We can not allow the municipality of Tripoli to fall into the void

Central – The mayor of Tripoli, dr. Riyad Yamaq, in a person interview, which he held in his office, commented on the issue of the end of the six-year deadline for the municipal councils’ life yesterday and the start of work on extending these councils for a year from its date, according to a law issued by the House of Representatives based on the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Municipalities and the government of President Najib Mikati, and it was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force, and he said: “I did not expand it for myself. The law rather extended it to municipal councils for the next year, and when we inquired about the fate of the president and vice-president, the answer of the competent authorities came that the law was extended to the president and his deputy and to the municipal councils, and we were as mayors of large municipalities.We held a meeting and agreed not to renew or extend n ie, and we made our decision to those involved, but members of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives decided that the extension was better for the municipalities at this stage for a year, and so the law was issued.

He added: “Of course there is confusion, contrast and entanglement of ideas, statements and interpretations on this issue, but the law remains a law and we have the responsibility to manage the public facility and we can not leave the Tripoli municipality. a vacuum We have a responsibility when we leave the municipality to a vacuum, especially as municipal work faces obstacles and there is a shortcoming The municipal performance is significant, and it is not just in Tripoli, but in all the municipalities of Lebanon due to the current circumstances and the economic and social crisis, in addition to all the crises that have passed and cast their shadows and weight on the work of the municipalities.And if we leave the vacuum, will it be a betrayal of the city and its people.I will not claim that I am satisfied with the execution of the municipal work in Tripoli, but the Tripoli municipality, despite the difficult circumstances, continue to perform its necessary duties and the local authority is still present with a failure to perform, and this is not only in the Tripoli Municipality, but the failure exists in All State Facilities, starting with the military and security forces, where some of them left the wire and escaped from a painful reality, as well as there are several cases of abandonment by the municipal police, and there are workers who whine because their pension equals $ 50 has.

He continued: “I leave the mayor’s office when the state decides whether actors ask me, like Dar al-Fatwa first, elected representatives or active associations, when they say, ‘Oh, mayor, we do not want you,'” he continued. then I respond to their request, and I have not and will not accept to be mayor in a city whose people do not want me. ”

He pointed out that “what happened to former president Ahmed Qamar El-Din was in a different framework, which is an implementation of the law that trusts the president and his deputy after 3 years of municipal council the municipal councils and to put confidence in the president and his deputy, I will not break the law, but the law has been extended to the president and his deputy and to the councils, so I will not resign before I made sure there is an alternative to lead the city, and I will not accept that the city is led to a void, everyone knows that there has been a dispute between the councilors during the past 3 years, I will not do not mention the names, all are from good and honorable families and they were educated, but they were disruptive, and I have all the evidence of all who disrupted, and it is a pity that we distributed our laundry in front of people, and despite of the difficult circumstances the sessions were not held, and now we hold the session with m inder than the quorum, because the first session is required for a quorum The second session is not required for a quorum.

And he added: “We are working on running the municipality, and the last session was to cut the bill and advances so that we can carry out our duties and repair the mechanisms so that we can serve the city and its people, and most of the people of the city know this.We try to repair the mechanisms by benefactors and not from the municipal fund, and sometimes there is no fuel for the same reason, and we asked the Ministry of Home Affairs and Municipalities to the Tripoli municipality in advance so that it can meet the needs of the municipality and the people of the city. ”

In response to a question about the mayor’s authority and the possibility of making and implementing any decision “with a stroke of a pen”, and you did not use your authority, he replied: “This is not true, any important project requires a book of conditions and the consensus of a municipal council, which means they need a decision of the municipal council as a whole, therefore a tender is needed.Without this hierarchy, the mayor can not tackle any project. is true that the mayor has the freedom to act in some places, but he can not do in important matters except by a decision of the municipal council, and there is a financial controller who succeeds nothing except when it is in accordance with the law, and to the financial controller, the decision goes by post to the governor’s guardianship authority, and after the validity and integrity of the documents is verified, it goes by post to the Ministry of Interior Sa ke and Municipalities to take approval and thus start working on the project.You think that the municipality is the one that provides the electricity and must monitor the generators. We have explained these matters more than once. We have authority in some matters, but there are other matters in which we have no authority. Rather, the authority belongs to the governor, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Energy or Social Affairs, not all. Dilemmas and problems borne by the municipality confuse the citizen the municipality of Tripoli, which is a local authority over which there are several control authorities, and the municipality of Istanbul and the municipality of Rome or the municipality of Paris, where there is no centralization not. in his work, and the mayor is like the head of the city, but rather the absolute ruler of the city and in his hand all the powers given to the governor and ministries, The issue in Lebanon is completely different, and that is why we wants our fellow members to be on our side and the city and its people to show our solidarity and solidarity, but when we accuse each other of things without evidence or proof, we achieve chaos.And know who has incited and masterminded? The subject of Abi Samra’s olive grove, the subject of 3 billion food rations, the subject of the perfume garden planted by an association and its products distributed to the poor, and the subject of the European Union, and I’m waiting for the response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the rise of the truth The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the decisions of the session are illegal, we cancel the decisions, and look at the items on the agenda, all of them are essential items for the execution of municipal work. ”

In response to a question, he said: “I accepted the mayor of the municipality 3 years ago. I was a member and head of the Youth and Sports Committee, and it was one of the most important committees, and its achievements for them we work together for the city, unfortunately it did not happen, and a few months after we received the revolution, the revolution started.Where it was an important place to stop the Corona epidemic fight, and this work done by the municipality for Corona was one of the most important works done by the whole city, and it is achievements that we have done with live meat. ”

Asked about the consensus of all on the personality of Riyad Yamaq al-Amin, but there are queries about the fate of the field hospital in Tripoli, he said: “We have brought the field hospital to safety. The government, we as a municipality ended our role, and when the hospital was equipped, the talk about the corona was reduced and the number of injured decreased, and the field hospital became a center waiting for pressure and the need for it to be in use. And the pressure on the state hospital increased, then the cases were transferred there, according to the Ministry of Health, and I asked the director general of the state hospital, Nasser Adra, and he said at the moment, the state hospital covers Corona cases, and when we have to open the doors of the field hospital next to the state hospital, we as a municipality have provided everything needed to the civil hospital and we have all our duties towards the veldh hospital and government done. hospital, where we provided 300 million to buy the PCR examination device and many other offerings.

Commenting on the stalls and the offenses, Yamaq said: “The issue of the stalls and the offenses is a purely social matter. We are going through very difficult life and social circumstances. The question is how the decision was made to remove the stalls while providing a simple daily food for a poor family? How can the owner of the farm live? Everyone should fear God and that They are afraid of the revolution of the poor, we did not legislate the stations and said we are not with the violations, and the important thing is that the violation stations do not disrupt traffic, and are not in another place, and above all, I can not remove any violation without a security cover. ”

He concluded by appealing to the members: “Put the interest of the city first and work together, in the past there was an old dispute, I personally gave up any resentment in my heart, and their heads one for one accepted and told them the importance of the city above all, and now I come back and repeat, if the members who gave me confidence asked me And there are others, 4 or 5 members, if they ask me to get out of the other members to be president and everyone agrees on it The governor, I’m in conflict with the governor, and the governor did not stand with Tripoli, on the contrary, he fought against the city, and he personally opposed me fought for no reason.

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