Zahrat Al Khaleej – Pascual Junior Natuzzi reveals a side of his personality … and the secret of the success of the “Natuzzi” furniture company


On his first visit to the UAE, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, President and Creative Director of the Italian luxury furniture company Natuzzi, visited the Natuzzi showroom in Dubai, where he met the company’s executives and employees and shared with them the latest developments and innovations. in the furniture industry, expressing his admiration for the fine taste enjoyed by the citizens of the UAE. And the people of the Emirates, and the degree of cultural harmony between the Emirates and Italy, its motherland, and their passion for nature, simplicity and hospitality, which are some of the most prominent natural elements of innovation and creativity, especially in the furniture industry .

In an exclusive interview with “Zahrat Al Khaleej”, Natuzzi began by talking about his upbringing in the company, comparing it to a diamond that turned into a diamond necklace, and then into a chain of diamonds, which expressed his gratitude expressed to his founding father Pasquale. Natuzzi, who taught him the passion for industry, love and respect for the people who brought him to what it is now. Natuzzi’s journey was not an easy one, as he spent his life in the company moving from one responsibility to another, tirelessly because he believed in a merit that could not be given or inherited from anyone, but something you have to buy yourself.

Natuzzi said: “I was very ambitious, I started training with the support of a team of experts specialized in the various facilities of the company, and at that time I was in charge of the communication and marketing department, until I started asking for more responsibility, and to prove my worth to the family and the company.After this journey that lasted almost ten years ago, I was appointed CEO of the brand a year ago, and now I am supervising about complete deliveries, interior design, store architecture, merchandise, communications, marketing, visual merchandise, finance, just about anything. ”

And Natuzzi continued: “It’s true that I wear a lot of hats, which makes my head heavy, but my neck got stronger, and I always said to my team: Let’s work as a beginner, to be like a beginner to think, because we are driving change, we are living the transition and changing a lot.And this is what we have achieved with (Natuzzi) is in her second generation, but we must of course strive for it and invest in our capabilities before we can make a profit “I invest my time even though it takes extra effort, I believe in what I do until the end.”

Speaking about the “Corona” pandemic, and what changed it in the lifestyle and furniture industry, Natuzzi said: “After the epidemic, what I really see is a return to more authentic values, in search of products that lasts longer, is more comfortable, and at the highest level of quality and sustainability, so that they feel “People buy it to be timeless and genuine, like going back to the roots, or having your own nest to nurture, protected and cared for.

On the harmony between the people of the Mediterranean region, Natuzzi focused on the authentic traditions enjoyed by these people, such as: simplicity, hospitality and love of nature, which produces the best creations and innovations such as Middle Eastern cuisine, based on natural and simple ingredients; To produce the best flavors and dishes, he says: “This is what we do at Natuzzi. We do not want to take the most luxurious, craziest or most difficult things. We want to take advantage of simplicity, cherish it, harvest it and develop it into something more useful. ”

In terms of trends, Natuzzi said: “I think creativity needs to be studied well before it is introduced. New designs, new functionality, and to have a good understanding of the direction of the company and its DNA. In fact, there is no fixed rules.that you can follow, but it is certain that if you are around, and you are curious to know how the world is changing, evolving in different worlds, such as: the world of fashion and design, cinema, art and photography , you can make a difference, and that’s what I’re always striving for. ”

Natuzzi believes that “the people of the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, share our bloodline, this warmth that runs through our veins really makes us the best people in hospitality.” He added, “Sometimes customers ask Natuzzi to design a dining table that is many meters long, we have to accommodate people, and we want a large lounge. It is true that the houses here are larger than ours. , but the idea of ​​Hospitality and welcoming people is something we feel, and we share everywhere. “.

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Natuzzi also believes that Natuzzi’s products are of wide interest to the residents of the UAE, saying: “We are well known here, most of the population in this area are travelers, and this makes us very close. the world and abroad, and is appreciated by people. “

And Natuzzi touched on the new “Natuzzi” group, called “Circle of Harmony”, which brought together a number of creative furniture and decor designers, emphasizing that there are no limits to “Natuzzi” in creativity and design, says: “I’m not looking for people. They just want to do business with Natuzzi, I’m open to finding people who can express their creativity at their best, and secondly, people who trust me, believe in Natuzzi’s potential, until they passion manifests, becomes true and spreads, The Circle of Harmony is really where the magic happens, and if you will, it’s like a talent garden or an olive grove, where me and the creative designers mix the DNA of the creations around Natuzzi develop DNA, and make the best blend, and that’s what we do, we We mix creativity, I like variety and always try to find the most diverse, the craziest, because if we choose the same designs and trends, we eventually become boring. is looking for someone new, a crazy person, another person, so that we can experiment together and produce the best. “

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Natuzzi, the Italian luxury furniture maker, was founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi. Natuzzi Design Group manufactures and sells a wide range of boards, chairs, furniture and home accessories. The Natuzzi Group is the largest Italian furniture company and the only global player in this sector with seven production plants, 12 sales offices and more than 1,200 points of sale worldwide. Ethics, social responsibility, innovation, craftsmanship and integrated management of the entire value chain are strengths that make the Natuzzi Group a leader in the global market.

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