When Umm Kulthum healed the Arab rift .. art between the lofty goals of the past and the trifles of the present

On the last day of Mao / May 1968, in Tunisia, Umm Kulthum, the “Queen”, the lady of Arabic singing, stood proudly derived from the grandeur and splendor of Egypt, which in the time of the great artists was, to sing with her voice and break the silence that was between the two sisters, Egypt and Tunisia.

Umm Kulthum is believed to have been behind the normalization of diplomatic relations between Tunisia and Egypt, following the political alienation that engulfed relations between the two countries after the June 1967 war.

At nine o’clock on the evening of May 31, on this day, in 1968, the curtain was lifted for the wife of Arab singing, Umm Kulthum, and the hall shook with applause. Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba and his wife, Wassila, in addition ministers and officials.

The sung word was able to heal wounds in a time of loss, triumph over the pain of defeat in a time of defeat, and overcome the remnants of the June 1967 setback.

Umm Kulthum said: “I am in a piece of my homeland … the homeland of the Arabs … all the Arabs … the green Tunisia.”

“The art of Umm Kulthum was and still has its fans who are eager to hear it in our country. All this genius singer strives for is one of the best efforts of art professors in the East.” Umm Kulthum’s visit to Tunisia is like Eid Khaled’s.

Despite the effects of the June 1967 setback due to the Zionist aggression on Syria, Egypt and Jordan, the rope of cultural and civilized communication between the Arabs was not broken, nor was the spirit of belonging or faith in the unity of roots, purpose and destiny retreated, especially as the Egyptian voices, led by Umm Kulthum, Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab and Abdul Halim Hafez were active in enriching collective consciousness, glowing with the genius to insist on life, communication and victory for the dreams and aspirations of the Arab nation from the sea to the Gulf.

I am sorry for Umm Kulthum, who was a unique planet with its shining light in the darkness of darkness, when it was the voice of love and passionate emotions, immortal poems and sublime meanings and melodies that remain to this day, despite the passage of long time, which made Umm Kulthum an icon of the Arabic song with all its authentic features rooted in its roots. In the depths of creative human civilization.

Art and its goals

Art carries messages that warn the recipient of something or a certain danger, or motivate him to do good or warn him against evil.

In the ancient Greek era, for example, we saw poetic and lyrical epics that criticized reality and tried to spread noble values ​​among people such as tolerance, brotherhood, singing of homelands and a call to take part in war to defeat the enemy. push. and preserve the holiness of the tribe and generation.

Art is a form of human expression, and one of the human needs, through which the individual’s personal needs are expressed and transformed into works embodied in images, shapes and drawings. It is divided into material art such as sculpture and drawing, and non-material art such as dance, music and drama Beautify society through beautiful innovations and ideas.

One of the aims of art is to develop and change the reality of society for the better, and to turn difficult things into possible ones, by using its various tools, and to spread truth, beauty and creativity everywhere through various roles that the artist plays:

  • Social role: transforms people’s lives, sadness and joys into an artistic image.
  • Historical role: Recording of historical achievements, championships of leaders and kings, and records of civilized events.
  • A role of heritage: to recall images from the past, and to transform them into drawings and statues, to preserve them from loss and oblivion.
  • Psychological role: self-expression, by transforming all the feelings and sensations in the soul into sensory images, or a sculpted form.
  • An educational role: consolidating good values ​​by practicing art, and distinguishing the good from the bad.

The Syrian star, Yasser Al-Azma, says: “The message of art is to provide interest, entertainment and an appropriate meaning that is in harmony with people’s interest, so that art in this way contributes to its true function in education and entertainment. Art must move away from imitating foreigners and adapt to the nature of the East and try to innovate. “

val en val

When you turn your eyes right and left in our society today, you hardly believe what you see, and think for a moment that you are living a nightmare, or maybe you are living a myth like the myth of a ghoul.

A deep intellectual decline, excessive superficiality, naivety and arrogance in what you see and hear most, the vanity that you promote and promote most songs and series, unspeakable and unbelievable, contribute to the destruction of society, the fragmentation of families and the dismantling of what is left of them.

The trifles you find in songs and videos, especially new singers, Lisan Al Arab and the surrounding dictionary can not describe it. Between “Kiki” and “Hanan” and other trifles and absurdities, our generations, our children and youth are lost like flowers, and those who survive the temptation of Hanan fall into the nets of some of the declining programs involving screens, platforms and communication websites.

From useless “Snapchat” and “Instagram” videos, to manufactured “hidden camera” apps, and under the name of “art”, the process of sinking into the abyss of loss and wandering accelerates; You will hardly wake up from a trivial accident until you collide with what is worse and worse.

And behind the curtain of art, we have recently been plagued by “celebrities” who strive day and night to make trifles and absurdities, which have recently been seen by mankind.

Dangers and damage

How can the art of “Scribble for Khabeet”, “Keki wa Alawa” and “Ya Hanan and Su ya Su” produce an educated generation capable of leading the nation’s future and taking on responsibilities in various areas of its life? wear?

The real flaw does not lie in these individuals alone, but lies in the public that encourages and supports this type of industry, embraces, supports and promotes it, and thus has the largest hand and the largest share in its distribution, and it is only due to ignorance and the absence of purpose in what we want from our lives.

Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, says in the novel The Beggar: “There is nothing left of art in our time today except the art of clowns and circuses.”

And if that was the state of the art in the days of Mahfouz, what do we say today when we find this vast number of songs, films and series that do not address the issues of reality as much as they seek “material” by any means at all, until taste spoiled and deviated dangerously, which destroyed the chaste and tolerant principles.

This is an “artist” who sings about drugs and intoxicants, and another insults security officers and policemen, who contribute to the accumulation and establishment of a vertical relationship between the citizen and the government until society is in chaos and disintegration come, and the state loses its harmony and cohesion.

In light of this vanity, we are heading for the swamp of ignorance, the destruction of civilization, and the undermining of science, culture and morals, which could lead to the collapse of society and all in the swamp of vanity and dragging in absurdity.

The Canadian philosopher Alan Dunno talks in his book “The Banality System” about the control of frivolous people in public space, and says that the worst thing they do is they create the “model” we have to follow. About good taste and politeness, the result was that “a whole class of petty, ignorant, and intellectually simple people dominated.”

However, some young people see such artists as leaders and leaders who try to be who they are, so it is not surprising that you get a student in primary school who memorizes words and sings chaotic songs instead of those who grew up on patriotism, science does not become. , or the dissemination of the values ​​of reconciliation and tolerance.

If we look closely at our reality today, we will find that the clock of our time has stopped as nations move toward progress and rise at the speed of light.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the scientific and cultural delay in the Arab world, especially the severe cultural crisis, is the absence of “model” art that insists on what is good that benefits and elevates man.

And we must not forget that art is that peculiar thing in which you see a kind of creativity and brilliance and “creation”, it is the thing that approves the senses and sees in it a kind of life, something that makes the self live with its “Entity” and “essence” moments of “enjoy” The splendor and beauty of “art” invites us to goodness, beautifies it in the eyes and hearts and forbids us from evil.

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