Who is the winner and loser in the “Mbappe deal”, after the joy of staying exceeded the idea of ​​leaving?

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Kylian Mbappe is a name that has filled the world and filled people for the past few months, and the question is still repeated: will he move to Real Madrid for free or decide to stay in Paris Saint-Germain and succumb to the financial temptations monitored to win his love and please him, and to turn him away from the leave of ideas?
Mbappe kept repeating that he would soon announce his decision, which he took after a thorough study and investigation, until the promised day arrived and announced his decision to stay. After the dust had settled and after all this hope , who is the winner and who is the loser of the “Deal of the Century” or the “Mbappe-stay agreement in Paris”?
In the balance of profit and loss, a lot of ink spilled on paper and many words were said into the microphones, in the context of the analysis of the “Mbabbe case” and about the “transaction of the century” that kept him in Paris . Opinions differed between supporters of his stay or those who asked for his departure, and the measure taken by the majority was profit and loss, Who was the winner and the loser in this survival agreement, and the truth is that there are those is who sees that all parties have won and lost by what happened!
The dream of childhood, youth and youth was also lost that Mbappe would play in the ranks of the Spanish giant, and therefore it is the first and most prominent thing that the French star lost, and as Florentino Perez, the governor of the White House and those who come to him believe that the French star will never set foot on the Santiago Bernabeu, except as a visitor, This means the downfall of the dream permanently and the possibility of it in the near or far to achieve future! As for Mbappe’s profit from the accommodation agreement, it is, as everyone knows, a lot of money, and more influence and power within the walls of the club, that makes him the most important star in the eyes of the Parisians, even in the presence of Messi and Neymar!
The French club has certainly made a significant profit by renewing the contract with its World Cup winner, whose dream of the Champions League is still pressing, but there are losses in return for this profit that had to be paid for the stay of the spoiled French boy in the garden of princes, including the resignation of some powers, including The club’s treasury is raising a lot of cash, and one can say that compensation of funds may be available through various commercial and advertising activities, and by the possible sale of the player himself, perhaps to a club other than the riyal before the three-year renewal period expires, but the loss which is difficult to compensate This is represented in the crack that may occur in the locker room and the appearance of the rest of the players and their expected change of Mbappe.The club must stand with its children to realize its dreams, especially since they did not have these kind of problems last season have not experienced, and despite this they have not managed to get far in the Champions League, call the permanent possibility The one that hits any player who suffers a serious injury that could prevent him for a long time to play or could threaten his career, and then evaporate the money spent on him and move the case to the corridors of the courts to compel the insurance companies to J compensate the player and the club for possible losses!
Real Madrid may be one of the big losers as a result of this deal, as he lost the possibility of a free contract with a big star that would have significantly improved his attacking power and it was possible, due to the player’s age, that the royal club would benefit from its services for many years, but the profit, if any, for the Madridists is the expected pursuit And perhaps in a savage way on the part of the club’s management to try to compensate for the failure to do this complete agreement, by withdrawing the players market and trying to take advantage of the summer “Mercato” for best use, and perhaps the Meringue administration will strive to contract with more than one good player to compensate for the non-acquisition of Kilian’s signature and it will be a positive thing for the team, because Contracting with multiple players is always better than contracting with one player who is subject to injury, absence, drop in level and withdrawal, as happened to Hazard, Bale and other stars who suffered under the Holocaust of the big clubs! There are those who say that the biggest winner of Mbappe who does not come to Real is Eden Hazard. The Belgian returned in earnest after training and told his teammate, Thibaut Courtois, the Belgian national team goalkeeper: “Next year will be my year, “as if he were determined to restore his credit and restore his place and position in the starting line-up of Real Madrid, It comes with a serious effort!
The last question in this context remains, what did you gain and what did you lose from what happened? Someone can say that what happened will continue to rise in the prices and salaries of the players, without anyone caring about the opinion of FIFA and UEFA in terms of transparency and fair play and the like in terms that do not take their path to implementation no, and there are those who say that it is not always useful to collect many stars in one team and there are Many previous examples confirm this, and there are those who believe that joining a talent like Mbappe at a team as large as Real would have developed. improved the player’s talent and the abilities of the white team so that we would have seen new things that this agreement deprived us of seeing, and it remains for the time being to express his opinion on this agreement and tell us Who was right, who was wrong, who is the biggest winner and who is the biggest loser in everything that happened.

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