Kamco Invest releases its first sustainability report for 2021 in line with multiple guidelines and frameworks

Sarkhou: Developing a sustainable business environment is an integral part of Kamco Invest’s value creation strategy

Kuwait: Kamco Invest, the largest local non-bank financial asset manager in the region, has released its first sustainability report outlining the company’s sustained commitment to environmental, social, economic and management aspects for the year ended 31 December 2021.

The report is in line with a number of guiding principles and frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Seven Pillars of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), Boursa Kuwait’s Environment , Social and governance indicators, and the seven pillars of “New Kuwait”, which fall within the framework of Kuwait’s development plan.

Driven by the importance of maintaining a long-term business vision, KAMCO Invest strives to become one of the major contributors to Kuwait’s social structure. The actions that the company has taken in this aspect have contributed to the formulation of a sustainable business environment system that helps in the growth of the company’s business and has added value for all stakeholders in an increasingly globalized and dynamic world.

Faisal Mansour Sarkhou, CEO, said: “The development of a sustainable business environment is an integral part of Kamco Invest’s value creation strategy. Sustainability has become a big part of our business, reflecting the way we work and our interactions. “has had a positive impact on the environment, society and the community. Our employees. This report gives an overview of the sustainability approach we have been following for years and has become part of the company’s strategy.”

Kamco Invest’s sustainability policy contributes to better service to all stakeholders and a positive impact on society. The 2021 Sustainability Report is an essential step in promoting the company’s sustainable considerations on economic, environmental, social and governance factors, especially when formulating new business strategies. This practice is evident in the company’s efforts to be more transparent, to have a high level of business ethics and, above all, to create long-term value for all stakeholders. ”

Over the past few years, KAMCO Invest has made great strides towards environmental, societal and governance issues through a number of initiatives. The company has worked to have a positive impact on the environment and has introduced digital platforms that enhance the customer experience and internal operations. From a social perspective, the company is increasingly contributing in the areas of health, wellness, youth and women empowerment, education and financial literacy.

In terms of management, Kamco Invest has continued to implement a robust framework that aligns its business with best practices and ethical standards. Within this approach is compliance with and compliance with applicable laws and regulations affecting business. In addition, through careful and continuous review, the company is committed to all regulatory developments and adjustments as soon as possible.

Sarkhou added: “Since its inception, Kamco Invest has contributed to many initiatives that have made an impact in the community. These contributions include providing new business opportunities, launching innovative financial solutions, disseminating valuable market information and analysis, and playing a role

Large in local and regional financial markets. At the same time, KAMCO Invest is implementing a comprehensive social responsibility program aimed at spreading awareness, providing support and contributing to a number of social issues. ”

The Sustainability Report provides a detailed overview of the company’s activities related to the environment, society and management and their impact, which will enable the company to develop its strategy for sustainable growth in the coming years. Kamco Invest will also be able to set goals related to sustainability and follow future progress. The report is available in English on the company’s website: www.kamcoinvest.com/sustainability.

Sarkhou concluded: “This is just the beginning, as Kamco Invest will build on its sustainable development program and develop its business environment system to contribute to development to achieve the desired modernity.”


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About Kamco Invest

KAMCO Investment Company KSC (Public) “Kamco Invest” is a local non-bank financial power station headquartered in the state of Kuwait and located in the major local financial markets, established in 1998 and listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange since 2003. KAMCO Invest is a subsidiary The Kuwait Projects Group Holding “KIPCO” is administratively independent and applies the highest standards of management and is subject to the supervision of the Capital Markets Authority and the Central Bank of Kuwait.

The amount of assets under management is approximately $ 16 billion (as of March 31, 2022) in various asset classes and markets making it one of the largest asset managers in the Middle East and North Africa. Kamco Invest has a proven record of investment banking transactions of more than $ 29.2 billion since its inception until 31 March 2022 in equity capital markets, debt capital markets and mergers and acquisitions.

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