Iraqi Davos

Iraq missed great opportunities to develop its economy, wasting hundreds of billions of dollars, many times more than the Marshall Plan spent on rebuilding Western Europe after World War II ($ 13 billion at the time, equivalent to $ 120 billion). current purchase value), and which has wasted Iraq more than what Korea employed South to change from a poor country to a terrifying economic tiger.

If Iraqi researchers were allowed to determine the cause of the missed opportunities and the current decline, they would have responded with great agreement that it is the administration of government and politics.

The Iraqis compare the two eras of the Iraqi monarchy with the subsequent republican eras, and this clearly shows that what the monarchy built and the infrastructure it established and planned in a scarce financial situation is greater than what the republics with large financial abundance, and then when the money that went into the treasury of Iraq in the era of the post-republic 2003 is compared, it appears that there is a major Iraqi (failure) in the planning and management of financial and human resources, and in exploiting the available international capabilities and opportunities.

It can be said that dictatorship is the reason, and it is an incomplete mistake.South Korea did not stabilize politically and did not build itself in the way it achieved until after the coup of General Park Chun-hee (the rule of Korea from 1961) until its assassination in 1979). The Koreans lost freedoms, but they gained a renaissance. A large economy paved the way for a stable political life and impressive economic performance.

It can be said that the reason for the failure in Iraq, as some of those who follow national and religious tendencies say, is the struggle of international powers, with the help of regional powers, to prevent Iraq from building itself and thereby keep busy. internal and external wars? Why, because Iraq is the skull of Arabs for the nationalists, the capital of the world for the Sunni Islamists, the capital of the Mahdist state for the Shiite Islamists, the pearl of thought, culture and civilization for the patriotic narcissists, and most dangerous threat to Israel for resistance, … !! To enjoy stability, enjoy prosperity, and live as (the unbelievers) live.The people of Iraq were created for the afterlife, not the world, and they are entrusted with a special assignment linked to the divine planning for the end of time Quality of life, relative deprivation, corruption, class, clientelism, harsh climate and changes in the environment, natural symptoms, acceptable prices, and a tax paid willingly for the great task and the Great Prize. Resources, and eager to invest opportunities, time and work, are a kind of strange worldly thinking and succumb to the pressures of reality Abandon mission and revolution, and intellectual luxury in a time when there is no time for philosophizing, thinking , critique and the building of the worldly model, which makes people turn with calmness and serenity to the world of morality. Responsibility in this ordeal lies with three minds: the mind that rules, the mind that theorizes, and the mind that governs, and if you try to go back to the root of the problem, you will find that behind it the social formation and the Iraqi cultural context Jerusalem? Or build the state and society with the aim of creating a balance of cognitive, psychological and material forces that can confront the real, not the linguistic and rhetorical?

This issue should not be left to political and partisan bidding, as Iraq has experienced since the 1950s, and it has become the weapon of power to whip society and control its fate, or the weapon of revolutionaries against non-revolutionaries who embrace the principles of the school of political realism.

Iraq’s current moment stipulates that flexible political thinking benefits from an irreplaceable opportunity as the global system accelerates change, and the region experiences political vibrations, racial interests, and secret alignments and alliances to quell the earthquake of change and its potential. confronting and consequences, with the predominance of ambiguity, turmoil and the difficulty of predicting, it is necessary to think about the fate of Iraq over the next eight years, i.e. until 2030.

Will Iraq remain a federal state with its political borders, defined by Sykes-Picot and the Iraq-Turkey Agreement of 1926?

What if the worst-case scenarios of drought and environmental change materialize, and Iraq is forced to swap its oil for water? Any rule comparison that can survive and achieve if the rentier economy continues to function according to its current context, financial fluctuations (abundance – scarcity), unemployment, a society that does not produce, a country that only exports oil, a mafia- partisan struggle for money and power, tribes fighting for interests, and chaotic forces fighting without goals that are not Among the priorities of the majority of society?

The World Bank says Iraq has a limited opportunity to implement drastic reforms to change course, the white paper is not going as planned by the Minister of Finance, the clashing leaders are not in a hurry, their interests are above the interests of Iraq and its nation !,

The possibilities of unrest in the global energy market, food market, poverty, hunger, migration and drought threaten the stability of countries and international relations, as Europe and the world after the Ukraine war are different than before!

Iraq needs painful reform steps, strong external relations of support and investments that must attract it carefully and responsibly. It needs an economic vision that the system and society adopt, implement and monitor every day, to correct, amend and break it down. bottlenecks and errors.

The world annually rushes to the Swiss International Davos Forum to debate and discuss issues of peace, development, migration and its risks, democracy and its fluctuations, investment and its problems, markets and its challenges. The world is being implemented and is being implemented. the whole world was exposed and intertwined with interests in everything. What is happening in Italy is affecting the lives of Brazilians, as the Damascus plays said in the 1970s. Ukraine has shaken the world and Putin’s digging has shattered the foundations of seventy years of an international structure planned by the greats. Iraq needs Davos Alone, mobilizes the whole world and gathers its thoughts to determine a reasonable path that will restore hope for Iraq and work for a tomorrow that is less gloomy and more convincing for its pessimistic generations. Poor thinking, planning, management and implementation require a social knowledge (revolution) and a mind like that of General Park Chun Hee, or a Muslim model As Malaysia or Indonesia model.

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