I accepted “Rejein Ya Hawa” immediately because of Osama Anwar Okasha (dialogue)

“Anushka” .. an exceptional star who over the course of her career has managed to win the hearts of the audience with her multiple talents in acting and singing, and she has become a symbol of high taste and elegance with her characteristic appearance and unique execution in all her works, the last of which was the series “Rejeen Ya Hawi” with the star Khaled Al-Nabawy in Ramadan Past.

In her interview with “Al-Dustour”, “Anushka” talked about the scenes of “We return, my love”, and how she prepared herself for the role of appearing on this unique artistic level, referring to the collaboration between her and the stars of the series like Khaled Al-Nabawi and Wafaa Amer.

The big star also revealed that she has prepared various works of art, the details of which will be announced to the public soon, including about her upbringing, upbringing, family and how she entered the world of singing, with special details about the beginning of her artistic career.

■ First, how did your participation in “Rejain Ya Hoi” come about?

Producer Tamer Mortada contacted me, explained the role and told me the details of the “honorable” character, and I agreed without hesitation to take part as soon as I heard that the series was based on the work of the genius, the late great author Osama and I Anwar Okasha got more excited when I read my role in the series, and I realized how important it was during the events.

■ What attracted you to agree to the job?

– She found that “Sharifa” is completely different from the roles of mothers she has presented in previous works, and the screenplay of the series is very professional by dr. Muhammad Suleiman wrote Abdel-Malik, during which he monitored many social problems and human models that exist on the ground, and then she met the leading director Muhammad Salama, who is characterized by a style Unique among his generation.

The work had all the ingredients for success from the beginning, in addition to the fact that the producer Tamer Mortada has a vision and a message and is always eager through his company “Aroma” to present another and well-studied drama provides with a message, in collaboration with the United Media Services Company, that provides all the capabilities for the work to come out in a distinctive way, We are here at the forefront of an integrated work technically, production and board.

■ Did you expect the reactions about the series and especially your role?

– The reactions have been very positive since the beginning of the episodes about the series in general, and the reactions about my role impressed me on the level of the audience and critics, and I knew that the series would be the best; Because the success factors are available in it, but honestly, I did not expect the reactions to be so great, and for the work to achieve this resounding success, and I thank God for his success for us, and that I blinded the audience in this way, and I realized the audience’s love, and it was influenced by my performance of the character, and his talk about it on the communication sites, I received many messages, and what pleased me most was that the audience in the street I called “Farida Hanim Al Manzlawy.”

■ What about the scenes of filming and collaborating with star Khaled Al-Nabawy?

– The spirit of cooperation and love filled the scenes, which was more than amazing, all in front and behind the camera helped the other one to get the job done in full, and Khaled Al-Nabawi “Hadutah”, a great artist who started his life from scratch, and proved his existence with his efforts and works, an ambitious, successful and beloved person, And behind the scenes he helps big and small.

And the outcome of the work in this integrated form is mainly due to the spirit and awe of the name of Professor Osama Anwar Okasha, the absent presence, which made us all responsible and united, and I felt during filming that we were one family is, as we appeared to the audience, what made my feelings come out naturally and genuinely during the events, especially in light of The presence of a director who is able to use his tools, like Mohamed Salama.

■ Everyone has noticed that there is chemistry between you and Wafaa Amer. How did the two of you achieve this merger?

– “Wafaa” is a sister and a friend, and we do have a terrible chemistry in acting, and each of us brought acting skills and a different performance to the fore in the scenes we brought together, and I wish her all success then in her career and star steps.

On a personal level, I hope that friendship and brotherhood will last, and the spirit of understanding between me and “Wafa” is very high, and in the end, their souls are meeting, and harmony takes place between them, and each of they bring out his energy in work, and each of us is on top of each other, so you see in front of you a representative match that is worth watching and encouraging.

■ Do you set criteria in choosing your roles?

– Certainly .. the most important thing I look for in any job is difference, innovation and distance from repetition and stereotyping. The work should be different from what I have presented before, even though it deals with the same theme, which means that I always present the role of the mother, but I make sure every time I navigate in a new detail to get the work on a to produce other way because of the nature of the character, as well as diversity and amazement in the performance, and the role space does not occupy me as much as the importance of the character within the work, and I always ask one question to myself .. Is there interaction with the audience or does it go unnoticed?

■ We’re moving to the music scene. Haven’t you seen acting take you out of the world of singing?

– Let’s agree that I do not and will not completely move away from the lyrical world, my soul is connected to the sweet song, I can tell you that I have been busy with dramas lately, but at the same time I am preparing for several lyrical works that will soon come to light and will be a big surprise to my dear audience, who are currently eager to communicate directly with him through “Social Media”.

■ It has been said that you work with the musician Ahmed El Mogy, the grandson of the great musician Mohamed El Mogy, in a great work .. What is the truth of it?

There is a project in the study phase between me and the musician Ahmed El-Mogy, and we are currently holding several workshops to find out all the details, and I can not say more than that at the moment, but I repeat myself promise that I am preparing for a surprise that I will soon announce to my audience via “Social Media”.

■ With the distribution of festival songs, there is a lot of talk about improving public taste. How do you see it?

– Yes, there is an urgent need to improve taste, and this is done by paying attention to education at all levels, with the return of music classes in schools again, and the foundation of children from a young age on the origins of Arabic music, which enables them to taste art, and musicians must educate themselves, as the creator The professional develops his abilities and proceeds at a well-thought-out pace.Culture does not take place without learning, zeal, and the acquisition of skills and experience, and the media has a very big role to play in promoting public taste.

■ Let’s talk about the human Anushka and her beginnings in art. How was your education?

I was born in Heliopolis, to an Egyptian mother and father of Armenian roots, and I have a sister “Christine” and I am older than her, and my father had a private factory, and my mother was an aristocrat who paid much attention to it. the smallest details.I fell in love with art from my childhood, and I owe it to my teachers in the study phases for the development of my talent, and then I studied secretarial and business administration at the American University.

When I became a professional in singing, I made sure to sing in many languages, to reach audiences around the world. Thank God, I have mastered French, English and Armenian, and participated in a number of international singing festivals in Finland, Bulgaria. and Czechoslovakia, as I was and still like to take full responsibility on my shoulders.As for the choice of words, melodies and distribution.

■ By mentioning the aristocracy .. do you always perfect your roles in this region .. Do we think your mother has the honor for that?

– I owe my mother the honor for everything. I learned every bit and everything from her, and I think the honor goes to her and my beloved parents, may God have mercy on them. The details of the details, even in the simplest things, for example, she loved sewing and always cared for her elegance, and when she sewed my leather, she always said to me: “Focus on the details,” so I got a lot from her, elegance and elegance, to the point that I regularly use her clothes and jewelry in some work, as you did in the “Grand Hotel” series, for example.

As for my father, he always said to me, “Beware that you do injustice to anyone,” and I learned from him the principles of respect for the word and respect for deadlines. He constantly encouraged me, held me accountable, pressured me to make decisions, and always considered me his spoiler, especially because I was “the virgin”.

■ Why have you stayed away from movie theater lately, even though you started doing it?

– I love film, and I know very well that the step in it should be 100% deliberate, and in recent years I have been offered more than one film work, but the content and weakness of the screenplay was the reason for my refusal of these works, and I always wait for a good job and a clear scenario to which I will return, My absence from the theater is completely unintentional.

■ On the occasion of his birthday a few days ago … What about your trip with the genius Salah Abu Seif?

– Director Salah Abu Seif is “exceptional.” He nominated me in 1994 for my first film work, the movie “Al-Sayed Kaf” and was directed by him, and he always encouraged me to act and said to me: “Inside you is a strong actress, bring her out, ”as well as Professor Magdy Kamel, the screenwriter, lyricist and professor Adel sak and the great professor Salah Zulfikar.

■ You have done a single “duet” throughout your career, “Good Country” with Mohamed Mounir … What are the scenes of collaboration with him?

I’m very proud of this excellent duet, and I consider it one of the most important stations in my career, especially since it’s still alive in the audience. With musician Medhat El-Khouly, who wrote and composed the song in 1989 . , he was very excited about the idea of ​​”the duet.” When we contacted “The King”, he immediately agreed without hesitation, and very much welcomed the project. Generations for more than a quarter of a century ago, as if they were educated yesterday.

If you go back in time … are there any works you would refuse to submit again?

– Absolutely, I am always proud of my journey, and when I look at my journey, I always say praise to God, Lord of the Worlds. The journey was long and arduous. I struggled throughout my journey to achieve what I had achieved. I did not descend on singing and acting from the air. Rather, God blessed me with a talent, and I kept it, got tired, and built myself from the school stage. I learned everything on an academic basis, that’s where God helped me. He opened many doors for me and I was happy. In collaboration with the greats of original art.

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