Will the water return to normal between Megan Markle and her father after his health crisis ?!

An informed source told The Mirror that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, was deeply concerned after learning of her father’s recent health crisis.
The source said that despite the sharp differences between them and Megan’s estrangement after she accused her father and her two brothers of her father of leaking details of her personal life to the media, Megan contacted people she shared with her. dad shared to look after her dad’s health. .
He noted that she did not contact her father directly; Because she does not want to communicate with her half-brother and sister, Thomas Markle Jr., and Samantha Markle, so that they do not take advantage of the situation, if they have their own agendas.
It has also been reported, citing the source, that Megan is looking for a way to communicate directly with her father, away from her brothers, and she will also seek any contact or future meeting with her father, away from the media to keep.
On the other hand, Samantha Markle vehemently denied that Megan Markle tried to contact their father after his recent health crisis.
Samantha said in her new appearance on an episode that aired yesterday, May 30, 2022, on the popular morning show “Good Morning Britain”: “Meghan did not try to contact her father and all that was said to the contrary, were just rumors.
Samantha also said their father loves them all but was attacked in the media for talking over and over in public about his desire to communicate with his daughter.
Samantha added, “He is her father, so he has the right to communicate with her, he was very honest and clear about his desire to communicate with her, the door is wide open for her to do so, and she call him directly, she always had his phone number, it did not change, and she also has his address.So any talk that she does not know how to communicate with him directly or that she does not know how to communicate with him privately not communicating is absurd. “
Thomas Markle, the father of former actress Duchess Meghan Markle, had a sudden stroke; This necessitated his transportation by ambulance from Tijuana, Mexico, to a hospital in Chula Vista, California.
She confirmed the news at the time to the British Daily Mail, Samantha Markle, Megan’s sister; She said: “My father is recovering in hospital … We are asking for privacy for the family, for his health, he just needs peace and comfort.”
Samantha Markle also immediately accused her sister, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, of being the main cause of her father, Thomas Markle’s deteriorating health.
Samantha Markle has filed a lawsuit against her sister, alleging that Megan slandered their family through several false allegations about Megan’s childhood during her famous interview with the famous media, Oprah Winfrey last year.
Samantha denied Megan’s allegations in her conversation with Oprah, about her upbringing and the difficult circumstances in which she lived; The photos confirmed that Megan was educated in private schools, and that their parents bore the cost of her studies for many years.
In turn, Michael Coombe, the lawyer for the Duchess of Meghan Markle, called the lawsuit absurd; He told the aforementioned website: “This allegation is unfounded and can only be described as absurd. It is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior. We will treat it with the minimum attention it deserves.”

Thomas Markle has also announced that he is prepared to testify against his daughter Meghan, Prince Harry’s wife, in the lawsuit brought against her by his eldest daughter, Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle. Thomas, 77, expressed his happiness at confronting his youngest daughter, Meghan, 40, in the defamation case his 57-year-old daughter, Samantha Markle, brought against Meghan, who talked about their relationship in her interview with Prince Harry , with renowned American broadcaster Oprah Winfrey last year.
In the first episode of his YouTube channel, Thomas said: “I would be more than happy to do so. I have been trying for about 4 years to meet my daughter and her husband face to face. I will meet them in the “I will be very happy to defend my eldest daughter.”
Thomas also advised his daughter Megan to work on settling the case out of court; Because she will not be able to justify her lies with Oprah.
It is noteworthy that the differences between Megan Markle and her father began to fetch the newspapers after the latter leaked the message the Duchess had sent him to the media; This prompted her to file a lawsuit against the newspaper that published it.
Thomas Markle said at the time that he had only published a small portion of the 5-page letter, and that he certainly did not do it out of money; Rather, in response to Megan’s friend, who revealed in a person interview that Megan sent a message of love to her father before her wedding, but he did not respond. The father explained that what the friend said showed that he was the “bad father”, and he had to defend himself, explaining that the message never took a positive turn; It was rather the opposite, and caused him psychological damage; Note that he tried very hard to contact his daughter after her wedding to Prince Harry.
Megan’s friend stated that Megan had sent her father to ask him to stop embarrassing her, and that she loved him and that he was her only father, while the message revealed the opposite. , and that it, according to her father’s expression, appeared as a farewell message.
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