“Public Fund Protectors” Reveals Acquisition of a Public Real Estate Company in Marrakech at 100 Dirhams Per Meter

The Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds has lodged a complaint against an unknown person with the King’s Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Marrakesh for a complaint relating to the waste of public funds and forgery, after submitting documents and data revealing the continuing bleeding of the waste of public property balance, which incites the pretext of investing, through the complicity of employees and public officials in committing serious acts punishable under criminal law, as parties benefited from suspicious misconduct under the guise of decisions issued by some elected councils in the Red City.

The association explained that a company bought a public property for a small amount that did not exceed 100 dirhams per square meter to complete a tourism project, after the approval of the Marrakesh Municipal Council, even though the property in question located in an area with a square meter price of 35 000 dirhams. But the dangerous thing is also that the tourism project has been transformed into a residential project, from which a happy company benefited, which will reap huge profits, due to the circumvention of the law with the help of influential officials in the municipality of Marrakesh.

According to the details of the scandal, the association has revealed that the facts apparently date back to 1988 and that it may be obsolete over more than 30 years, but contrary to this belief, the facts are still the subject of the complaint going on in time and place until now and yielding all their effects, the last of which is the delivery Building permits for the company, which lost the property in mysterious circumstances and was surrounded by suspicions and corruption during the tenure of the former collective council led by Larbi Belkaid, which makes it subject to criminal law.

The association explained that it is possible to stand by its complaint when it comes to data dating back to previous years, as a company submitted a request to the Presidency of the Marrakesh Municipal Council on 22 December 1986, in which it is requested that he miss the two. municipal plots located on the corner of Boulevard Moulay El Hassan and Boulevard John F. Kennedy, which are two adjacent plots. The area of ​​the first is 25836 / m2 with a property fee of 2574, and the area of ​​the second is 16 842 / m2 with a property fee of 17 269, and its total area is 42 678 square meters.

The company’s aforementioned request indicates that it intends to build a premium class tourist complex containing 250 suites, four tennis courts, a sauna, a swimming pool or lamp, an exhibition hall, a socio-economic entertainment center and shops . According to the company’s preliminary estimates, the completion of the project requires a financial envelope estimated at more than 9 billion centimes.

At the request of the aforesaid company, the matter was brought to the attention of the Regional Evaluation Committee on 24 April 1987, where it set the price of a square meter at 150 dirhams, but given that the city of Marrakesh, according to the same committee, a need tourist revival, it suggested that the price of the forfeited 100 dirhams per square meter should be. The same subject was submitted to the Study and Planning Committee at its meeting held on 28 March 1988, when the committee approved the request.

On March 16, 1988, the city’s municipal council received a letter from the governor of the city of Marrakech encouraging 4,400 responses to a letter addressed to it by the city council. The worker’s answer reads as follows: “The committee headed by the governor of Marrakesh province during the year 1979, which moved to Ain. The place has decided that this piece will not be subject to any forfeiture, exchange or the like. “

This is the answer which did not satisfy the aforesaid committee, and it confirmed the impossibility of continuing the land in its condition, and that if the working master has a vision to use this land for a specific purpose, he must inform the Council thereof. In its April 1988 session, the Marrakech Municipal Council considered that the city of Marrakech needed profitable economic and tourism projects, and that the absorbency of this tourist complex would benefit a good hand from the city’s residents.

The Marrakesh Municipal Council, chaired by the late Mohamed El Wafa, voted in favor of giving up the two plots of land for the benefit of the company at a cost of 100 dirhams per square meter for the construction of a tourist and economic complex according to the specifications contained in the request of the same company referred to earlier. And based on the decision of the aforementioned council, a decree was issued by the late Prime Minister Izz al-Din al-Iraqi under No. 2,91,181 dated 6 May 1991.

Subsequently, on 8 May 1992, the Municipal Council of the City of Marrakesh signed an agreement with the company in question in which the two plots for the aforementioned company were transferred on the basis of 100 dirhams per square meter at a total price of (4 267 000 .00 dirhams).
While, looking at the aforementioned agreement, it becomes clear that it was completed in accordance with the decision of the Marrakesh Municipal Council in the April 1988 session, which approved the company’s request to complete the tourist complex in accordance with the details contained therein. in his application lodged with the aforesaid council dated 22 December 1986.

The association added in its complaint that it was clear that the matter was not related to the loss of two spots by a sales contract subject to the conditions laid down in the Obligations and Contracts Act, but rather over a contract and agreement subject to conditions based. on the decision of the Evaluation Committee, which set the price of the forfeit at 100 dirhams per square meter, as well as in agreement with the Rapporteur of the Marrakech Municipal Council in its regular session of April 1988.

After talking about the completion of a specific and detailed tourism project within the request of the acquiring company, the specific financial costs and the approval of the Marrakech Municipal Council on the aforementioned request, which is conditioned by a book of tolerances, and so on , based on all the abuses and circumvention of the law, the company in question was given a gift of gold, and was able to obtain during the mandate of the collective council The former, under the leadership of Larbi Belkaid, was able to obtain two bowling licenses, the first for the creating the first part of a residential segmentation, and the second for the construction of a model building.
And since the company obtained licenses for the construction of retail housing and architecture instead of a tourist boat, the total of the participating and intervening parties to obtain this result, each according to his responsibility, the positions of responsibility and the public decision to exploit illegally to enrich. the company that lost the property.

While the company will reap fantastic profits in exchange for taking advantage of a public property of only 100 dirhams per square meter, located in a strategic area where the price per square meter reaches 35,000 dirhams. The association added that the dangerous thing in the case is that the loss of public property mentioned in the complaint was with the aim of encouraging tourism, investment and employment of the city’s youth, but it became clear afterwards that these noble purposes were used. in order to squander public money and employ institutions to dump profits and money on a private company.

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