A Saudi writer holds Salman Al-Awda and Saad Al-Jabri responsible for the high prices!

Salman Al-Awda – Saad Al-Jabri

homeland In an incident that sparked a wave of ridicule, the Saudi journalist wrote about it, Ali al-Malikifleeing security officer Saad Al-Jabri And supporters of the arrested preacher Salman Al-Awda are behind the high prices in the Kingdom, which have made sacks of Saudis and encouraged them to launch boycott campaigns for many companies on social media.

Al-Maliki said in a post on his account on the microblogging site “Twitter” monitored by “Watan”, asking: “Are the remains of the trash of the terrorist Salman al-Awda and the thief, the fugitive spy Seed al-Jabri, which is related to the high prices of vegetables, fruits, dairy, cheese, eggs, meat, etc.? ”

He added: “I, in all honesty, have begun to doubt that there are those who are moving to raise prices against the state and the citizen for malicious purposes.”

Al-Maliki’s tweet caused a flurry of ridicule as the reactions flowed in abundance, emphasizing that what was said on his tongue was not spoken by a healthy person.

And in his response to him, the tweet “Ibn Jazan” said: “By God, if you were tired, he would bless you more than the tweet.”

And a tweeter named “em3zm” mocked the tweet, saying, “This is the result of those who use tassels.”

And a report called “Samit” said: “Honor the one who gave you mind. That means you see the world in crisis and you see our situation in the first place for a while. How did it “It’s happening and how did it happen. It’s up to him, especially because everything we have is worth more than the rest of the world and everything exists? Their money is the reason they laugh at us and we still drain everything.” roads.”

The tweet, “Abu Salem”, mocked Al-Maliki’s tweet, saying: “Even Satan was surprised. He says if he breathes, it’s better.”

Another mocked and said, “There were two hairs left in my head and they flew to your clever tweet! Hi brother, I made this from Conan and Sherlock Holmes! You’re supposed to be a brigade in the search for vegetables, gasoline and eggs! You are a treasure that must guard the land and put you in a pigeon loft on the roofs so that the enemies do not snatch you away from us and utilize your inimitable abilities! You’re superman, brother.

Consumer protection confirms an increase in 80 goods out of 89

And she was Consumer Protection Association In Saudi Arabia, it announced a few days ago that it was monitoring the prices of 89 food commodities in April 2021, comparing them with the prices of April 2022, pointing out that the prices of 80 of them had risen.

In a statement, the association explained: “Within the Consumer Protection Association’s ongoing efforts to monitor and compare the prices of various commodities and products, the association monitored the prices of 89 food commodities in April 2021 and this with the prices of April 2022 compare. “

The association explained that the prices of 80 food commodities (according to the average commodity price report issued by the Statistical Authority) increased in price from 89, equivalent to (89.8%) of commodities, compared to last year for the same period ( April) 2021).

Saudis complain about high prices

And it washomelandA group of hat brands were spotted on the microblogging site “Twitter”, which topped the list of the most traded in the Kingdom, expressing tweeters’ anger over the high prices of many products they could not control.

According to what was monitored, the Saudis interacted very strongly with three labels: #clip them_experience them And the”#Almarai Province“And the”#eierlandThese hat brands are at the forefront of popular hat brands on Twitter.

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