The camera finally enters the “Palace of Wonders” in which Donia Samir Ghanem lives, the life of princesses .. The kitchen will amaze you!

Actress Donia Samir Ghanem and her sister Amy have been going through a difficult period since the separation of their parents, artist Samir Ghanem and artist Dalal Abdel Aziz Al-Hayat in recent months; But gradually she began to overcome her sorrows.

As she has become present during the art events lately, as well as on social media, she is also preparing to return to her artistic activity by preparing for more than one new work.

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The artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, is one of the few artists who does not publish photos or videos from their home, except a few, and who does not talk about their personal lives because of their privacy and family stability away from the media and social to preserve media. .

The magazine “Al-Jamila” saw through some photos that the artist posted on her personal account on the social networking site Instagram, some photos of the decorations inside her luxury home in Cairo, showing the sophistication and luxury of illustrate this house.

Donia is characterized by sophistication and simplicity in choosing her roles in terms of acting or singing, and she enjoys the same high taste, accuracy and sophistication in choosing the decorations of her home, which is characterized by luxury, sophistication and classicism; We will show you photos from inside Donia’s house, which were inspired and sprung from her spontaneous, pleasant and posh personality.

the garden

If you look at the house from the outside, we find that it has a luxurious and elegant classic style that looks like palaces and includes a large garden that surrounds the whole house; The garden includes a special sitting area, which combines red and dark brown, with a small wooden table in the middle, to enjoy nature. It also includes a table and other wooden chairs.

The garden also contains a small pool in size and depth that Dunya has specifically designated for her daughter Kayla to enjoy with her and spend nice times in the garden.

dining room

The dining room is dominated by the light gray color in terms of the colors of the walls and the elegant gray marble floors.It also includes a large white marble dining room table with light gray fur chairs.

It seems clear that the plasterwork in the ceiling of the rooms, from which hanging lights, are a group of lamps that are repeated in more than one room of the house, especially in the dining room and the kitchen.

Donia Samir Ghanem's Egyptian Egyptian Luxury House with Photos |  beautiful magazine |  Farfash website - Donia Samir Ghanem reveals to Farfash her story with beer!


The bedroom is luxurious as Dunya combines black and white with earth tones; To weave an integrated painting within the room; Where the walls of the room and the floors combined black and white; It includes a luxury bed in white, surrounded by two bedside cabinets of fine brown wood and decorated with white lampshades.

As for the black color, it was used in the wallpaper that adorned the wall behind the bed; We also noticed the presence of luxurious white pillars in the room, and the presence of a wooden library lined with a few books in a corner of the room.


The lounge in Donia Samir Ghanem’s villa is characterized by serenity and sophistication in terms of wall colors, furniture and decor; Where the beige and brown colors dominated the walls, and every corner was devoted to the placement of a set of benches, a dining table, and other accessories; It is dominated by earth tones, gray and white; Metal and bulky accessories also dominate in abundance in the room salons.

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