Oyoun Al-Aslan, the second chapter of the novel, written by Basmala Badawi

Oyoun Al-Aslan, The Second Chapter, Written by Basmala Badawi

Are you trying tint * free or any?

Eyes innocent and hurried ….. No, with God, I ran away

Aslan with hellish rage as he wrapped it up, why …. and to her so say, hey, hey, he swallows his mouth in shock and disbelief at the first thing he sees because of her beauty !!

Ismat malicious …. you try to escape him right

Walid is nervous ….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Walid is nervous …. and you are your owner

Aslan is cold …. lower your voice while talking to me

Eyes with anger ….. you do not care why you interfere

Ismat malicious … Look at the decision and its brilliance, right?

Aslan firmly …. Mom, please, do not do this. Our words here are wrong. Will you please fly in?

Eyes looked at Aslan Bakr * e and ran fast and still came out, Aslan’s voice stopped her …..

She was scared of his appearance, but pretended to be strong ……

Ismat Baghl ….. a little literature, right, and one different from you. After what happened, she did not remove her eyes from the ground, but we say yes

Grandpa fast …… Come eyes

Eyes with tears ….. Grandpa … His looks made her agree …. Present Grandpa

Aslan gets cold ….. Grandpa, let’s talk a little

Eyes with fear ….. eh no no no grandpa grandpa no and the prophet m miss me not alone

Aslan’s onions very.Her appearance was innocent and her body trembled and refused to sit alone.They complained that it might not be good … He shook his head and sat down and maliciously put a man on ‘ put another man …. Seriously

The grandfather quietly gave him money … at ease, it’s not like the ones you know, Aslan

Aslan laughed, a laugh that startled her …. in my eyes, in front of my heart, grandpa. Haha, they went out and he’s going to lock the door. I ran to him to stop him from locking it.

He prayed it cold and sat arrogantly and surrounded one man on top of the other …. came to sit

Standing in place with her back broken … You heard me say what I said: “Come on, I’ll do you better instead of you …” Well, with a quick motion he handed her to her pulled middle and sat her on his leg … She slapped him with shock from his leg … This is Hind Ali Jiddo, by God and

His love onions, he can not hide it and put his hand over her short black hair and put his hand in it and play with it ….. Hmmm, your hair is so sweet, you have tried the short black hair before , changed it

She prays with fear as she tries to pull him down and move randomly ….. He will build, he will build with your words, and your hand will go down.

He maliciously folded his arms around her waist and buried his face in disgust in her neck and sniffed as much as possible at his scent that numbs all his senses ….. I stopped his movement

Eyes kept him innocent and stunned that one ….. I’ll tell Gedo and Walid Haider *

He laughed at her words as she tried to scare him …. Seriously, he would * brown *

Innocent eyes …. Iowa and hitting it is hard for me to think, it will build quickly and I will not do anything myself, but promise me that you will not do it again, okay

Aslan maliciously ….. Sweet this movie and emphasizes that he wraps his hands around her waist with possession.

Nervous eyes … I mean, you will not hear the words

Aslan malicious …… tsk tsk

The door opens once

Ismat malicious ….. God, God, I saw you.

Aslan angry … Mom stays quiet

I was nervous … you upset me because she, oh Aslan, caught up to laugh at me and turned you against me.

Aaron got angry and serious … What did you see, Aslan?

Aslan gets cold …. one and his wife, grandpa

Aaron is stuck … but it’s still not your wife

Eyes looked at Aslan Bakr * and ran on the road while she cried

It all came out and they’re still going out.Ismat held his hand …. Wait, you’re marrying this decision.

Aslan blushed, he surpassed her voice ….. Will you marry her, O Aslan, O Anne? You will understand her marriage.

Aslan raises an eyebrow in disapproval ….. Ismat followed maliciously …… I understand this decision. She will take half of the inheritance alone, it is not her father’s part she will take not and

Aslan is nervous …… and I am from my nation who thinks of money and then my money sinks your money

I was forced to … do not think .. The most important thing is that you marry this decision, otherwise you are not my son and I do not know you

Aslan has a lot of onions ….. After all I did, do you want me to marry her?

I was nervous about his appearance … Oh, it’s normal your niece and you’re supposed to smear her

I doubt it …. I’m sure that’s the reason … I want you to tell me everything that happened and anything about it

She smiled maliciously …… She is 20 years old, graduated from university and studied age, and the first in her class of all years, she took two years because of her intelligence ..

Aslan smiles admiringly at his house …. Um and then

Ismat malicious …. the rest you know

Aslan’s onion is suspected of evading her, of her telling him … Go, mom

Ismat with joy and malice ….. I mean you will marry her

Onions a lot and he shook his head and walked

By my Bismillah

A week has passed, and the eyes are closed in their midst, and they will not come out

And one day, when she was sitting alone, the door was slammed shut

She answers in her soft voice …. little

_Right, right, grandpa, eyes, fast

I ran without thinking, and suddenly I felt someone put something on it, and I walked out.

She called him scared … and tried to talk, but the cloth on her bosom prevented her

_ I want you to know who I am … Hmm .. The most important thing is that I come to my house, because, but believe me, I did not know you’re such a missile.

Eyes with tears ….. hmmm hmmm

Aslan happened to be walking next to her room and heard the noise and broke the door and ran scared towards her …. You are fine and he looks. He met this person and he was still running and he heard his grandfather’s voice .. …. What’s going on here?

eyes that just cry …

Walid is very angry …… Talk to me who did this to you instead of what I wanted for you *

Uyoun Baait while she was consulting about Aslan ….. Aslan is the one who did this to me and tried to assault me ​​because I refused him and I did not want to marry him.

Aslan was shocked.

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