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We live in a world of passwords that are like passports, without which we can not enter our countries, cities, neighborhoods, markets and digital applications, from Facebook to Gmail, Instagram and Twitter (twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Tiktok, Amazon, Alibaba, and many other sites and applications The passwords are in Every place, and an essential part of human life in this digital age par excellence.

In fact, the average person in our world today registers in about 90 accounts via the Internet, which require passwords to access them, and the number is constantly increasing, and very few can remember many of these words. A study conducted by the University of Oxford in Britain in collaboration with the company “Master Card” confirmed that about a third of online purchases are abandoned because consumers can not remember their passwords.

The study found that “21 percent of users forget their passwords after two weeks, and 25 percent forget at least one password a day,” as stated by the platform, which published the key findings in the study.

Many losses due to passwords

And e-commerce experts say that large online sellers are losing a lot of buyers and money because of this problem. In fact, passwords are only part of the problem, but it’s a big problem that not everyone can remember, and most sellers, banks, airlines, etc., ask for it online.

The study found that 51% of people use similar passwords repeatedly to make it easier for them to remember, which can facilitate hacking, which means more losses for users.

Often these words should contain a certain number of letters, numbers and special symbols, and it is better that they do not match the passwords of other sites. And if you follow all the right cyber security rules, you will need to change your passwords on several sites every few months.

And not only that, there’s also something called “multi-factor authentication” where these applications and sites send you an alert or text message after you sign in to the account to verify your true identity.

Even if you follow all these steps to stay safe online, your password can still eventually be hacked, exposing your personal accounts to hackers, hackers, and how much digital history people have lost after losing the passwords and passwords needed to to access their pages. , websites and applications.

Big online sellers lose buyers and money by forgetting passwords (Associated Press)

Is it possible to waive passwords?

But what if all this was done away with? What if you could access your applications and websites without passwords and passwords? Yes, you read that right, and you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of your passwords and passwords forever.

As usual, technology is able to solve the problems it creates, and perhaps the solution to all technology problems is more of them, and the solution to the password problems that have bothered people so much has come through the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance came. which allows you to use your phone instead of passwords to verify your identity.

Apple, Google and Microsoft announced in May that they were introducing new technology to enable users to work on websites and applications by logging in to a single website in Chrome browser from a Windows computer. Use your iPhone, as author Dan Hawley mentioned in a report recently published by the Yahoo Finance platform (

Users will use face or fingerprint recognition technology to register their identity through their smartphones, and once they confirm their identity on their phones using the “Fido standard”, it will stay there forever and neither of them will need any passwords in to access. and use their various websites and applications over the network. Freely without fear of the abomination of losing or forgetting these words, the report reads.

The whole thing may sound a little strange, but some companies already offer passwordless login options, for example Microsoft offers a similar feature where it requires its customers to enter their username and then verify their identity via the company’s Authenticator application.

The author emphasizes that the purpose of Fido Alliance technology is to eliminate the need for these different authentication applications, and to allow you to log in to different applications and websites by simply locking your phone securely. to use.

Microsoft, Apple and Google have not provided details on when they will start introducing and implementing this technology, but we hope we will not have to wait long. Will we soon be able to say goodbye to passwords and passwords forever?

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