A Persian novel, chapter nine, written by Israa Ibrahim

ninth part

Rabab was shocked and stood in his place as soon as she saw Jenny in front of her and called her sad and she burst into tears and felt that our Lord had sold her to her for help so she could follow her and I found her in amazement called when she saw her coming down from the building and she looked at her companion who was with her and told her Reham can you walk and I will get you from her Lord and I did not come near you She smiled sarcastically and for her said: “You do not always make sense. I’m the one stopping you, Rabab.”

Rabab wiped away her tears and came near her and said to her, “Chenny, I’m your protester, please, please

I was surprised and said to her: What is your money, why are you giving it to me?

Rabbab looked around, got nervous, and then came back to Jenny and said to her, “You are not here, let’s go somewhere to talk.”

I felt honest and that it was not a game of hers and that she was really in trouble, so I shook her head and said to her, OK, let’s go and walk together.


Pharisee sits in front of his mother and she stands in front of him and screams and speaks in a loud voice and says: “No, I do not have to understand.” I mean, what kind of woman would you not go down to do something?

Fares looked at his mother for lack of trick and I speak, I mean, mother, I will send you one so you can clean the house and I will give her a neat gift, and you refused and me did not call and told me you want her, may I know why and why not

His mother called him defiantly and said to him in a loud voice: Knight, because I have opportunities for my son, how can I answer a stranger who serves me?

Pharisee stood up and said, “What, my mother?” This is what my wife is, I’m not a servant.

His mother interrupts him and says to him: “Yes, you have the right to defend her. What is your jealousy, and I make you cruel to your mother, and you do not even want to go down like the first ? ”

A knight blew tight and he sat next to her and bowed her head and said, “Mom, I have nothing like what you say. On the contrary, it’s very good.

She cursed his mother and said to him, “Oh, what is the priest of the sixes who brought your bone and left you like a ring on her finger?”

Pharisee stood furious at his mother’s words, onions, and shook his head right and left, saying, “There is no use.”

And his mother chose to tumble her hands on her legs and say in anger that his jealousy, the daughter of Afaf, had lost her mind. May God have mercy on you, Moataz. You raised her and knew her value.


It was the base of Rabab that jumped on the corniche, and when she said that, she was shocked, Oh your day is black.You are still getting married, my habit is ruining you.

She called Rabab again and said to her with regret in her voice: I swear to God, it’s regret, Chen.

She told her when she thought of him, this is the man I saw you with in the cafe, right?

Rabab’s certainly shook her head and wiped away her tears with a tissue and said to her, ‘Yes, Issam, I recognized him in one upholstery. She agreed and cried so much that it made it difficult for me to kiss her, and I kissed her and said to her, “O Rabab,” what happened. The most important thing is, what happened next?

Rabab continued her words with sorrow and told her how many days I had spoken and said that you had threatened me and that it would not work to meet him. I met him. I change once. He said if you do not want to leave, he will leave me and send my photos to my brother Pharisee. Those who are like oysters, and their signature is easy, because I quickly agreed to our usual passport.

She had tears in her eyes in the form of a rabbi like this, and she said to her, “Well, for God’s sake, give me a present. Let us know what we will do in this disaster.”

Rabab answered with a crash and told her I do not know, Jenny, I’m afraid, oh my mother, if I know, she will go to her and a knight can kill me *

I got pregnant and said to her in a sweet way, do not be afraid, your mother is strong, it is not necessary to be affected by her, the most important thing is, but now you have to calm down so that we know that we can think of a solution far from knowing anyone.

Rabab shook her head and grabbed Chenny’s hand and told her I do not know what to tell you but you are the last one.I imagined she would help me and stand next to me but believe me, Chen , after hearing Issam’s words, I felt it was God’s punishment for me for my treatment of your sister here and for me, I’m sorry, I hope you forgive me

Ginny clapped her hands and with a smile told her, it does not matter what happened, Rabab, what matters is what is coming.

Rabab smiles and shakes her head in accordance with Chenny’s words


Here she was a base in her condition and very scared because she heard the sound of her mother-in-law’s suffocation with Pharisee, and that is because she was on the second floor and her mother-in-law on the first Moataz was affected by his mother’s words and came out to hurt her and her mind was interrupted by the voice of Pharisee as he walked to the door of the apartment and placed himself on it with a loud voice.

Pharisee stood and waited for her to go out, and here she came out and stood before him in tears, threatening to go down with a voice to Pharisee and saying to him, “Yes, Pharisee.”

Here her heart beats and her mind does not tell her for one second. What did he say?

Pharisee looked at her and laughed and said, “You are the owner of a shock, why is that?”

Hana looked him in the eyes and said shyly to him, and she was still shocked, Pharisee, what did you say?

Fares said mother Tigi is going out? me, you and zayn

Here I was sure she heard right and was amazed at how reasonable he was after it all happened, and he treated her that way.She smiled and found that she said he agreed.

Faris smiles and says it maliciously for ten minutes, if you were equipped, marginally

Here she happily covered her hand and said to him, “No, not ten minutes, five, but five.”

Faris looked at me in her place and smiled while he had a very sweet feeling on her side, growing day by day


I went to the owner of the house and met her mother who was sitting and grinning, and she was angry. She said in secret: “May God protect you.”

Her mother called her irritably and told her, “Welcome to Shamloulah.” Where are you my sister so far? You did not say I would buy a set I like, and now I’m back, hands, hands, hands in front of you, why do not you say

Rabab became nervous and came near her mother and tried to look normal and she said to her, “What is Yamama?”

The first time her mother heard Hana’s name, she got angry and told her she did not know the biography of this decision. I could not stand her at all.

Rabab swallowed her saliva in fear and tried to calm her mother down. She has money, but you are all intolerant, why are you here today and then? What did you do? What’s above?

Her mother told her about everything that had happened to Pharisee, and in the end she told her, and instead of her hands showing the leech, there was no intention to irritate and oppress me.

Rabab sighed and did not respond to her mother’s words because I knew if she defended here, her mother would take her and she would slander her, so she tried to change the subject and said to her, “Okay, I’m hungry, Mom. ”


Mira came out of her college and was still driving her car, she was interrupted by Ahmed, who stood in front of her and told her

Miss Mira, I’m sorry I brought you here, but I had to ask you about Nada. I told her a lot. Her cell phone was turned off for an hour. The last time we were together. I just want to look at her, I mean, she’s fine.

Mira gets angry, and she says nervously, “You too, can you come here after what you did?”

Ahmed was surprised and said what I did, can you understand me?

Nady Basalh sarcastically and said to him: God, the innocent will deal with it.

Ahmed was irritated, but he needed to know what and what happened to make her say these words, so he said it, please, if you are really dear to yourself, understand what and what currency you are saying, because I know really not what you’re talking about

Mira was surprised and felt that he was honest, and she cried and said to him, I mean, you do not lie and work for me

Ahmed sighed deeply and said: I swear by God, there is nothing like that. I really do not know what you mean

Mira prayed to him sadly and told him Papa Nada said he was testing you and offering you money to keep you away from Nada and you agreed and took a million pounds from him and agreed with him that you would take her and from the hour will leave Nada knew and she was collapsed and very tired and shocked her in you influenced her even the college did not bring her and a convoy on himself and no one spoke

Ahmed was shocked by Mira’s words and from the shock he did not want to be silent for a while, and then he called her and said, “I want to see her, Mira in any way.”

Mira locked the Arab door and told him I will help you because you feel you are honest and really love Nada

Ahmed shook his head and said, “Thank you so much, Mira.”


They were sitting in a restaurant and here was a base in front of Faris and Zain was standing next to her, and she was looking around in amazement and watching people, and her mind was cut off by Faris when he said this

What do you like about the restaurant, here?

Here she prayed with joy, clear in her eyes, and she answered him

Yes, Faris, I did not just like the restaurant. I went out in the first place. I was sad. I said a lot.

Pharisee approached her and said, “Here, may I ask you for a request?”

Here I came back with his prayer and eagerly told him, of course, Knight, you ask anything to say, what do you want ……. Continue

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