Hala Al-Saeed: We are working to strengthen the legislative framework that supports public-private partnerships

bald bald _ Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, stressed the importance of introducing an instrument of good legislation in Egypt, represented in the Second Guide to the Preparation and Development of Additional Legislation, which was presented during her participation. came today via video conference, which marks the inauguration of the launching ceremony of the Guide to the Development of Secondary Legislation for Government Officials in Egypt, held by the Business Climate Reform Initiative in Egypt (Irada).


It came under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, in collaboration with the Sigma program of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the European Union.


She explained that this guide is a breakthrough in the issuance of additional legislation and evaluating the development impact of such legislation, as it embodies the state’s philosophy and vision to create a business environment, more capital attract and stimulate domestic and foreign private investment. and it strengthens the state’s efforts to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development within the framework of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Hala Al-Saeed said the legislative and institutional reforms supporting the role of the private sector have been the cornerstone and mainstay of the Egyptian state’s development experience since 2014, with knowledge of the issuance of a package of laws and legislation aimed at the procedures for setting up projects and encouraging the private sector and local and foreign investment.


She added that it is in addition to efforts to support the business environment and strengthen the role of the private sector as one of the main axes of the national structural reform program, and points out that it should also work on the legislative framework that partnerships between the to strengthen public support. and private sectors by amending the law regulating private sector participation in infrastructure projects, services and public utilities.

She noted that these amendments are aimed at further encouraging the participation of the private sector in the implementation of infrastructure projects, and at expanding the business areas included in the scope of participation to include all types of participation.

The Minister of Planning pointed to the activation of the role of the business climate reform initiative “Irada”, which aims to reform the legislative and regulatory framework to ensure business stimulus, and emphasized the government’s zeal to benefit from the facilities provided by activate the package of laws provided and ensure legislation issued in recent years by ensuring consistency and integration between that Legislation and rehabilitation of the various stakeholders to enforce it.

She stressed that the launch of the guide represents one of the fruits of activating the role of the Irada initiative, which ushers in a new and advanced stage of developing a methodology for good legislation in Egypt, where the development of regulatory regulations become a standard practice in all sectors and are systematically applied in accordance with the leading systems in the world.

She explained that the “Preparation and Development of Sub-legislation” guide is an extension of the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the Egyptian side, represented by the “Erada” initiative of the Council of Ministers, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and the European side, represented by the European Union’s SIGMA / OECD program.

Al-Saeed pointed to the shrewdness of the Egyptian state, as part of its quest to achieve the quality of life for its citizens, to take the circumstances that the whole world views as an incentive to review its priorities and its economy. restructure.

She said the conditions facing the world with the “Covid-19” pandemic and its enormous health, economic and social consequences, and recent geopolitical changes, have shown that a consistent, effective and transparent system of cardinals interest in attracting more investment, which makes the launch opportunity of the guide come at a very appropriate time. .

She noted the important role that IRADA has played in recent years in the development of the legislative ecosystem in Egypt, and explained that these efforts have had a significant impact on the effectiveness of the laws governing the business sector. ” of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. , which explains that this partnership has led to a new product represented in the first and second guides, which meets international standards for the needs of the Egyptian state and its development orientations.

Dr. Heba Shaheen, Executive Director of Irada Initiative

In turn, the dr. Heba Shaheen, Executive Director of the Irada Initiative, emphasizes that the guide is an opportunity to consolidate the rules for the development of innovative, flexible and effective legislative instruments, and to establish a sound methodology to support the government in the necessary legislative and regulatory measures to attract more local and foreign investment, in line with the current stage and the prescriptions of Mr. President Republic.

She pointed out that the guide comes as a result of the fruitful collaboration with the Sigma program for the past three years, during which the world has seen a large number of challenges and changes, and pointed out that the launch of the guide coincided with the launch of the investment and industrial partnership between Egypt and the UAE, which will create a strong impetus in legislation.

She addressed the need to start a new phase in which legislation and decisions are formulated in accordance with the latest international standards and methodologies, using all the necessary tools to seriously implement those standards as presented by the guide, and thus contribute to facing economic challenges. attracting investment, achieving sustainable development goals, green economy, digitization, and achieving Equality, Equal Opportunities and Empowerment of Women.

She said the guide monitors the state’s ambition to adopt a new scientific approach to formulating better and more comprehensive legislation in Egypt, by working to achieve three main objectives that include setting concrete steps and examples around the assess legislative impact, develop a mechanism for collecting data and information and conduct consultations with relevant parties, whether from state agencies or the private sector, in addition to improving transparency and governance by improving access to the objectives of each proposal.

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