The National Platform for the Entrepreneurship System in Jordan .. Supports 400 Startups

In a pioneering step that strengthens the entrepreneurial system and community in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ahmed Al Hanandeh inaugurated; The Jordanian Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, the national platform for the entrepreneurship system in Jordan “”, which is the first national digital platform specializing in the entrepreneurship system in the Kingdom of Jordan, and provides information and data provided by the begin to be needed. ups, investors, support agencies and service providers; For the sustainability and prosperity of entrepreneurship in Jordan.

The National Platform for Entrepreneurship is implemented and managed by the Jordan Information and Communications Technology Association “Intaj” and the Startups Council, in collaboration with Al-Jadara Consulting Company and Al-Jada Company for Business Solutions, with support and funding from the “Jordanian Entrepreneurship Fund ”.

This platform aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial system in Jordan, and will act as a link between entrepreneurs, investors, support systems and other entities operating in the entrepreneurial system in Jordan; Aiming to help identify and support promising start-ups and provide them with the tools and training needed to be successful and grow.

On this occasion, Al-Hanandeh stressed that the entrepreneurship sector is the future, and praised the entrepreneurship system in Jordan, pointing out that entrepreneurship companies started in Jordan, and this is an added qualitative value for the country. Thanks to King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein’s support for youth and entrepreneurship; This is clearly reflected in the leadership sector.

He explained that this platform is a reference to facilitate access to entrepreneurial companies, and it is an essential step to have important data about beginners, pointing out that we do not have graphical information to take advantage of, and explains that providing entrepreneurial companies with data will help to attract investment and to know the success stories of entrepreneurial companies. .

Al-Hanandeh added that the study conducted by the Intaj Association shows us the magnitude of the successes achieved by Jordanian entrepreneurial companies, their role in attracting investment to Jordan and the success of a large number of entrepreneurial companies in the achieved globalization, emphasizing that Jordanian entrepreneurial companies did not leave Jordan.This is pure slander, and the story of leadership in Jordan is a success story.

He said the government’s role was positive in supporting the entrepreneurship sector, but the Corona pandemic delayed the success of this leading role, and the National Council for Entrepreneurship was established to implement the leadership strategy, which includes the implementation of 22 initiatives, monitor and implement.

Al-Hanandeh explained that the government is working on four main axes: the legislative environment and investment law, facilitating access to regional and global markets, drawing digital identity, and improving financing for investment in the entrepreneurship sector, and note notes that there are talks with one of the funding agencies to support 30 companies worth 100 million JD, and to improve the digital skills of entrepreneurs through the “Digital Skills” association; To develop digital skills and human energy to develop their business.

He pointed out that there is a weakness in educational abilities and entrepreneurial curricula; Therefore, it is necessary to collaborate with universities on a program to support digital skills and support IT graduates, revealing that there is an idea to provide a parallel market for technological entrepreneurial businesses that contribute to the generation of adequate employment opportunities for young people, with the hope that Jordanian achievements will be supported and highlight success stories that support the investment environment.

For his part, Muhammad Al-Jaafari said: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Fund for Entrepreneurship: “The national platform for the entrepreneurship system is an educational and educational platform for emerging companies,” and called on entrepreneurs to take advantage of this platform and the services it provides, emphasizing that the chances of success of this platform depend on the size of the platform’s support and benefit from it.

Al-Jaafari noted that the Kingdom of Jordan is full of skills with high capabilities and skills, and the challenge before us was to use these skills for the purposes of investing in them, emphasizing that the world needs and needs Jordanian skills. to invest in them.

The head of the Jordan Entrepreneurship Fund explained that the fund’s main goal is to create an environment Business Attractive and competitive work on investing and empowering talent, pointing out that this national project aims to promote the entrepreneurial business environment through foreign investment funds that have invested in fifty local entrepreneurial companies, noting that the fund invests directly in 22 local companies has, and emphasizes that entrepreneurship is one of the genes. We need to be proud of this and develop the business environment, this is what the National Platform for Entrepreneurship System is working on as one of the elements of developing the business environment in Jordan.

About the National Platform for Entrepreneurship System

And according to what “Intaj” announced earlier, the national platform for the entrepreneurship system will provide a comprehensive online ecosystem that describes and diagnoses the entrepreneurship environment in Jordan from all sides; By providing a comprehensive database of start-ups, business incubators and investment entities, and creating a clear map of the preference for support and assistance in promoting beginners; Where the platform will serve as a link between entrepreneurs, investors, support systems and other entities operating within the Jordanian entrepreneurship system; Aiming to help identify and support promising start-ups and provide them with the tools and training needed to be successful and grow.

The national platform for the entrepreneurship ecosystem will provide data and services that benefit four main categories: start-up companies, incubator and support agencies, sector service providers (consultants, legal and others), and investment entities.

Intaj has previously confirmed that the national platform for the entrepreneurship system targets 400 Jordanian start-ups for registration, in addition to the relevant authorities, including: venture capital firms, business incubators and accelerators, and related service providers; The startup card will be included on it; Which increases the volume of interaction and communication between registered.

According to a previous announcement by the Intaj Association, those registered on the platform can communicate directly with each other, whether they are beginners or investors, while the national platform for the entrepreneurship system has provided a tool to explore the available options. filter to determine the interests of especially the registered.

Among the benefits that the national platform for the entrepreneurship ecosystem will offer: providing an online diagnostic tool to invest the readiness of entrepreneurial companies, identifying any barriers they face to investing in the growth stage ensure, in addition to providing a tool that helps investment agencies, business incubators and accelerators to automate and organize application processes.

The results of a study conducted by Orange Jordan, the Intaj Association and the StartupsJo Council on behalf of the “Innovation Space” project supported by the European Union revealed that there are 360 ​​start-ups, most of which technology or volunteer technology. to serve other sectors such as education, health, trade, finance, agriculture and other sectors.

The study – in its updated second edition – stated that this number of start-ups monitored in the Jordanian entrepreneurship system accounts for more than 90% of the actual number of start-ups in Jordan. While any companies whose data were not recorded in this general, impartial study are continuously monitored and followed up. The study also revealed that to date, approximately 3.5 thousand direct jobs have been created by these beginners.

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