Huawei stresses the importance of enhancing fifth-generation profits to drive digitalization and sustainability and build digital economies in the countries of the region

During the SAMENA Summit of Telecommunication Leaders in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

Huawei introduces new solutions to upgrade telecommunications network services to new heights of smart and wireless technologies and reduce energy consumption

The Middle East : Telecommunication leaders and experts from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and the world participated in the SAMENA Telecom Leaders Council Summit 2022, organized for the ninth consecutive year in partnership with Huawei. The annual summit, held in Atlantis, Dubai, discussed the future opportunities offered by new technologies, the most important of which is the fifth generation, and its role in the development of the businesses and services of other sectors and industries, and contribute in line with the digital transformation plans of countries in the region.

At the summit, Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the plans of countries in the region to build digital economies by making the most of modern technologies, the most important of which is the role played by fifth-generation technology and the importance of improving cloud computing. , in addition to other digital capabilities such as digital energy that will contribute to achieving sustainability in the telecommunications sector. Huawei stressed the need to provide computing capabilities in an age of data sovereignty based on the “all as one service” model, and the important role of integrating and integrating technologies, infrastructure investments, connectivity, frequency spectrum and artificial intelligence, all of which contribute to the improvement of the future of business of large sectors and economic institutions and contribute to the achievement of national plans and visions for the countries of the region.

Stephen Yi, President of Huawei in the Middle East and Africa, spoke about the role of the fifth generation in achieving digital transformation in the region and the opportunities it offers to businesses, saying: “In the light of the global efforts to achieve digital transformation, Huawei is committed to providing the latest innovative technologies, the most important of which is the fifth generation, and it is introduced by the work of network networks Telecom and its strategic partnerships with telecommunications operators to bring more features of spreading the fifth generation to the benefit of other sectors to contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives, the provision of a comprehensive digital experience, the achievement of digital transformation and the building of digital economies that achieve the aspirations of countries by rely on smart digital solutions. “

In turn, Pocar A. Ba, CEO and Board Member of Samena Telecom, said: “We discussed the future of networks in the 5G era and emphasized the role of networks in achieving digital transformation and promoting economic development. The participants also agreed on the importance of continuing to focus on network development to achieve sustainability goals in the region, which require attention to innovation to achieve net zero emissions by relying on digital energy technology. ”

The summit witnessed Huawei’s launch of new solutions in communications networks, “IntelligentRAN”, where Vanes Yu, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions at Huawei Carrier Business Group for Communications Networks in the Middle East, gave a full presentation on the new solution that will move communication networks to new horizons of smart and wireless technologies and reduce energy consumption, and increase services to unprecedented levels, including flexible services, smart experiences, and smart and clean operations and maintenance, to contribute to the spread of smart technologies in various sectors in the future. ”

The summit witnessed the participation of high-level Huawei officials in a number of discussion panels, where Dr. Mohamed Madkour, Global Vice President of Wireless Communications Networking Solutions and Marketing at Huawei spoke on the role of smart communication in social development and the promotion of the digital economy, emphasizing Huawei’s commitment to providing a coherent, smart and smooth digital infrastructure that has efficient and supportive activities to achieve innovative social and economic value. Dr. named. Madkour ICT policies are among the basic ingredients to provide an environment conducive to business and technical innovations.

Paul Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer, Huawei Carrier Networks Business Unit, in a panel discussion “The integration of cloud computing and networks discussed the role of the integration and integration of cloud and networking capabilities, with an emphasis on hybrid cloud computing and cybersecurity based on cloud computers and service models. ” Emad Ahmed, chief network expert at Huawei Middle East, also participated in a seminar on “Business and Technology Integration to Achieve Sustainable Integration in the 5th Generation Era”, and discussed the increasing operating expenses of telecommunications operators as’ due to the complexity of systems and networks, and the importance of achieving clean development in the light of carbon neutral efforts The need to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The summit witnessed the launch of a joint report between the UNESCO Institute for Information Technology in Education and Huawei entitled “Strengthening the Talent Ecosystem for Digital Transformation: A Study on the Role of ICT in Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Education in the Middle East and Pakistan “. The report highlights the importance of developing technical talent and creating appropriate ecosystems through public-private partnerships to improve ICT skills in the region and create jobs in the digital world. The report pointed out that the focus on the development of technical skills has led to the consolidation of ICT profits in the countries of the region and created new opportunities for social and economic development.


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