leader from day one

We believe that if we want to create leaders, we must also deal with them from day one. We should not frustrate them (their oars are broken), and then expect them to become leaders. The student does not become a leader with information. Undoubtedly, the information is important, and it is necessary to know it. However, the leader comes from building the character.

To create a leading leader, you need to focus on building his character

You must first teach him responsibility, and treat him with respect, so that he has the responsibility that someone treats him with respect. Respect also comes from love, and it’s the duty of the professor, the administrative body and the whole university, and it’s a strong message, since the relationship is family. These are our boys, we are ten, and the whole process is interesting. If a person plants a plant or a small palm tree, and it sees growth, a relationship develops between them, so what would it be like if he was a human being? These are our children, us and us.

The graduate’s success in his personal and professional life is the measure of AUM’s success

Here, Al-Othman emphasized that the issue has an emotional, human and sentimental relationship, and more than just works. This is also the core of the AUM philosophy. Yes, the AUM has a Ranking and Distinguished, and it has accreditation from international bodies, for example ABET, and others, and it is excellent by all standards, but it is not enough for me, the main criterion for me is the AUM graduate , where is he, And what does he do after 4 or 5 years of graduation, he has succeeded in his personal and professional life, is he in a successful and prominent place? If all of the above is achieved, then we have succeeded in our work, and if not, then there is a flaw.

The graduate needs moral and cognitive support to pass the stage after graduation

Here he further said: It is a mistake to leave the graduate but it has to be followed up because the graduates are going through a very difficult process after graduation. They were formerly in school and university, surrounded only by friends of the same age, and immediately after graduation, he was left to enter the circumstances of life, and to communicate with different ages and different nationalities. The standards are all different, as he also has to rely on himself, and the burdens of life begin to fall on him, in addition he has to work, produce and marry, and be responsible for a family and a home, and that is too much to him. Therefore, it is very important to follow this button at this very critical stage, and to give it moral and cognitive support. Many students turn to us while they are confused to choose between two places, or because they are going through difficult circumstances in their work. We are supposed to support them because we want them to succeed, because their success is our success, and their joy is our joy. This is why we keep going, and we always try and strive to do more.

Al-Othman’s Advice to Graduates: Do Not Give Up on Jobs Without Jobs

As a final word, Al-Othman gave a set of advice, as he said: “I say to the students and graduates of AUM, the most important thing is to rely on yourself. Advice from me as a father, no one will benefit you but yourself, there are people who will love you, but if you do not fear and work for yourself, and for your interest, no one will be able to help you.It is an essential element.

Real work is a refinement of possibilities and social interaction

He added: You should look for a job, not a job, but rather a job that has jobs, there is a difference between a job and a job, we know there are many jobs in Kuwait, but they is without work, and it’s devastating to you, and it’s not a relief, but rather a destruction. Convenience is that a person is integrated, and has a career (career), even if you have money, is part of the job to earn a living, materials and salary, but the biggest part is to have the abilities and refine social interaction. You need to be with others, produce and work, feel for yourself and find your passion and potential. Do not allow money to be against you, or a curse on you.

Therefore, the challenge is unfortunate for our youth that there are jobs without jobs, and some take it easy, and there are those who say that the private sector has a challenge, and there is no security, and that is not true, there is a difference, the work that is without work is frightening. You may get tired at work, and you may be asked to leave work, and that is not a problem, look for another job, but if you are diligent, they will not leave you, but they will leave you. retain, and they will offer you the salary you want, they need human cadres, without them they will not be able to work and production.

But you, on the other hand, have to work hard on yourself, to be the person who wants to hire different companies. Thus, your moral and material value increases. My advice to you is, do not give in to works without work, because it destroys your life and your psyche. There are tragedies, the young man who works in a job without a job grows up and life begins to confront him with problems, and he is not trained to confront it, because work is what trains you in life and his skills . Again, I say: A job without a job is your destruction, there are many jobs, and many companies are gratefully looking for people who are serious, willing to work, produce and learn. This is my advice, and I’m very proud of AUM guys and AUM girls, because many, if not the majority, of them already do.


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