Under the protection of the Supreme Leader … the corruption of Iran’s rich comes to the fore

A report recently published by Forbes magazine, which specializes in financial and business matters, showed that it deals with the conditions and conditions of the rich class in Iran, to which a large number of men of authority are attached to the mullahs’ regime, while the area of ​​poverty is expanding geographically in the country, suffering from difficult economic conditions due to The policy of turban owners in Tehran – About 250 thousand Iranians own a fortune of one million dollars, equivalent to 30 billion tomans according to the price of the Iranian currency in January 2022, and thus Iran ranks 14th in the list of countries in the world in terms of the number of people with wealth more than one million dollars, making it the first among the countries of the West Asian region, and it was previously first among the countries of the Middle East and 17th worldwide in the list of the rich with about 210,000 people.
According to the magazine’s report, the number of rich “people with a fortune of one million dollars” in Iran increased by 21.6 percent during 2020 compared to 2019, which is a very large number, when compared to the annual increase in the rich in the same year, which settled at 6.3 percent, and this means that the growth rate of the rich in Iran has reached 3.5 times the global rate, while the Iranian people are suffering poverty and hunger due to this layer on their chest, which sends people’s money here and there to interfere in the affairs of neighboring countries.
This group infiltrated the state and its institutions and made it a servant of its goals and ambitions, far from the calculations of freedom and dignity of the ordinary citizen, who repeatedly stood up against this corrupt system, to his ambitions, which hatred brought, to cage. and misery for the Iranian people by all the people of the world, as this decadent group The Iranian people rule with fire and iron in the name of the doctrines of the revolution, making the life of the Iranian people in a perpetual hell for more than four decades.Despite all these privileges, this group does not pay taxes, and does not commit to any financial obligations to state institutions.
In recent years, the economic alienation between the social classes in Iran has grown, which can be seen with the naked eye without research, and while the Iranian super-rich class has become the largest in West Asia, many poor people in Iran can no longer buy rice, which is considered The most popular dish in Iran, after its price exceeded one hundred thousand tomans per kilogram, which means that the minimum wage in Iran “about 3.5 million tomans” covers only the value of 35 kilos of Iranian rice. The figures show that the rich class in Iran pay much less taxes than the rich in other countries, which has made Iran more like a refuge for the rich, where you can get fantastic income without paying taxes.
Those carcinogenic groups that are common in the body of the Iranian state in all branches of the political and bureaucratic system in Iran, also make a great effort and put pressure on official institutions, with the aim of providing greater interests to their affiliates, even if it is at the expense of state institutions and the Iranian people, as they work only according to their interests. other official institutions to continue to import those goods, even if their importation is harmful to the local economy, but if their interests require their export, they put pressure on the government and parliament to continue their export, while it is not based here on national interests, but rather their individual interests.
The minimum wealth of the rich class is 13 times a government investment program launched by the government of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to turn the economic wheel around and support industrial investment.To support 49 industrial projects, a program run by the largest Iranian companies are funded, while opposition voices at home and abroad say the government is a fictitious government, and that there is a hidden government behind the walls of the official state that is putting pressure on this state and implementing its agendas without supervision or accountability.
And the US Embassy in Iraq previously wrote on its official Facebook page 2019: “Corruption is rampant in all parts of the Iranian regime, from above. The assets of the regime’s guide, Ali Khamenei alone, are estimated at $ 200 billion “Misery, which Iran has achieved after 40 years of mullahs rule.”
In turn, a study – conducted by the international “Sponsorship” Foundation involved in combating poverty – estimated the mentor’s wealth at about $ 95 billion, and whatever the numbers, the mentor is eager to show himself as an ascetic and simple person, who lives a modest life that hides the fact of his enormous wealth.
Another investigation conducted by Reuters also shed light on the multiple activities of a giant institution controlled by the Supreme Leader, known as the “Imam Execution of the Imam’s Commands” or “Setad” for short. , a body for the illegal confiscation. of real estate and land, which puts at his personal disposal Nearly one hundred billion dollars between a fortune in secret accounts and assets, almost unsupervised.
Setad was established in 1989, shortly before the death of former Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, and during Khamenei’s era, the commission seized thousands of properties and acres, belonging to Iranian citizens of religious minorities, around them, or those who living abroad, abusing, under the pretext of being “abandoned”, by allegations Most of the time False.

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