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And because it creates an atmosphere of intimacy among its drinkers, some resort to allocating a coffee corner in the lounges or the place where guests are received, in which they coordinate their supplies according to their type, where they share their preparation, each according to his mood.

Ola, in her thirties, says that she prefers to drink coffee in the morning, and coffee is a basic drink at home, especially the “gentlemen” Arabic coffee, which she likes on an almost daily basis for her guests and family wants to prepare. members.

She adds that she has assigned two coffee nooks in her home, one in the kitchen and another in the garden, each with the basic tools to make her favorite drink, in a beautiful arrangement so that her visitors can have their cups in their own prepared. manners.

Engineers confirm to the Jordan News Agency (Petra) that the coffee corner is not limited to the kitchen, but can allocate a place for it in the master bedroom, the office room, if any, or even the outdoor area designated for seating, and other spaces that can be exploited.

In this regard, the interior designers, Mohammed Daoud and Nour Al-Ghoul, advise to first think about the suitable place for this corner, as it is easier, according to their perception, to design it when the house is in the process of to become. furnished, which makes it possible to control the desired “decoration” style to enjoy the coffee.

They believe that this approach is inexpensive, as it is sufficient to look for unused corners in the house and use them for this purpose, noting the possibility of units for the coffee corner at most furniture and “decoration” stores for sale, or even reuse. pieces of furniture in it, in case it is not possible to obtain It has a special design that has the desired style.

They prefer to use aluminum or natural wood that has been treated and painted with insulating paint that is resistant to moisture and water, and to stay away from “laminate” or “PVC” wood because of its non-resistant nature. external factors, which can cause rapid damage if the unit is located in an outside area.

They recommend choosing the appropriate materials that guarantee the user the quality and life of the design, and the correct dimensions provide ease of use of this corner, noting that the trend for simplicity in the design of this corner is the best way is to achieve sophistication and elegance. .

In addition, dr. Muhammad Waheeb, a specialist in archeology and heritage, that the history of coffee dates back to the tenth century, and perhaps to an earlier time, according to a number of reports and legends related to the first people who used it. It.

It is believed that Ethiopia is the original homeland of coffee, and that the oldest evidence of coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree from the fifteenth century is in the Sufi monasteries in Yemen, and by the sixteenth century it has the rest of the Middle East, southern India, Persia, Turkey, the Horn of Africa and North Africa, then Coffee spread to the Balkans, Italy and the rest of Europe to Southeast Asia and then to the United States.

He goes to the origin of the name in the Arabic language, where it comes from the verb “qaha”, because it “cafe” means “to go” the appetite, and explains that it comes according to the rumors of the “Kafa” . region in Ethiopia, which explains that the word “coffee” in Arabic has changed to “kahfa” in the Turkish language. When it entered the English language in 1582 through the German language, and its name was “Coffee”.

In this context, the researcher in heritage, dr. Nabil Ammari, said that Arabian coffee accompanies rituals of joy and sorrow, and is considered a title for Arab generosity, as the Arabs call the first cup the name “Al-Haif”. what is the cup that the host drinks before extending the coffee to his guests, and the second cup The “gas” is the first cup offered to the guest, that is, the duty of hospitality. As for the third cup, “the quality,” which is the second cup given to the guest, and he is not forced to drink it, and the host does not harm the host if the guest does not drink it, but it is merely a modification of how and the mood of the gas, which is the least of the coffee mugs power of the Arabs.

Ammari says that the drinkers of the fourth cup “sword” should stand with the host in thick and thin, and share war and peace with him, as a kind of military and civilian alliance and security treaty in the past between the guest and the host, the last of which is the “knight” cup, whose drinker had earlier taken revenge.

He touched the coffee-making utensils of the people of the Badia, which are “Al-Mahmasa” and “Al-Najr” or “Al-Mahbash”, which are decorated and made from tree plants that grind coffee and cardamom in them. , and it has a beautiful sound in the bells and type of bells, and the radiator, which is a tool made of wood engraved from The inside is in a streamlined and wide way, which is used to cool the coffee after it is roasted and before it is stamped in the bottle.As for the “dalal”, it is of red and yellow copper, and is placed in front of the guests, along with coffee mugs with its distinctive engravings and its large size, and the bees He is a piece of lining cloth that binds hands of He wants to catch the “deliver” except the cup tray, the tongs used to move the coals, and the blower used to start the fire.

It offers the names of brewed coffee, including virgin, this is where everything is new: coffee, water and spices.

Ammari concludes his speech on the way to pour coffee, by holding the dallah with the left hand and the cups with the right hand, standing while the coffee pours, bending forward while the cup is served, moderation to the pouring coffee, and carrying the cups on the contrary, the tea served to the guests is “cut”, that is, from the first person to the last attendance.

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