Poverty when it’s a whip on its owner’s head

“Everyone who opens a door for himself, God will open a door for him out of poverty.”

Leader of the Believers, peace be upon him

Because it is a phenomenon that evokes human feelings, calls are made for solutions aimed at state institutions, or cultural and social institutions, to liberate the poor from what is in them, and to provide for their needs so that we do not witness the manifestations of begging. not (beggar) that is widespread in our Islamic countries in general, and in Iraq in particular, which has turned into a profession and a source. It is easy and safe to earn enough money for young children, girls and women, while poverty is a social condition. has its own roots before it becomes a social problem.The large number of charities that cover large numbers of poor families, in addition to state support despite its small size.

Poverty is a political requirement

About sixty years ago, thinkers wrote about the reasons for the failure of real change processes in Islamic countries, despite the great deeds and the great sacrifices, and they came to the conclusion that the poor were the front line in the bloody line of confrontation – and still is. , thus coups, revolutions and transformations occur, and new regimes appear with new faces. But the characteristics of poverty and deprivation are still fixed on the faces of those who participated in those revolutions and transformations. They are the same. They live in slums, and do the simplest and most difficult works, surrounded by swamps and debris, and dusty through the year, and complaints and pain do not leave their lips.

The exact reference to those leading thinkers was that the poor must rise up against his poverty before rising up against the unjust ruler, and that he must feel his bad condition between himself and himself, before facing the external issues between him and others. feel, such as; Freedom of opinion and expression, and the search for sources of power for self-defense. It is the internal transformation that builds a solid foundation for a confident start to real change and a triumphant victory over external reality, no matter how arrogant, arrogant. al. and bloody it is.There are many historical experiences that we do not intend to delve into.

As for the sad paradox today, it is not in the failure to realize those beautiful hopes and accurate theories, but in the progression from the reality of bad poverty to a much worse and more dangerous square. They raised the slogan through groups. of change for the better, and even with all power claim to fight corruption and corrupters!

How does this happen?

If the poor man changes his state from poverty to wealth, he will be the master of himself, and in an advanced step he will be able to express his views and aspirations without anyone needing to think on his behalf, and even with adults deciding on small and big matters, especially crucial ones, because he will have no more need.After the finished piece of bread that comes to him from here and there to fill his stomach and in the needs of his to provide family. , says the Commander of the Believers: “Poverty silences the way of his argument, and the way is strange in his town,” and in his book; The strategy of producing wealth and combating poverty in the approach of Imam Ali, Ayatollah Sayyid Mortada al-Shirazi, answers his Eminence: “Why does sensible poverty silence his argument? That the poor do not have the means to defend his argument “and promote it, and convince others of it, and is poverty allowed to own newspapers? Is it possible for the poor to establish schools and institutes to graduate scholars who carry thinking and who defend it with arguments?” and accordingly; The higher the rate of poverty, the more the rulers offer security in terms of consciousness, and the greater the degree of blind obedience.

The poor are not always that beggar in the streets, otherwise our number would be insignificant. Rather, the manifestations of poverty strike all sections of society in a convincing way. To somehow connect with the state is a form of poverty, and the cultural and media circles have agreed that a high percentage of state jobs It represents “disguised unemployment” that the rooms of state departments full of male and female employees without clear work or produce something useful.

This is enough for the fluctuation of oil prices, fluctuations in hard exchange rates, or improvised decisions, and perhaps some of them deliberately by the “officials” of the state, which makes the large segment dependent on the monthly salary on a hot look lose their senses during the day, and lose their comfort at night, unless they receive reassurances from the media Liquidity and salary payment so that everyone says: Praise be to his God, Lord of the Worlds!

Is there more extreme poverty than that ?!

This bad and tragic fate was made only by the poor themselves.If it were not for the desire to obtain the specified monthly salary, and to escape from moral and human responsibility towards society and the nation, by yourself and body with work to stress, production and creativity in service of self and others, it would not have turned into a ready means to achieve political interests. And even as personal as what we hear and see in the media.

prince culture

When we read the hadith which is narrated on the authority of the Commander of the Believers: even if she wants to be emir, ”does not mean that the imam, may God’s peace upon him, give society divided into classes, otherwise the rich and the rich do not need someone to make him a ruler over the people , since he is pre-packaged for what’s in it, not even the poor who reach out a helping hand. Here the matter is nothing but a definite achievement. The comparison is rather aimed at giving as a general culture that spreads wealth, chastity and existence among all members of society In many cases we take note of Societies that are proud of the presence of individuals who are not rich but who contributed to the construction of orphanages, or built mosques and schools, and participated in charitable works. Treat what is in it quickly with chastity, contentment and contentment, to later go on to contribute to the treatment of others, worthy of the title of emir. His Eminence Ayatollah Shirazi says: society ruled, most of the poor would be turned into rich benefactors instead of being poor prisoners. ”

Just to think of the acceptability and continuity of poverty among some with psychological proposals that justify some about the corruption of the political system, and that the corrupt in government departments are responsible for the increase in the poverty rate and the distribution of residents, is in itself a heavy whip that makes its owners humiliation, humiliation and slavery, with the problems and crises that continue in succession, As for tackling the phenomenon of poverty, or combating begging, it will not – in some cases – just for media consumption be not, or for political use of this or that.

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