The strangest marriage customs in the world .. The bride lifts her feet off the ground in front of everyone and what happens to her in the tent with violence is unthinkable

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Sana’a – Misra Ismail – strange customs and traditions of marriage in the world, some of them make you laugh for their own pleasure, others may feel strange when you read about them, whatever your feelings about them. These customs exist in our world, many people implement them before marriage, so do not complete the joy of marriage. The wedding is incomplete.

In this next post we tell you about the strangest marriage customs and traditions in the world Share with us in the comments about your country and the customs that your people follow on the wedding night, as a kind of pride in the culture of marriage in your country .

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The strangest marriage customs in the world .. The bride lifts her feet off the ground in front of everyone and what happens to her in the tent with violence is unthinkable

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Marriage customs and traditions
Every country around the world has its own customs and traditions associated with love and bonding, some of which are inherited by generations, some of which have been passed down for many years, and are still immortal in your hearts and optimism about it, especially when engaging in a romantic relationship and the beginning of a new life.

The customs and traditions of marriage in different countries are an integral part of the culture of this people, and therefore it is a duty to follow it and do it with respect and love, a duty for the inhabitants of this country that has these customs.

You may not agree or disagree with these customs, but it is done anyway so that friends and family participate in this marriage, without feeling that there is a difference in it.

Bridal imprisonment in China
One of the strangest customs that occurs at wedding ceremonies in China, the groom does not easily get the bride on the day of the wedding ceremony, as the bridesmaids of the bride besiege her so that he can not easily watch her, and they also ask him to do hard work, such as carrying heavy objects, on the The groom approves as a form of proof of his love for her.

Bride climbs tree
This custom is well known in China, where the bride climbs a tree that is very high, the groom is supposed to reach her, but the bride’s family is standing at the bottom of the tree, and they try hard for him. make, by hitting him with a stick, but if he succeeds in climbing and going to her, he will He has succeeded this task safely.

World Women’s Wearing Championships in Finland
The customs of love in Finland are to carry the woman and run with her while the competitors around the world gather, in this event that may seem strange to you, on the day of love, you have your wife or partner at you, you carry her on your shoulder and run with her, in case you fail to do so, the partner will expect that you do not love her enough.

Overweight challenge in Mauritania
One of the strangest marriage customs and traditions around the world is that the bride goes to a tent called “fat”, sits in it before the wedding date and eats a lot of food, especially one that contains a high percentage of fat, so that her weight increases before the wedding date.

The bride must achieve this, without knowing the secret behind it, just to implement the customs and traditions of marriage in Mauritania.

The bride does not walk the floor on her wedding day in Ireland
The customs of marriage in Ireland are full of kindness, they believe that the bride is not ready to walk on the ground as they believe that there are some fairies who snatch everything that is beautiful, and therefore for the safety of the bride, she is expected to lift her feet to the ground so that she does not steal from these fairies.

Monthly Valentine’s Day in Korea
Celebrating love in Korea is different from the whole dreamer, as they celebrate it on a monthly basis, and they are not only happy with February 14, it is not necessary to celebrate the day of love just between the partner , they also celebrate tolerance and embrace others, the purpose of which is that the person will be eager to offer feelings well to those around him.

Lemon and turmeric for the bride in India
There is no doubt that India is one of the most famous countries for turmeric, which they use in many foods.They also believe that its use protects against negative energy and evil spirits, for this reason they ask the bride to put her feet in a bowl filled with water, lemon and turmeric.

It is also among the strange marriage customs in India, that the bride’s family puts her shoes outside the house, the groom has to defend this shoe and try to protect it, if he succeeds in this matter, he has managed to obtain it.

Throw rotten stuff to the bride in Scotland
Among the strange traditions in Scotland, rotten eggs and fish are thrown to the bride at the wedding ceremony, sometimes also to the groom, as one of the things they are most used to using and throwing at the bride is rotten eggs and fish is. , as they believe that this step removes envy and magic on the bride.

Do not use the toilet in Burnie
This tribe, called Burney Tidong, will find the strangest customs living on the bride and groom, as they are not allowed to enter the toilet or leave their house, for three days after the marriage ceremony, as they have a certain diet follows, which prevents them from entering the toilet for three days.

Cemeteries visited on the day of the wedding ceremony in Russia
The tomb of the unknown soldier is the password for weddings in Russia, as the couple visits the tomb of the unknown soldier, to lay flowers and wreaths on his grave and ask him to bless their marriage and their new life.

Sit in a secluded hut in African tribes
In some African tribes huts are being built for bachelors so that they can be there on Valentine’s Day, to look for their partner, to enter through the hut, to talk about life in general and others, if the couple has agreed that they can get married right away.

Croatia Museum of Broken Relationships
One of the strangest traditions associated with love in Croatia is a museum dedicated to emotionally broken people. By going to this museum, place something memorial to express your emotional state after separation.

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