We also do not live the life of the unbelievers or the life of the righteous worshipers !!!!!

I received this photo yesterday, in which two non-Muslims are trying to convince Muslims that their actions are causing suffering, pain and disaster to their society, and that it is better for us to stop exploiting the weakness of others or to blackmail the others. and you talk about grace and we saw nothing but the opposite, and you talk about responsibility, and we found nothing but injustice and exploitation, so what’s left of Islam in your lives? . We destroy ourselves and our society, cause the people around us to suffer daily, and we have the solution. Therefore, our lives as Muslim societies are exhausted and tired due to the nature of our behavior and our upbringing, which makes me wonder that we do not realize what we are doing, which I summarize with easy points that make each of us reconsider. our behavior.

First, we do not live the lives of unbelievers who are good in this world, as everyone says, nor do we live the lives of the righteous and worshipers, who will draw to heaven through the grace, patience, and work of God. not. It clearly appears around us, indicating the exploitation of the weakness and need of others wherever we look around us. We practice siege, murder, injustice, extortion, the unfair taking of money and its expansion over the property of others or the state. The question is, why should you lose this world and the hereafter when you speak of religion, the mercy of the oppressor, life after death and punishment? At least because the end is done which means death soon, and it will disappear. Maybe he can say for the future of my children and my family?

But your children need only education, upbringing and affection, and not necessarily forbidden money, theft, oppression of God’s servants, or ignoring people’s rights or exploiting their needs and lack of opportunities. What do you care about them with your children and your family if there is enough for you, where the divine concept is clear, and he says, they will not stand an impenetrable dam before your sins, and if you leave them what you left, then the Almighty’s saying “and do not bear the burden of another” is clear as a method, meaning that a soul burdened with its sins will not be saved by a boy or girl. And if you have left them what you have left, and also say, “And all of them will come individually on the Day of Resurrection,” which means individuality, there is no Nasser or Mujir, here ends the family, prestige and character , which means that you stand for yourself and alone before your Lord and you have entered Hell with your work and you think you have done a good job, and here you are by your choice to destroy his life. Elsewhere, it was not rationally balanced, according to the Almighty’s saying, “I will create a caliph on earth.” means succession and plays a divine role.

Second: You could say I’m an employee who did not steal, but was a specialist in posts and the removal of people affiliated with one party, and some of them accused of being with the aggression or with the Houthi’s was or crimes in the war diluted. the media, is it a sin? The answer is not that it is sin, but rather a cluster bomb for sins that spread, because you also failed the exam. When you so-and-so removed from a job or created a job for your family member or contributed to the extinction of a truth or something else, you were an immoral person. Here I was in a test you failed without realizing, because you used your power to formulate what lay ahead of you, and you exploited your abilities to provide for yourself, your family, and your group at your expense. of others, your community, and your country, and you used your talent to disguise facts, and you did not feel that everything is a book, and that your worship has no value, even though She is even within the Kaaba bury. She did not remember the essence of religion, nor the words of his Messenger: “The believer will remain in a space of his religion as long as he does not administer forbidden blood.” The injury here in its comprehensive sense is all that harms others. or change the course of truth, so what if we live in persecution, conflict, war and exploitation of the need and fear of others.

Third: When the responsible person is in the position of a decision that determines the fate of people and their lives, he is tested before God, especially the secret of man’s existence in this life and his handling of it is the secret. of succession, that is, to operate a divine methodology in the preservation and maintenance of the right to life for all around him. To understand the right of life of the official requires that you understand the standards of justice and equality and preserve the dignity of others, and not exploit on the basis of the possibilities, which have come under his hand in terms of knowledge, decisions and information in obtaining of interest to him, his family and his friends, because at that time he would have fallen as a natural man in the exam, and fallen before God in a crude way.And he fell before the community and in front of those who respected him. Based on the religious concept, the natural man is generally a caliph based on God’s speech to David, which is a discourse specific to the concept of a speech to those who want the way of God: “O David, we have made you a caliph on earth, so judge between men with truth” and based on the Almighty’s saying “I will create a caliph on earth,” which I will not only explain the latter with the concept of a people succeeding each other century after century and generation after generation as we have studied, but I will explain this with the concept of succession to so-and-so and here the succession to God on earth by righteous and clear standards to fit without exclusion or choice of what suits him and what he serves or the continuation of his group.

Fourth: Succession does not only mean with the official or the ruler, but you yourself fall into the test of what is under your hands, that is, a successor of what is under your hands, any surety, as mentioned in the chapter on degrees of responsibility in the hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Omar: “You are all shepherds and all of you are responsible for his flock.”

The schoolteacher is entrusted in work by God in the trust, which is under his hand and they are here the children, build in their minds without negligence and at the same time entrusted from God to his family. If he does not do his work as God wills and with perfection, and he is aware of it, then sin has fallen on him because God’s way was clear, but the way of Satan was overcome, represented by laziness, indifference or obsession. with things that are not at the heart of the matter. And the doctor, the engineer, the cook and others apply the same deduction to them. Likewise the leader of the resistance or the army, who sends people to death knowing that he will not win, but because I am here, this sin fell upon him, because God gave him knowledge of the abilities of those who fight and he had to understand that he would not win, but the way of Satan was stronger and showed him that victory It requires that we tire the enemy, and there is no harm in “a little to sacrifice so that the rest will live, ”forgetting that every person who dies is a life in itself that would have been better preserved. The same is true of the journalist, who knows the truth and yet spreads lies and publishes false news or searches for cheap justifications, even though God gave him the ability to coordinate speech and manipulate expressions, this sin fell upon him, and he did not represent. the caliphate. And the counselor who accused others with the intent of exclusion, as well as the pastor, who only looked at his family member and his owner in the position, and issued a decision in its favor, so he was a corrupt and sinful caliph which caused a lack of divine laws even though he lived and prayed in the sanctuary, the devil comes in here by arguing that the stage requires people We trust them whether this is better than the group of so-and-so or there is no choice and so on.

Eventually the wheel of positions and positions and of the world turns fast, after which you can correct no mistake, and only what you have left behind stays with you to reform society or alleviate suffering. And we hope that God torment for them will double. as long as they could not hear and did not see.

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