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The user can currently perform many banking services via smartphone applications, whether it is checking the balance in the account or even doing bank transfers. In principle, there is no problem or danger in using such services, but with some important measures taken.

Certified application resources

And Tanya Beiler, of the Federal Association of German Banks in Berlin, explained that initially the application for banking transactions should be installed, and it should be limited to only approved application sources, such as Google Play or the Apple application store.

Ralf Scherfling, of the Consumer Protection Center in North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, Germany, added that the user should consider the name of the publisher listed under the name of the application to be safe from fake and malicious applications.

And Biller again warns against using offers to download applications from external sources, such as third-party websites, in addition, it is not permissible to track any links sent via email or SMS. The German expert confirmed that such links could lead to the download of a malicious application that threatens the user’s security.

In turn, Scherfling added that if the user only wants to use banking services via the smartphone, in this case he should use the methods of identity verification via “SMS-Tan” or “Push-Tan” Tan) which are two-factor verification methods on your smartphone to confirm the identity of the user.

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One of the important things is the need to secure the banking application with a strong password, and Beller emphasized that biometric features, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, have become sufficient tools to secure the banking application in a secure and reliable manner. to open.

There is a need not to store the access data to the bank account on the smartphone, nor is it permissible to store this data as an image in the address book because hackers and fraudsters can view this data if the smartphone stolen, and even without holding the smartphone in hand, hackers can accurately extrapolate this data.

In addition, the user must update the banking application on a regular basis, and Beller stressed that it should be limited to installing updates from the official application stores, with the need to protect the smartphone against viruses and malicious code through the antivirus application to protect. .

Bank application should only be installed from approved application sources (Getty Images)

Beware of public WLANs

In the case of on-the-go banking transactions, public wireless networks should not be used, but it is better to turn on the data connection with the smartphone, and Beller also stressed the need to deactivate the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone while banking application is used.

In general, banking applications on smartphones are fast and convenient when performing many basic functions as compared to banking applications on computers.electronics in just a few seconds.

In addition, it is possible to set maximum limits in the application of banking services, and the German expert added that this feature “allows the maximum amount of funds to be transferred from the user’s account at a certain time or a certain period. , set.” These features are usually set in the security settings of the banking application.

Prohibit the use of a bank card

In the event that the bank card is lost or stolen, its use may be temporarily or permanently prohibited by the banking application, and when the smartphone is stolen, the user must prohibit its use as soon as possible by the mobile network operator, in addition to The user’s bank must be notified of the theft to deactivate the banking application on the stolen smartphone.

And if the user loads a bank card on the smartphone to be used in electronic payments, he should prohibit the use of this card, and he can identify the steps required for this by contacting the relevant bank.

In addition to acting quickly and blocking the bank card on the stolen smartphone, the user needs to know how to access his bank account in the future, such as using an alternative method for online banking or the same method on a new smartphone to use.

In general, making bank transactions via the smartphone is a convenient procedure, but all discounts made on his bank account and check deposits and account balances must be checked regularly, and according to the bank being handled, the notification feature can be turned on so that the user is informed about any Banking Services on his account by means of warning messages, SMS or email, but such functionality may incur some additional expenses for the user.

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